::more monograms::

I wanted to share two pictures of monongrams in our home. The first, are “D”s on my son’s little play chairs (my husband insists little boys don’t need monogrammed chairs but I disagree)…and yes they actually stay on pretty well..he took them off a lot at first but now ignores their presence for the most part. I made these with plain ol’ red ticking from Wal-Mart. It is cheap, washable, and so durable. I simply covered these little IKEA chairs with a basic “sew a pillowcase” concept. I turned the fabric inside out over the back of the chairs, pinned and sewed. Are the perfect?? absolutely not..but they are cute and unique. On a homemade, imperfect treatment like this it is best to monogram AFTER you “make” your creation. And isnt my little model a cutie?

The big brown pillow on the master bedroom bed is made from large dinner napkins. I had one monogrammed in white so there would be bright contrast on the dark patterned fabric and then had my sewing lady sew on the little stiched seam (not the outer edge) so there is a cute little edge…On a project like this pillow, where I had someone else do the sewing, I had the monogram done FIRST. So be sure and think through when do the monogram application..before or after you finish sewing!

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