Cavallini papers

I’ve known about this wonderful Cavallini “wrapping paper” for a while…it’s more like a poster..I’ve seen it on Paper Souce and Kate’s Paperie as well.  Then a sweet client sent me a piece of it  (map of London) after I admired her map of Paris.  These prints or posters are such a nice size 20 x 28 and are printed on a nice weight paper.  Talk about cheap art…they are $4.50 on Kate’s Paperie and I found them even cheaper this weekend at Honey’s Home + Style  in Waco, Texas.  Honey’s has an awesome selection of these papers and a inspirational display of how to use as well… Matted and framed they could be a really large and an awesome and inexpensive way to fill a wall.  But at Honey’s they put them directly on the wall like wallpaper, layered and it looked awesome!  My friend Camille bought some too (yes we were on our girls weekend..more on that later) and I want her to mix in some of her old french dictionary pages and maybe add an old empty frame or two here and there for an amazing wall!

I love the red map above..imagine that over a robin’s egg blue dresser! I think I am definitely going to be using some of these in my boy’s room when I put them together in one space. And this is just a smattering of what is available..they also make a huge Union Jack flag print  and enlarged letter envelopes with wonderful  handwriting… so graphic and just large and fab!

Oh and I just might have a few to sell at a fun upcoming event in if you live locally stay tuned for more information!

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  1. Did you take any pics of the paper on the wall as wallpaper?? I would love to see it.

  2. I adore their papers, plan to use some in a future project!! Oh, and great for gifts too! Janell

  3. I found some of this paper while visiting Canada earlier this year and I wish I bought more. I used a Paris metro map for a project last weekend (will post soon) and included a Paris street map in my giveaway a few months ago.
    This butterfly sheet is fabulous!

  4. The Cavallini paper is what I just lined the inside of my DiY lampshade with yesterday. Love it! I also have a Paris map and alphabet flashcard paper that are fun. Never thought to frame it! Great idea!

    I love your teaser about the upcoming event in Houston! Can’t wait to get the word out with you!


  5. A Houston event, wha!!!! Waited with baited breath. Also, did I mention there is a Paper Source at Highland Village in July???

  6. so excited about Paper Source coming to houston! I wonder when in july they are opening!;;; I have a little boy party coming up in july!;;

    I wish i had asked the shopowner at Honey’s about taking a photo of that wall, it is fab..the entire store is…maybe she’ll stop by and comment and send a photo or post one on her site..yall really must see!

    And if you are in Texas, fyi.. Honey’s is mentioned in Paper City this month..she has a great map for framing in a grib..very inexpensive! I will find the link and share!

  7. oohh…look what apartment therapy has to say about framing this beautiful paper!!


  8. I love Cavallini products – they have wonderful calendars, too. I’ve taken the pages out and framed them for a great wall collection.

  9. I would love to hear how people have framed these gorgeous papers. The AT article indicated that some folks had difficulty finding inexpensive frames. I cannot wait to get my hands on the maps!!

  10. Gorgeous!

  11. Love these papers! I bought the map of Italy at Urban Arts and Crafts in Kansas City. I framed the small inset of Rome in a 5×7 frame and a small section of the map that included Florence and Pisa in an even smaller frame on a side table. I got the idea from Nell Hills, where I noticed she had lots of small, framed maps around.

  12. I have had a sheet with Italian product advertisements in a black frame in my kitchen for years (literally!) and I get a lot of compliments on it. I think the whole thing cost me $10!

  13. Love this tip. I used the NY subway paper for a room I designed on a teeny tiny budget in a NYC apt.

  14. They carry this line at Thad’s in Old Town Spring….for you locals. I love the look and bought the Santa Claus intending to frame it.

  15. If anyone sees the large envelope style on a online site, please let me know. I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

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