On a recent visit to Fredericksburg, Texas, I got to revisit one of my early sources of inspiration…HOMESTEAD by Carole Hicks Bolton..of course it is very different now..what was once 3-4 stores, each different and wonderful, is now just one big store (three stories) and includes “friends” (which I think are rented spaces but still very interesting)and I think there is even another store in Hico, Texas, under new ownership. I must confess I really miss the old, original Homestead..I like to look at the dark, baronial look of her later years but I loved the original mish mash of cottage fabrics. In fact, I have pictures I secretly took in her store about 15 years ago..i would love to find them and scan for this blog! But on this trip I got to see her new lighting collection..how about the one with all of the bulbs?!

Thinking about Homestead also made me think about my other primary inspiration and favorite movie.. OUT OF AFRICA I love Karen Blixen’s plantation in Kenya and the set decor..the boots, the clothes, the British colonial style, the slipcovered chairs in this clip..perfection. I think Debbie at Curious Sofa continues to really interpret this look well..she is great..visit her blog if you get a chance.

What inspires you?? What style/look do you always go back to regardless of trends???

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  1. Oh yes, I miss the original Homestead site. And Curious Sofa is AMAZING! Very inspiring. Deb is so talented.. every detail so perfect. I LOOVE her store. Wish I could go back and visit for her current Halloween ideas! One of my first, and still, inspirations is Mary Emmerling. Her style is rooted in classic country but I like the Eclecticism of her style. A bit more cluttery than I like lately though. Also in my “designer inspiration” file: Sue Balmforth, Thomas O’Brien, Carrie Raphael, Ginger Barber, Holly Mathis :), Peri Wolfman. Definiteley loving Annie Selke lately, more clean looks. And I am ALWWAYS inspired by movies: Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, The Break Up.

  2. Amen sister!! I thought the same thing after writing this post…these things inspired me so much and still do but i now like a more modern cleaner look too…i guess the next post can be titled EVOLUTION;; thanks for posting Amy.i think i owe you an email too!

  3. I never knew they were called Homestead…but I think my favorite store was the “all white” one…I still dream about it…I haven’t been to Fredericksburg in 10 years at least…we moved to Houston…and now we might be blown away…

    I love the cottage in the movie The Holiday…but I would need to purge it in the spring…and I love cozy design with rich colors…every place I live ends up looking the same with a slightly different color scheme…but it always includes red!

  4. Reese and Marie says

    I am so glad to meet another blogger who loves Carol Hicks Bolton!!! Being a California girl myself, I have never made the pilgramage to Fredericksburg, but believe you me, it is on my list of places I would *love* to visit. I always say my dream vacation involves renting a uhaul with my Mom and antiquing our way from Texas back to Cali. Funny my dream vacation doesn't involve the husband or kids, hmmmm…. 😉

    Anyways, I would LOVE to see pictures of her store way back. I second shabbygrace's comment about Curious Sofa. I LOVE that store and she has great pics on her blog.

    I also love the work of Sue Balmforth. I have a file of clippings I keep of her work. It is so amazing. Oddly, I also like the clean, more modern look of Tirzah Ortiz-Wanlass that was featured in the book she co-authored called "Family Spaces". Oh, and I love Magnolia Pearl. What a weird mix, huh!

    Thanks for the great pics!

    ~Reese & Marie~

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