:: Henry’s nursery ::

Well, here it is…Henry’s nursery is finally finished which is a good thing considering he will be here SOON! I still have not blogged about the bella notte bedskirt “situation” but I will eventually but without further delay, here it is…

Keep in mind this room is super tiny..10/11 i think and it seems even smaller because there is at least one door or window on every wall..like the funny shutter “cubby” that i should have had sheetrocked over when we moved in (this house was built in 1941 and it had wood plank walls with cheesecloth wallpaper IN EVERY ROOM..so we had to 1/2″ sheetrock over everything downstairs and left the bare wood walls upstairs) anyway that was my chance to cover the cubby but i didnt..it is good storage but hard to decorate..i left the area above it fairly bare because i wanted the focus to be on the monogram over the rocker and the crib..you just cant have every wall filled to the brim, i am trying to learn to edit and it is hard because i love stuff but it is a lot nicer..

So over the rocker (thanks for the rocker Nana!) is the monogram piece from Smallwords..Kim did an amazing job, I highly recommend her..it is 20×20, great size. Then the little stool that I (yes I) slipcovered in linen (not burlap like i had intended..too rough, we’ll talk about burlap for wimps later;;) dont look too closely but i love it) the dahlia fabric on the pillow and blanket are from calico corners.. the crib and most of the furniture i used in Drew’s nursery 4 years ago..same basic bones pretty much but a much different look.. i wanted this nursery to be cottagey, a touch of vintange AND modern..i didnt know if that mix would come off at all but i am happy with it.

Above the crib is the print from Sarah and Abraham, i love her stuff, ironically one of my shower hostesses new about her before i did and they even ordered my shower invites from there without my knowing, they also used some sihouette cards on the shower favors..loving that look right now! more on the shower later..back to the room.

On to the bedding, my seamstress here in town did a great job..the inside of the bumper and the bedskirt (no i did not use the bella nottie bedskirt, more on that later, prepare to laugh) is a linen dot from Calico corners too..the exterior of the bumper and the white linen on the ties and welting are all from fabric.com. In fact the blue trellis on the curtains and the stripe are both waverly OUTDOOR fabrics, love that, they washed up so nice and soft suprisingly. And the stripe was too bright, i wanted a softer look so i just had Susi (the seamstress) use the verso (back side) of the fabric for a softer look..turned out great. The brown pillow is from Target and the polka dot doggies is from Toys R us!..dont rule out Toys R us!;;; the crib sheet is plain white linen from Bella Notte, i purchased it back in December when i was just weeks pregnant (at Wildflower in Austin, love that store)..it is sooo soft..with the black out curtains, new mattress, and soft sheet, hopefully little Henry will love to sleep in this room!
The little coat rack is from Target, the polka dot toy bin is from Pottery Barn kids.. I love having some of his sweet little outfits, most were Drew’s, in fact the first one is the outfit he wore the first time he went to church..vintage feltman, someone gave it to me when Drew was born, they bought it from an estate sale and repaired it..so precious.

And then what i like to call the “service area”…the changer is actually an old desk/secretary..where the baskets are there was a drawer with cubbies and a fold out writing desk, i simply removed that part (is in the attic if i ever want to use it that again) and added the baskets, the chalk tags are from Pottery Barn kids..the glass knobs are from Nell Hills which i bought on my pilgrimage there when i was pregnant with Drew in 2004!;; The flash cards are from Land of Nod and i simply punched holes and hung with ribbon..i may eventaully put a large black and white picture on canvas here..but i like the cards because once he gets bigger (and rowdy when being changed, hey i know how boys are) i dont have to worry about him pulling them down and hurting himself, they are just heavy paper..and i didnt want to spend fortune on the perfect frames… the little ladder is from Ross..it was ugly wood and i painted it for Drew’s nursery, it is perfect for baskets of blankets, and diapering “stuff” (notice the Boudreux’s in the back;;)

So that is it, i kept the plain brown rug from Target, i tried the dash and albert and it was cute but seemed slippery and in the end the rug is not the focal point after all..i removed the original mobile which was cute but too big for the room and our “not very high” ceilings…the tree works much better, is safer and mirrors the organic feel in the dahlia fabric on the crib blanket and rocker pillow.

