::al fresco dining::

This is also in progress but i wanted to share. Several have asked “umm, since Drew is moving into the dining room, where will you “dine”???” Well originally this house (built in 1941) did not have the “dining room” anyway, that space was a one car garage, only later did they enclose it for dining and add on a two car garage..they only had the breakfast eating area SO we have a table and 3 chairs in that area..BUT definetely not large enough for having guests…SO i stored my hutch and dining chairs and moved the farm table onto the screened in back porch.. i am going to wax the table and i think it will be fine..it is really sturdy, scratched and well “not fancy” so i think it will hold up to the elements..if it seems to not be faring well, I will move it into storage too (because i love this table) but for now it is a great solution.

In fact, i already hosted a play date/mommy brunch since the “table move” and it was wonderful..everyone had a place to sit and could easily transition to the yard and we could continue to visit and watch the kids. So i think this is a good move..i do need more chairs..i want a very collected, hodge podge chair look..non matchy chairs, different heights maybe colors..i will use some i have (ditch the white ones or paint them) but i hope to find some unique side chairs at Round Top to pull the look together..i have some rye grass seed to plant in a long container for the table etc..

I’ve also noticed this is a great place to fold laundry because my laundry “room” is right off the porch..and Elton and I have been sitting there and actually talking while Drew plays in the evening..i am envisioning lots of things i can do at this table while Drew plays in the backyard..

So there it is..my “fancy” al fresco dining or “recession dining addition” whatever you want to call it?? The first night Elton saw it he asked if we were having spaghetti for dinner and keeps making cheesy Olive Garden references;; oh well..it works!

p.s. i added some pictures of the new blue chair i got at Round Top on Saturday..it is a great shabby robin’s egg color..i’ve been trying to decide if i want the chairs all different colors (brighter colors, think mexican restaurant;;) or all wood, black and white tones..but i am loving this blue..might add one more funky blue chair and call it done..thoughts???

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  1. This is soooo great. Wish you were my neighbor. I would have you over for tea and beg you to spread your magic pixie dust on my home.

  2. It looks great, Holly. You will enjoy this because boys love being outside and in the dirt. We love our new screened in porch. Keep out the outdoors while staying outdoors. Thanks for visiting me Sat. that was such a treat for me. I will be checking in. Love ya, Heidi

  3. No.35style says

    I need to come back sometime and sit in that blue chair for lunch! Your porch is just darling!

  4. The Kramer Family says

    I’m loving your porch and feel honored to have been one of the first to experience its greatness! It seriously looks wonderful!

    Now, I’m off to get some zzzzz’s since we are hitting the streets of Warrenton together in the morning! Hooooray for us!

    Love ya

  5. Love it… looks like the perfect place to spend afternoons with little ones playing nearby.

    I have a question for you… I still have the old BH&G featuring your house, and am curious about what you used to paint the countertop on your master bath?

    We just purchased a bit of a fixer upper, and budget is not going to allow for new counter tops for awhile. I need to paint my girls bathroom, since hunter green faux marble doesn't really work with my scheme, and was hoping you could share how you primed yours, and if you would recommend that treatment? 🙂

  6. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    Love it, Holly…you make do, but make it look fabulous! ;)You’ve certainly got that great Texas weather on your side–if we tried to eat outside right now, we’d freeze! 🙂 Looks great!

  7. goodness gracious, i love your table!

    ours is being refinished right now. my hubby’s grandfather made ours, so i’m so so so excited to use it as our table once the house gets built…

    your accessories are awesome. i’d love to come to a mommy brunch at your home!!!

  8. i can’t get over clicking on those pics of your screened porch….

    it is so awesome out there!!!!!

  9. Jeanneoli says

    It looks amazing! Nothing like Olive Garden:-)

  10. It’s fabulous, Holly! Five stars for sure! You’ll get so much use out of this space.

    Would love to have coffee there with you while watching Drew play.

  11. The blue chair is darling! Such a nice pop of color but not too much. I would leave it just as is or maybe add a second similar one.

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