Harper’s big boy room

Poor little baby Henry has an ear infection so Grace from the blog Name is Grace is going to be our guest blogger today and tell us all about her little boy Harper’s DARLING room.  I love the way it has a few nautical touches but it is not too “themey” and the shelves.  LOVE.  Thanks Grace! Yall enjoy. If you have any questions for Grace (like how did she create those adorable little art pieces) leave in my comments or on her blog!

Hi everyone! Grace here, doing my first guest post ever. I am thrilled to be here:)  Thank you Holly so much for the fun opportunity!

Today I’ll be sharing with y’all how I came up with the design for my son’s big boy room.  I am happy to say that this room was done on a shoe string budget.  I knew I wanted to keep the room classic, coastal, and fun.  The main focal point of the room is obviously the wall ledges. We did this to save space, and knew that the front covers of the books would be so much fun to display.  The rest of the room was what I call “decorate as you go, and hope it looks good.”

Here is the breakdown….

The Vintage maps I found on Etsy for I believe $10.00. The Virginia map is over 100 years old. Total score.

The check fabric on Harper’s headboard was also from a vendor on Etsy. I simply stapled it, along with some batting over his existing headboard. Easy peasy, took 30 minutes. The bedding is all stuff we had in our linen closet. 

The blue bench is from Wisteria and was on sale for $85. The ledges are from Ikea, and were $15 each.  My husband cut them down to size for a more built in look.  Again, this project took less than an hour. (side note: hubby is a genius in math, measuring, hanging, etc and can do it in his sleep). The art you see on the very top ledges were made by yours truly. The bamboo shade is from Overstock and was $40.

The white dresser was a Craigslist find for $60. It was already painted white, and had the same knobs, so I just left it as is. The lamp base was a gift from Pottery Barn Kids. The monogrammed shade I purchased from the Pink Giraffe for $29, which includes the monogram price.The oar was a baby shower gift along with the adirondack chair,  so zero buckaroos for those  ticket items.

The wood frames with mats were $3.00 each at the thrift store. And yes, the mats were included in that price. The surfboard hooks are from the Pottery Barn Outlet from years ago. I think they were $7 each.

See what I mean..shoe string budget all the way!

Hope y’all enjoyed the post!

Grace Sorenson

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  1. Those wall-to-wall book ledges “make” that room! What a great idea! Such fun color and I like how she used art on the ledges, as well. Going “up” further than normal is eye-catching!

  2. Love what Grace does. I found her blog, subscribe and look forward to her posts. Harper’s room is so cute and fun. Created with love by his talented mama.

  3. I LOVE Grace’s blog (and I have a Harper, too, so love that name!) I just found her and I just get a kick out of going through the archives looking at their beautiful home. She has a super-talented hubby, too!

  4. grace-
    i’ve been stalking you a bit seeing you on all these blogs. your style is amazing. it all fits together perfectly. i am so glad you shared the source for the lampshades. i’m a southern gal…so i am all over the monograms!

  5. I LOVE the shelving. I’ve been wanting some simple shelving in my boys’ rooms, as their rooms are both small and they have so many little creations that they like to “display” all the time. I am going to order the shelves today. Hope my hubs is ready for some honey-do chores…

  6. Hey Grace – You’re going to start thinking I’m some sort of weirdo stalker! While you’re on the subject of Harper’s room, though, I was wondering if you could link to the IKEA ledges you used. I would love to work some sort of smaller version in Avery’s room. Also, if you did a little how-to on the art projects, I know I’d be tickled!

    P.S. – The bench from Wisteria for less than $100?! Unbelievable!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. OK, Yes I would LOVE to know how she made the wall art….SO cute!


  8. Hi ladies! Thank yo so much for your sweet comments. Just wanted to link where I got the ledges from, as well as the tutorial for the wall art. I’m so glad you all like his room!!!

    Ikea Ribba Ledges

    Wall Art

    Hope you all have fun creating and decorating. Would love to see your projects!



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