::room in progress::

..this is what we’ve been working on..we still need to hang things on the wall, get more baskets for the shelves, wipe down the chalk paint so its ready to play with finally, hang the drapes, put casters on the bed so it is higher, etc.. BUT it is coming together and Drew loves it..he said “oh mom, you just think of everything”..def my best client ever;; I still want to do some edits, not sure abou the cow hide or the red chair (but dad loves the chair) and the extra little white bookcase is SO functional and needed but there just seems like there is so much furniture with it included..we’ll see..the train table is NOT going to fit..i am going to slide the top under the bed or take it to grandma’s house..and frankly there is still not enough toy storage but it is MUCH better..i am going to buy a galvanized tub or some of these for the corner or end of bed. A better use of space would probably be these instead of the bookcase by the chair..may make that investment eventually..i love that they cant be dumped out.

and notice the bedside lamp..with the stars stamped out..it was $79 regular price and i got it on sale at PB for $19!!!! remember the PBkids post, well this was a good day there..i did pass up the $129 organic sheets that felt great but they look JUST LIKE these from target ($19 instead) and i did not buy a single piece of furniture..so this is a bargain room!!!!

p.s. notice Drew’s mailbox outside the door(gate) he said that is so the postman knows he has moved into a new place..he has played gate so much since it was installed on tuesday..and apparently it is a toll gate;;

also, what do you think of the step ladder shelf to the right of the armoire..i brought those chalkboard pails in from the laundry room but I think three galvanized buckets or baskets might be better..this and the little baskets on the bookcase are going to be the main toy storage, and maybe one big tub or basket at the end of the bed. thoughts?

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  1. The whole room looks great!I love the gate!!!I am so sick of looking at our ugly gates all over the house and they are going to have to be up for quite a while longer.Did you make it?

  2. southerninspiration says

    So Cute, Holly! I bet Drew loves it!!!


  3. Ca-YUTE!

    Love that gate!

    The whole room looks like the perfect refuge for a big brother!

  4. You are soooo talented! Love everything in his room! The bins at The Land of Nod you’re considering would be a nice addition. Love the colorscheme in his room and the red chair with the star pillow MUST stay! Your husband is right. The cowhide is a great touch because it is soooo boyish and unique. I think it should stay too. Love the bedding, where did you get it? Was that from PB Kids too? The sheets came from Target right? Just making sure. This is truely one of the cutest boys rooms I’ve seen. I’ve got 2 boys myself, so I really pay attention to boys rooms. Thanks for sharing. Now I think I’m off to get one of those silver lamps like you got. Ha!

  5. So great! My thoughts? I’m speechless, plan to enlarge these photos , study them under magnification, then file them for future reference. Brava!

  6. The Kramer Family says

    I LOVE it! Drew’s room looks wonderful! The gate is precious and I love all of the furniture. I’m inspired girlfriend!

    I have a hankering to begin painting furniture and start projects for the girl’s new rooms. It should be done in the next few days!

    See you soon!

  7. Shabby Mama says

    Suzanne, he loves it..he said “oh mama, you just think of everything” sigh.

    to answer some questions..a guy i use for cabinet work did the gate..and painted it and found the hardware, he is so awesome..it works great and he made it really strong for lots of little boy use..if you are in the area i can give you his contact info he is really a craftsman.

    the bedding is all from target, the woolrich quilt set (price adjusted down to $60), sheets were $20, the red sham in the back is Ralph Lauren from Macy’s on sale for $22 (so it was more than the sheets;;) but it has burlap ties love that) the ruffle brown linen pillow will have to go soon but i love it)..off to the right you cant see really but there is alittle lime green pillow, made from a PB kids napkin..the yellow car pillow and star pillow are from PB kids..

    in fact, my splurges were the storage jars, buckets and throw pillows from PB kids and the little banner was on sale for $12 from land of nod.

    there is a lot of stuff in the room..i feel the need to edit but it is all needed, once i moved al of the toys and book in it got a little tighter but oh well..that is what is for..to play and read and rest!

    i will share more pix once the drapes and wall things are up this weekend..thanks for making me not feel crazy!

  8. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    Oh, Holly, it’s amazing! I recognize the FP farm set on the shelf…Natalie has the same one. Memories! 🙂 You’ve done a great job!

  9. The Nester says

    Will you be my mama and make me a pink, girly room? With a canopy bed?

    It looks fantastic!

  10. Really cute .
    Could you move the armoire where the white bookcase is , its such a shame to block a window so much ?

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