Camille’s adorable kitchen, part one

My friend Camille has done so much work to her kitchen, I am amazed and love it all! The house was built in the 1960s and according to Camille, it looked like it (too bad we don’t have an original picture to show but I take her word)!  She did a great job painting the dated cabinets a fresh green and the walls a buttery yellow an adding new appliances and hardware on the cabinets.

Camille said “when we moved in the cabinets were dingy yellow beige (65+years old) and there was a wall oven where the “pantry” is now. We cut up the cabinets to install a slide in stainless gas range…the jewel of my kitchen.  Also had my husband install a lit potrack above and ripped out the vent-a-hood!”

Camille didn’t want to invest in solid surface counters, but wanted something besides formica, so went she went with tile. She had it installed all the way up the backsplash and on a diagonal and has been very happy with the decision.

On to other areas..She says “the fridge and dishwasher were black and I painted them stainless paint!”  Did y’all hear that??  She painted her appliances with stainless paint!

I love it, this is the woman who taught me so well about “hack and sew” long before I had heard of mistreatments..the stainless paint is so her! So she was almost content but then Camille found the piece of furniture  below to go where the table and chairs are shown above (this is the area directly across from the kitchen sink) and give the feel of extended cabinets.  The family eats its meals in the nearby dining room so this area wasn’t really used and she wanted more space to store DISHES..she is a dish freak.  So she drug this home.  Her husband was so excited.

 and after, in place of the table and chairs!

The sideboard looks great finished but it needed more heft above, I bluntly told her and she received it in love (I think she actually already had plans for more). I also suggested a pop of orangey red in an accessory..I was thinking “Keep Calm” poster but she just happend to have the tea towel you see framed below…even better. Just give her a day or two and voila! New shelving and light and vintage tea towel. That’s my girl! Oh and work, lots of elbow grease!

Yes she installed a new little light too.  Yep, she does wiring (just wait until you see the over the sink project)! But don’t hate her, she is kind of a slob notice below, she doesn’t  even shut her cabinet doors..ha! 

Painting the sideboard really made her want to paint all of the cabinets but I convinced her to just do the lower! So the cabinets, once all green, now have black on the bottom..I love how it works with the sideboard and black in the appliances. All black would have been to dark in my humble opinion.

 …and we have to replace that rooster rug, again in love..I am thinking something larger.  Stay tuned for more this week on Camille’s darling kitchen. She has the cutest lighting project for over the sink..can’t wait for y’all to see.  And I have fabric suggestions for the windows and rug ideas too! I would love to see a pattern like this on the window or floor. {From}

She is also going to give us tips for painting, what type she likes and other really technical information.

Have you painted your cabinets?? Any tips?


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  1. Amanda Ellis says

    Love the green color!

  2. Can’t wait to see the rest. It is giving me some great ideas. I love the transformation on the sideboard. Cute feet!

  3. Years ago, when we still lived in Houston, we painted our cabinets a rich red, before color on cabinets was popping up in every magazine. People thought we were crazy, but it gave our otherwise dreary 60’s kitchen a lift for less than a $100 and I got more compliments on it than I could keep track of once it was finished. If I had it to do over…I wouldn’t have tried to make them so “perfect”…we stripped them to the wood which ended up being wasted energy and a huge mess. A quick scuff with some sandpaper and a tinted primer would have done the job. But I would absolutely paint cabinets again in a house that had stock or dated units, in a heartbeat …only now I’m not as brave…red would probably take a break in favor of a soft dove gray.

    This was such a pretty transformation – and I can’t help but admire a gal who does her own wiring. It’s the one thing on the h/i front I’m not brave enough to tackle.

  4. I painted the cabinets in our former 1953 house. I did green on bottom, and yellow on top with black tile counter tops–really cute if I do say so myself. The green and black looks so great, and I love the black and white fabric you picked for her. One tip on painting cabinets…. I took a foam brush and in, literally, minutes slapped a clear coat over the paint on the outside of all the cabinet doors. This kept the paint from chipping over time at the places of contact (e.g. near and around the handles, the fronts where you slap ’em shut, the top edges of drawers where you might grab, etc…) Also, I agree with the cottage child. No need to go for perfection in prepping. We roughed the doors up a little before priming/painting, but we did nothing to the cabinets themselves. It worked great.

  5. What a pretty kitchen! I love the pot rack above the stove especially!!

  6. LOVE it with the base cabinets painted black!!!!! Haven’t done mine yet 🙁 but going to!!!

  7. Key to painting anything, in my opinion, is primer!! Not only have I painted cabinets but also the laminate countertops. My friend had horrid, harvest gold textured laminate countertops from the late 60’s, early 70’s and could not afford new ones, so we painted them. Again, cleaned first w/TSP, then primed, then painted 2 coats, then poly a couple of times. They held up for 5 more years until she replaced them and no chipping or anything! Quite the transformation it was and everyone said we COULDN’T….Hahahaha!!

  8. Could you ask her where she got the white bread box on the sideboard? That really caught my eye. Awesome re-do!

  9. Thanks so much, ladies. Y’all are making me blush! Kerri, the bread box is from Williams-Sonoma and I think they still carry it (along with some super-cute canisters). If they don’t you might try ebay, the giver of all good things.

  10. Very, very cute! There’s more??? Can’t wait! I love the black and white fabric. I’m ex-cit-ed……

  11. Oh my gosh, I love that dish display rack!!!! I’m “starring” it!

  12. Camille – please give me some details about the stainless paint for your appliances. Brand name? My daughter bought an adorable house; her father made her an entire set of new cabinets painted white and she has an unfortunate almond stove, refrigerator and dishwasher! Thanks!

  13. Sure, Melissa. It is made by Rustoleum and I found it at my local home improvement store on the paint aisle next to the spray paint. It is about $25 for the quart which should be more than enough for all three appliances. Two things: one, I would have them shake it up for her before leaving the store, and two, I’m not sure it is designed to withstand heat, so it may not work for the stove. She does have other options, though. There is a high-heat spray paint, though I don’t know what colors or sheens it may come in. She may also want to look into a type of heavy duty contact paper that looks like stainless steel (I considered it, but the handles of my refrigerator don’t come off, so it would have been too difficult). If she chooses the paint route, I suggest a foam roller, then “laying it off” with a foam brush to knock down the little air bubbles. After it dries, I also suggest a high gloss poly on top to make it look even more “real.” Hope that is helpful!

  14. Thank you, Camille.

  15. Camille, That was a fabulous transformation. Love it. You are oh,so talented. I have a question about the sideboard. What kind of wood is it? I have some old furniture that could use some change but I think mine is like particle board with a wood veneer. Not sure if it is paintable.

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