Maybe the word “collections” is a little bit overstated…these are more like “groupings”..which is absolutely fine…How ever you state it, we all know that by placing similar or duplicate items side by side, you can make a bold statement..often very inexpensively. SO whether it is a grouping of cheapo/thrift store white plates hung creatively, old globes, white pitchers, books or small paintings..the more the better. In fact, less is not more I always say..more is more!!;;

I have a small “collection” of these old suitcases..a few in one spot and more in another. Honestly, in a small house, they make great storage…and I have moved them and used them all over the house. And the look is classic.

My blue and white collection used to be on my fireplace/”built-in” wall but I moved it to this armoire top a few years ago and LOVE IT! The “collection” includes pieces from my wedding dishes, gifts, and a few large and old (but cracked, that is how I was able to afford them) pieces we got on a trip to England.

This collage of various sized framed prints over our dresser is certainly a “mish mash” but I have hung them close together to try and give some cohesiveness and a big “punch.” This is a fairly large space and I did not have a big piece of artwork to hang here so I hung a bunch of small things, but close together! I will share a wider shot of this wall soon.

What do you like to “group”..what pleases you to see “en masse”?????

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  1. I started gathering those little mini trophies a while back and have grouped them together all over the house. I have about 10 or 11 and, sadly, I still want more! They’re just so cute and unexpected. I’m always looking for them.

  2. I just LOVE that gallery art wall! So pretty! I have an old suitcase that was my daddy’s mother’s. I have it on top of my armoire. Love your blue and white!

  3. Just found you from the Nester’s blog. You have a beautiful blog, full of fabulous ideas. I love those suitcases! Those apothecary jars and the monograms in your previous posts are wonderful too!

  4. Hi I found you from the Nester’s blog….I LOVE your monograms! What great style you have!

  5. Flew over from the Nester…my latest grouping is antique (looking) globes. I just found 2 old suitcases at a garage sale yesterday so now I have 3 (a real group!). And I just grouped old doors (leaning against a wall) with a big key hanging on the middle one from a ribbon. Your blog is beautiful.

  6. Just “refound” your darling blog. This time I’m definitely bookmarking it so that it will never get lost again.

    You look FABULOUS! Have you lost weight? HOW?

  7. Cherry's Jubilee says

    I refound you as well. You use to belong to great impressions and Kristis decorating corner if I remember right. I collect old suitcases when I can find them cheap. Love your apothecary jars…I try to find mine at thrift stores. I have mine filled with buttons, one with old scramble tiles, I have a cloche full of old croquet balls. Just today I got some antique golf tees I was going to put in a jar. OHH and old store stamps. Do you mind if I add you to my blog roll? cherry

  8. Hi Holly,

    I have been a fan since the article that featured you in BHG. Glad to see you have a blog! I love your style and hope to see more of your home and it's recent incarnations.

    I too love collections: I have 2 old suitcases stacked on top of my "pantry" (really an armoire), ironstone, old silver, seashells, glass apothecary jars, milk bottles, and decanters, and little vintage alarm clocks, to name a few. I love your creative use of your collections, especially the prints above your dresser – that is a very modern way to display them and it's really a great statement.

    Take care & come visit me at my blog!

    ~Reese & Marie~

  9. Oh, I love love LOVE your style! Too bad you live so far away…and the fact that right now I probably can’t afford you 🙁 Hopefully one day. I enjoy this blog and look forward to every post. You’re my kind of girl!

  10. Jen@The Cottage Nest says

    I love all of your collections. Those pics look great hung that way. I always feel like that look would be hard for me to achieve but you did great job.

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