I love that i was able to use so many of the vintage things from Drew’s room like this old clothes hamper, all of the furniture, the awnings, and the little feltman things like this sweater..for months i have obsessed over how this room would turn out and look, now i just want to see this little baby and welcome him home!

When i moved Drew’s little wooden rocker (a gift to him from my grandmother who has since died and wont get to meet baby Henry) into the nursery just for these pictures, Drew said “Oh that is a great idea mama, i need a rocker in here too so i can rock with you and Henry when he crys..i can sing to him”..so the rocker may stay;;; can you tell i am hormonal and goopy!?;;

thanks for looking..i will talk more next week about making the stool cover,etc..in the meantime, email or leave in comments with any questions about sources..i really appreciate all of the interest in our humble little abode. Yall are awesome readers!

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  1. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says

    I love it! Great ideas in this post too. Thanks so much for letting us take a peek!

  2. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says

    PS. I forgot to say my favorite things I think are your pillow on the chair and the little stool! Sigh. So cute!

  3. southerninspiration says

    It is wonderful, Holly and Henry will be able to use it soon! Wow….we've prayed for this day, right???


  4. daniella says

    I think I'm actually crying – what a gorgeous, serene room! You did an amazing job (it reminds me a bit of Serena & Lily's style).

    Congrats again and can't wait till you introduce little Henry to us.

  5. Reese & Marie says

    Oh Holly, it looks amazing! So cottagey in a modern way! I love every detail and it will be such a happy, cozy space for little Henry. You should be so proud of yourself! Really really special.


  6. Jan Jessup says

    Dear Holly,
    You've done a lovely job with this nursery–and of course, I especially enjoyed seeing how you used the DAHLIA in Aegean from Calico Corners. It's a great print and I like the fact that it's not a pattern chock full of licensed cartoon characters! I'm sure that you and your sons will enjoy the time spent here.
    Best regards,
    Jan Jessup
    Calico Corners

  7. Lisa Shatzer says

    The nursery is wonderful!!! Love the colors and the white tree on the wall, I could go on and on. I am in the process of doing the nursery for my baby boy and am having so much fun!

  8. I LOVE IT!!!!! It really came together wonderfully!

  9. This is a beautiful nursery! You have some fantastic ideas! My little guy, Henry Oliver, is 6 months and perfect :)!!! I'm sure your Henry will be as well! 😉

  10. I love your style! So precious!

  11. Wow! It is absolutely stunning! I love how the room can be so serene and calming yet eclectic and whimsical too. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  12. nameisgrace says

    I am SO excited to have found your blog!!!! Such amazing ideas, and totally my style! Looking forward to following your wonderful blog! xo, Grace

  13. The Nester says

    Is that a small words monogram art?

    Can I be your baby? I want that room.

  14. it looks so so fantastic. you are so inspirational in your decorating choices!

  15. oh my goodness… can you come work on my house?! absolutely wonderful room:)

  16. That's a super cute room! Jen

  17. What a wonderful nursery! I love the flash cards and the tree. And the dog pillow, and the rocker, and and and 🙂 Delightful space!

  18. What a sweet room! I love how you combined the old, precious items with the new ones to create such a great look.

    You did a wonderful job of getting it ready for Henry!

  19. It all looks SO fabulous! You did a great job making a sweet space for Henry and to share with your family.

    Love your creative and original ideas and how you mixed it all together. Can't wait to hear of Henry's arrival.

  20. I am in love with every inch of this room! Soo cute. I am drawing out a tree in my daughter's room right now, and I'm wondering what you used for his tree. Did you use a different kind of paint, vinyl….?? Either way, it's adorable!

  21. Goodness! Disregard my question. I just went back to your older post and found your answer! Thank you!

  22. Shady Lady! says

    Holly it is beatiful. Where did the monogrammed crib pillow come from? Love it!

