::apothocary jars::

These jars are everywhere and I really love them–all shapes and sizes. Remember how everyone was trying to track them down at Sams Club and they kept selling out! I bought these at Michael’s but I have seen wonderful really large ones at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and of course Pottery Barn, Target, and Crate and Barrell, just to name a few. My question is, WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO FILL THEM WITH??? I get tired of lemons and I love my antique christmas balls in them during the holidays but honestly mine stay empty a lot because I am never happy with anything I put in there..I have a friend who has a HUGE jar filled with old hornets nest (or some kind of nest) very cool. Here are some of my ideas for things to go inside..please add your ideas in the comments.

*jelly beans, any kind of neat classic looking candy, I once did twizzlers in the tall skinny jar
*moss balls off of trees, cute with a nest and even fake snow in January
*old tiny book, would be great to open a book and fold down some pages like a fan
*broken piece of china
*glass Christmas balls, ornaments..
*an old silver cup
*old photograph
*vintage jewelry boxes

Cant wait to hear what yall have to say!

{my jars currently have a shell, eiffel tower salt shaker, old books, old printmaking stamp, old books (a German copy of Luther’s Catechism) jewelry box from my grandparents wedding rings, and you cant see it but my grandfather’s graduation name card, and my favorite little dollhouse chair}

*****edited to say..”Be sure and go see what the brilliant nester has to say about a similar subject and notice HER cute jar!”

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  1. SUPER Duper darling vingette! vin-yet. you know what I mean–I adore the big “m” stamp and the chair and I am sooo gonna copy you!

  2. oh, and all of my ideas seem old and worn out compared to yours. what is a birds nest compared to putting a huge papery hornet’s nest in one! You are making my brain cells stretch! Thank you!

  3. Yes, so cute!

    I am not good at this but my suggestions for now – chalk in many colors, small wooden alphabet letters in different colors, acorns/nuts in the shell, leaves, candycorn, bobbins/spools of thread, old sterling flatware, candycanes at Christmas, small iron filigree crosses, multicolored (fake) sand, old porcelain doll, doll teacups & saucers, on the kitchen counter with coffe, tea bags, etc., rose hips, dried rose petals in many colors, golf balls (like a collection) & teas, old coins, yarn or embroidery floss . . .

  4. That should say golf balls and golf TEES. It is too late to be posting. 🙂

  5. I like those moss covered balls you mentioned and I think for fall those round vine balls like at Target are good, too, for texture.

  6. Stacey @ The Blessed Nest says

    Came over from Nester's blog, and I could stare at those lovely jars all day!! So gorgeous. I have 3 smaller ones in my master bathroom. They are grouped together on an old silvery, mirrored vanity tray, and hold special soaps, qtips, and cotton balls. Glimmery glass jars & practicality meet.

    Off to check out the rest of your site now 🙂


  7. I’m thinking rock salt and a glittery pipe cleaner type snowflake for Christmas. I did put some $1 hazelnut(all browns) potpourri from Wal-Mart in my tall skinny one. I am looking to put pinecones and pumpkins in the others. I love how you have yours.

  8. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam says

    So, how could I have been passing those up at yard sales all these years….sigh, makes me sad for a minute. I love to find new things to hunt for at the thrift stores….YEA! 🙂

  9. I love the book idea. I have several old books (actually old Bibles) that I could do this with! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I love the unexpected in jars.

  11. Old or new Scrabble letters, colorful dried beans, spools of ribbon or thread…

  12. So cute!!! I love the vignettes!

    Along the candy lines, I have done Skittles and old fashioned gum balls. They just get eaten too fast by my husband! 🙂

  13. I have three on my mantle, and they are holding bird nests we located on our old farm in Iowa. I’ve been carting them around since 1990! I have one on top of kitchen cabinets with wine corks (purchased, not collected by use!). Winter I change them up and fill them with ornaments, wooden blocks, such as that. Oh – on top of the china cubpoard, I have one with about 2 dozen white glass balls with letters on them. I love apothocary jars!!

  14. southerninspiration says

    Wow, actually featured over on the Nester’s blog!! Go, girl!
    And I love those jars. As many hurricane types as I have, I still yearn for jars like those….and I would fill them with dried peonies, or fruit, or buttons, or…oh, you know whatever goes with the season. Pinecones, and acorns!

  15. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    Great ideas for those apothacary jars! Mine isn’t an apothacary jar but similar and I put acorns in mine for fall. Looks great. You can see it on my blog.

  16. Beaufort Belle says

    For those wanting to find some inexpensive apothecary jars, check out Burlington Coat Factory if you have one. They have some as low as $9.99 and many come with decorations/fill included.

  17. Little Lovables says

    I put handpicked cotton with the woody ends and branches still on in mine.

    Then, I tied a ribbon around the top and added a vintage rhinestone brooch and chandelier prism for some sparkle.

  18. No.35style says

    I posted a picture on my blog of a buffet set up for halloween and they had used big spiders, etc. in their jars. So spooky in a fun way for halloween!

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