::more groupings::

Plates, mirrors, picture frames, framed memorabilia, etc… I love the picture frames on the silver frame in our master bath..
I have photographs everywhere..a major design faux pas..oh well..I think homes without family pictures are cold and boring BUT you can have too many..I constantly battle this because I love them..this tray helps me have them where I can see them but not all over tables in the living room (which I dont really have space for anyway..
The mirrors over the long counter in the master bath really break up the big boring wall..I wanted to tear out this counter/cabinet space and put in pedestal sinks but I soon discovered i would be losing much needed storage…So we have not changed it yet but we did take down the big sheets of mirror and used several mirrors of varying height instead..it has worked great..in fact, I think I would even like to add more mirrors on this wall and mix it up MORE.

In the upstairs “shabby” bedroom, I framed notecards/stationary from our wedding..showing my monogram before the big date that I used for showers and after once we were married as well our wedding program..this was really a simple project..I just used old frames I had and scraps of fabric as the “mats”…

[edited: i just noticed there are framed family pictures in EACH shot, I did not plan that but it says a lot!..off to edit!]

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    Oh how pretty i love the pictures on the silver tray ….Toni

  2. Beautiful Groupings. I am also very fond of family pictures. I know that it is no no, but I break that rule.

  3. I love the mirror grouping… and the tray of pics…

  4. You better not edit anything!! It all looks so perfect! I love those framed monograms!!

  5. You’re home is beautiful and your ideas are awesome. I can’t wait to see more pics! Thanks for the great ideas and design tips, your blog is my new favorite blog!

  6. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Hi, Holly, I thought I left a comment here, but don't seem to find it now. Anyway, glad to see you again. I'm an oldie from GI who knew you back when. Loved your BHG article & congrats on the relaunch of your business. I've started my own business this year too & am having a lot of fun with it!

    Looking forward to reading more of your great ideas!


  7. southerninspiration says

    good post, Holly! I love your groupings!

  8. I just started reading your blog and really enjoy your decorating style. I adore the grouping of pictures…I’m going to set out to find a similar tray. I love framed pictures in our home and always have a tough time arranging them. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and design ideas.

  9. If you collected all your thoughts and illustrations and wrote a book, I’d buy many!!! Just love your style.

    P.S. Don’t change a thing – your home is beautiful.

  10. P.S.2 You mention the great style of Curious Sofa. Yes, I love that look. However, I think Deb could learn from you. Your home captures that same great feel, but adds warmth.

  11. I personally love to see family photographs when I go to someone’s home. It’s fun to get little glimpses into their life. I am wanting to do a gallery wall. I think I have all the frames gathered, just need to lay them all out and figure out what to put in them.

  12. I meant to add that I did have a long vanity with TWO sinks and I took it out for ONE pedestal sink. BIG mistake! I lost too much storage space and another sink!

  13. beautiful!

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