::more groupings::

Not fine collections but other things I love seeing grouped together..globes (I need more but they are not dirt cheap any more) and ribbon in jars! Update on the apothocary jars…I found several boxes of “vintage” dominos at my grandmother’s house over the weekend..also a HUGE tin box full of buttons and a box full of OLD harmonicas of various sizes..I cant wait to fill my jars with these new finds..!

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  1. Inspired Kara says

    I love the ribbon jars!

    I have a little collection of buttons and broaches I’ve started in a jar and I love it. Dominos! What a great idea!!

    Old scrabble pieces glued in a chain to spell a word would be cute peeking out the side like “home” or “inspired” or something!

  2. Love the ribbon in the jars!

  3. I just love the ribbon! I would have never thought of that..I have a ton of it, maybe I should pull it out. *smiles*

  4. There is something about an old globe that is so neat. I love your collections! Your new finds are going to look great in your jars.

  5. Rachel@oneprettything.com says

    I love the jars of ribbons! So pretty!

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