A Carpet(s) Revolution

You heard me correctly, forget the Beatles, there is a carpets revolution going on across the pond and you might want to check out the buzz.  Apparently several flooring industry leaders have joined forces in the UK to start this carpet campaign.  The site is full of good information about various carpet options and styles (or carpets as they like to say), some great ideas and examples of uses of carpet, and they even have a design house in London using you guessed it, carpet!

Now I know us design-minded types over here are snobs about our wood floors..don’t you wish you had a nickel for every time you’ve either thought, said, or heard “if it was up to me i would not have carpet ANYWHERE in my house”..but the truth is, carpet is comfy and practical in some areas of the home like bedrooms and playrooms, especially if you have little ones on the floor constantly.  During this cold winter we can certainly testify to that…so check it out..they even have an expert panel and cutie spokesperson;;  I need to find her book..she seems very interesting!

I dont know about y’all but I am loving these stripes pictured above…I am thinking about moving our boys upstairs in the next year or so and we will need to carpet our wood stairs to be more comfy and safe..I think the big stripe  would be so cute and fun! Just look at this cute guy and his trains!

So what do you think about carpet?? What is your favorite type?  How has your view of carpet changed as you’ve had a family and little ones, etc???

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  1. Funny you should mention this today. My mom and I were just gushing over the latest “big name” design books (Arch. Digest, etc.) and were commenting how last season, area rugs gave way to area carpets, and now the design spreads are showing nearly wall-to-wall carpet, with only a small “band” of wood floors showing around the edge of the room. I think it’s safe to say “Carpet and wallpaper are back.”

  2. I have tile and wood floors throughout my house and with a 7 month old, I am wishing I didn’t. I’ve tried to cover ground with area rugs but for some reason she wants to crawl on everything but the rugs. Naturally. I LOVE this post though. Its interesting to me how carpet is making a comeback and styles change over time. THANKS HOLLY! HUGS!

  3. When we moved into our new house, we had hardwood installed in every room, except the family room, where the kids track in from the pool. I do not regret it at all. My son has asthma and the dr informed me that carpet is one of the worst triggers. You know what, he has only been sick once in the last two years (since we moved). We were at the doctor at least twice a month before. That being said, I really do like some carpet, especially those striped beauties. Amazing. I would simply buy it and have it made into an area rug. Have my cake and eat it too!

  4. That last stripe is the bomb-diggity!

  5. We’ve been living w/o carpet(on wood) for several years…and yes it has helped with my daughter’s asthma. But, we are moving into our new house soon, where we will have carpeted bedrooms. We have really missed carpet in bedrooms, especially in the winter.

  6. Janice Ratliff says

    I have hardwoods thru-out the downstairs and on my stairs….tile in the kitchen and bathrooms….all HARD surfaces. I love how clean I can keep them but they are called HARD for a reason!! I sometimes miss the yummy carpets with thick pads…..but I like the look of wood….distressed wide planked wood…..it is such a fun look (just not comfy) I wear crocks around my house in the winter months as the floors are really cold. When my grandbaby comes for a visit I wish I had more rugs.

  7. I have a mix of hardwoods in the kitchen, entry and dining area and then carpet in the living room and bedrooms. It’s just about right with two little kids. The only reason I’d rather have less carpet is because it creates more dust and isn’t as nice to look at as hardwood floors.

  8. I have seven children 4 of them are boys. Basically I HATE carpet!!!

  9. Hi Holly! I am a regular reader of your blog and love it! I was so excited to see your post about carpet – since I work for Shaw (a large flooring company) I probably get more excited about cool carpets and flooring that most people, and the site you posted is great – thanks for sharing those images. It’s so much fun to see how a room can be transformed by what’s on the floor.
    I see a few comments on this post about the connection between asthma/allergies and carpet – I just wanted to share that actually there are lots of studies that show just how helpful carpet can be for helping with asthma etc. Carpet actually acts like a trap and actually pulls dust particles etc. into the carpet where they stay until they are vacuumed away. On hardwood etc. the dust etc. doesn’t have any place to go. I think a lot of it comes down to personal preference and opinion, but I just wanted to share this as I’d hate for someone to miss out on some of these gorgeous new flooring designs!

  10. Interesting to read this. I need to replace the carpet in my bedroom. I love hardwood floors but want WARM floors in the bedroom. Hmmmm. Lots to think about.

  11. I used to say that when I get my own place, I’ll want carpet in every single room of my house. Then I got my first apartment. It had wood floors throughout and I fell in love. Since then I stick with wood floors mostly. We have 2 rooms with carpeting since those floors are colder than the rooms upstairs. One of those rooms is my daughter’s, and boy, it’s a challenge to keep that carpet clean and plush.

  12. I live in the US and I HATE carpet. Apparently this is a fad here, now, but I just strongly dislike it. That picture with the green carpet? That was big in the 1970s. Then you’ll move to more muted colors. Then blue. Then hopefully back to bare floors with tasteful rugs, which you can actually get clean, unlike carpet.

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