  23. greedygrace says

    This is so beautiful! Can you decorate my nursery now???? pleeeeeease????? 🙂

  24. Cote de Texas says

    I love the valance and the pillow and the chair! so cute. well????? anything yet?

  25. The Rauths says

    holly!! I LOVE IT! it's an adorable room and so peaceful. i just caught up on how you are … sorry to have been so absent. i am praying for an easy delivery and restful nights!

  26. No.35style says

    my mom was over earlier and i just had to show her the darling nursery!!

  27. I came over from Blissful- I totally love what you have done! fabulous!

  28. Wandering Allyn says

    Hi there – I love this room! Please tell me what color you used on the walls, I love it!

  29. I love the linen polka dot fabric but didn't see it on Calico Corners website – any more info you can give me to find it?

  30. Maman Tattoo says

    I love it!
    Love the colors, the crib and the changing table.
    Really nice idea to take out a drawer!
    (May I steal this one??)
    My only problem is the amout of pillows in the crib. I might be worrying for nothing but I hope they'll have another home in the room to let some place to Henry 🙂
    The dog one is adorable!

  31. I saw your nursery on Spearmint Baby. You did a beautiful job!

  32. Visiting from spearmintbaby.com too! Yours is one of my favorite nurseries. I love the curtains, bedding, and alphabet cards!

  33. i know i commented before but i simply ADORE this little nursery.

  34. Patricia@nmyfreetime.blogspot.com says

    What a wonderful and oh so cozy nursery!
    I love it!.. your talent overflows!

  35. TheClassy Woman says

    Wow! You really did a lot with a small space! I'm inspired by your room as we are planning to try for our first child and in our 1950's home, the third bedroom which is now my office/guestroom will be the baby's nursery one day and like you we don't have much room to work with. Your room is inspiring and reminds us all that it isn't about the size of a room but the creativity put into it that makes it feel cozy and beautiful!

  36. Lovely Little Nest says

    I found your site on younghouselove's blog…you did a FANTASTIC job on little Henry's nursery! I love that you didn't just stick to baby-only departments, but that you instead took items from all over (i.e. Target pillows and outdoor curtains) to create a room that is truly unique! Thanks for the incredible room inspiration! 🙂

  37. Hi, you don't know me, but I LOVE this nursery! We are expecting our third, and I just adore the feel you created in this spectacular room. (Our nursery is not very large either.) I was wondering if you painted the tree on the wall behind the crib, or if its a rub on? If you don't mind emailing me with details I would SO appreciate it! Also, if you remember the color paint you used on the walls? I'm not very good with stuff like this on my own, and I think your work is just amazing. My email is shopgirl18@gmail.com if you don't mind sharing 🙂

  38. I'm months late but just found you from "The Nester's" blog.

    This nursery is a dream!!!! Just beautiful. You did such a lovely job. I hope you're enjoying your little one in this gorgeous bedroom now1

  39. OMG! i am in love with this room, colors, furniture, & wall decor. i have a thing for kids nurseries and or play rooms. i just feel at home in them. i love it.
    visiting from the nester’s best links. thanks for sharing. loved the tour!
    happy new year!

  40. Found your blog through The Nester. I L-O-V-E this nursery! It is beautiful! Since doing my now-4-month-old daughter’s nursery, I have a thing for looking at nursery & kids’ room decor. Anyway thanks for sharing!!

  41. Holly, I LOVE this nursery! I love the colors and the fabrics and all of the cute touches, like the monogram and the pillows and the dog and the alphabet cards. I could go on and on. I love that Henry’s big brother will have a place in the nursery, too. How precious it will be when your big boy is rocking side-by-side with you!

    Blessings on your upcoming arrival!


  42. I love the color of the walls. What paint and color did you use? I really would love to use this room as my inspiration for my baby’s nursery. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  43. I love your nursery. Where did you find your curtains and, what paint color did you use?

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