Client’s Kitchen Window

Nancy is one of my favorite clients..she is just so darn nice and she really gets things done..the perfect online client (actually she lives in Houston so we have been able to work together in person AND online the perfect combo).. She executed this idea for her kitchen window so is a wonderful room and this fabric just finishes it off.

I am not a huge fan of clips more and more (though I have them in my bedroom until I find what I want to change them out for..) but they look just fine here..and notice..and these are simple squares, not complex.  GOOD JOB NANCY!

{the fabric is Waverly “lovely lattice” from …I also like to call it “poor’s man’s KWID!” ha!}

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  1. Such a fresh and happy fabric! So “you.” Love it! xo…Linsey

  2. love this kitchen..the fabric kind of makes it.

    Are ring clips out and I didn’t know it? YIKES.

  3. Love that fabric – did you see the “lagoon” color on the link? Beautiful, as well.

  4. Love this look! So fresh, bright and cheery!! 😉

  5. i have the lagoon for drapes in Henry’s nursery..they will be moving to the dining room soon to make way for his cowboy drapes!;;

  6. Great kitchen….I looooove her cabinetry.

  7. LOVE the curtains! I just got some fabric to put up some in my kitchen window. Where did she get her hardware?

  8. I love the green too!

    I would also like to know where to find the small, black hardware? I have gold hardware in my otherwise updated kitchen and it needs to be gone.

    Any sewing involved in the production of these curtains?

  9. the hardware to hang the curtain came from target. its a little cafe rod in bronze with matching clips (not so chic i know).

  10. Holly, I’ve been slowly reading through your archives. It’s taken me over a week so far, snatching moments when my 3 year old and 6 month old will let me. I have to say, I LOVE your blog. I’ve learned a lot about design, found wonderful fabric sources, and I love seeing a designer with a bit more traditional taste!

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