Christmas with kids


I’ve been meaning to blog about this FAB article from Southern Living (the special Christmas issue), but this blog did such a great job I will let y’all just jump over there and read and enjoy the eye candy! So many things I love about this picture..the color, the ribbon, the linen sofa, the little boy in his jammies! My favorite thing is that huge lumbar pillow..wonderful.  (and the drapes and shades and and..ok i like it all!)


{Photos from Southern Living}

The point is, this is a great illustration of living with kids, something I keep meaning to blog about (wait, I think maybe that is ALL I do blog about). Anyway, what better time than Christmas to share more from our “playroom” which is also my 5 year old’s bedroom! Because as cute as the above article is with its bright colors, floor cushions for the kids and other kid-friendly elements, we all know those glass jars are really just not all that practical on the coffee table. Ha!  You think Mr. Cutie is grinning because he is about to kick the fab glassware off of his train table!

Well, here is my Mr. Cutie #1, and welcome to our playroom.  Oh and BTW,  this is the room just inside our front door (that is why I call it the “playroom” instead of his bedroom..ha! trying to make myself feel better about NOT HAVING A DINING ROOM..remember we moved him here when I was expecting Henry because they are too little to “live upstairs” and Henry gets the nursery)..ok so this is the room with the cool gate, WELCOME!

drewdoorbylis (Small) 

{Photo by Lis Purdy, photos below by yours truly}

Notice below he’s used his own little DIY “skills” for making the basic IKEA children’s table you know, more unique and his own! We like to personalize things around here..ahem. This tree has been drug all over the house. In fact, I know many of you have darling, nicely decorated trees in your children’s room and I think that is great.  For us, these little trees are more like toys, “hands on Christmas activities”… in fact, last night I saw the red bead garland helping tow some tractors and trailers.

drewtree2 (Large)

Below is tree #2 in his room, it has the classic “train around the tree” look. It also appears there may be a Christmas tree “battle” going on with the little people and the soldiers.  And yes, that dresser is painted with chalkboard paint.  It is a tad messy but helps if you use the chalk markers that have to be wet wiped to remove.

littlepeople (Large)

The only “hands off” area in this room is the top of the armoire and paper chain hanging  across the top. I just told him the trees and chains on the “closet”  were hands off BUT that it is ok to play with his two little trees and “decorations” on his table and dresser..and he has been satisfied, hasn’t asked for those bottle brush trees once which has sort of surprised me I must admit. (they came from Big Lots a few years back)

paperchains (Large)

We made the chains two years ago I think..ok I made them but he made the chains on the tree (like you couldn’t tell)!  Also notice we have lots of stuff but I stay sane by buying cute toys, lots of wooden stuff and I purge often.  I am strange maybe but cool wood blocks all over the place just dont stress me out like happy meal toys everywhere. 

His bed has chalkboard paint too… i am looking for large casters to set it on still.

drewbed (Large)

I hung a vintage faux candy garland over the bed, I think this came from the local charity shop.  Wouldn’t it be cute to write words from the “Night before Christmas” on the headboard and side?!  I’ll just add that to my “to do”  list..ha!

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  1. Holly,
    Love the part about kicking off the glassware to make room for the trains. Story of my life. I haven’t put anything cute on my coffee table in over 5 years! Especially not piles of books/magazines, since everyone likes to rip the pages out!
    Cute post…
    love ya.

  2. Hi! Thanks for linking to my site! How nice! I noticed we both posted about Nell Hill’s a few weeks ago, too! Kindred spirits, I guess. Do you mind telling me what type of camera you use? Your pictures are great – your little boy is precious, as is his room.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  3. Love your real life playroom/dining room! Thanks for sharing. My dining room is still my playroom for my kids…even though they are all over 16 years old now. The only difference is the toys turn into board games and video games, and the chalkboard furniture is not beds – it’s the entertainment piece that holds it all – with black and white photos taped on it too. So who really needs a dining room, when you call all be together and eat and cook in the kitchen? Enjoy your Christmas with your little ones..they grow up all too fast.

  4. That is THE most adorable little guys room ever! Full of fun and color…so cool!

    I am going to add you to my blog faves…I have really enjoyed your posts!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Love your little boy’s room! I also gave up control of the trees in my kids rooms this year and they loved decorating them.

    Great blog. Merry Christmas!

  6. love it all!!

  7. I’m new to your blog and have added it to my list of reads! (: Love your style! My daughter is 11 and she wants a chalkboard bed like your son has!! Heck who am I kidding I love it too!

  8. are the letters the hobby lobby ones in gold, just painted? they look bigger than those??

  9. Love the chalkboard paint on the bed and dresser. Would love to try that idea!

  10. darling holly! i love it!

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