Chalkboards are everywhere! Ballard has some precious styles with shabby frames or gilt…and they have one that is huge! This blog shows two neat ideas for large chalkboards in a kitchen..above cabinets and on sliding doors..ver cool! Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod each have them in various sizes and shapes that will work either in or out of a children’s space. But of course we all know the easiest way to achieve this look is with good ol’ chalkboard paint..cheap ($12 at my Home Depot)and so easy (I used the brush on but they have it in a spray can as well). I have been wanting to do this for several years. I contemplated painting the bottom half of one of the old 1940s doors in my son’s room..or my sad little fridge (ca. 1998..cheapest fridge they had at Waco Circuit City!;;) I decided to do my laundry room doors on my back porch..why?? two words: CHALK DUST! I decided the backporch would be a better place for him to play with the chalk than in my kitchen or his room! I finished last week and the little man loves it..and I love the look. FYI..remember if you want a really vintage look, krylon also makes chalkboard paint in the vintage green..I used black on my project but I like the green too!

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  1. That looks awesome – what a great idea! Your porch looks so fun – is that a little teepee peeking through the pic? How cute is that!

  2. I still think about painting my cabinet doors in my office with it, but then I get tired and lazy and forget all about it. I’ll find the perfect spot one day!

  3. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says

    Hi Holly! Your blog is looking so great! You’ve done some nesting around here!

    I love it!

  4. I did the black chalkboard paint on the lower half of my girls playroom and it provides lots of entertainment! I love chalkboard paint!

  5. Jen@The Cottage Nest says

    It looks fantastic. I bet he will have years of fun with it. And so will you.

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