Girls’ weekend

Recently my friend Camille and I were able to meet up in a centrally located town for a girls’ weekend!  We’d been throwing the idea around for months and finally decided to meet in Waco, Texas, for several reasons. First, I would also be able to see my sweet grandmother who is in a nursing home there and that is much easier without the little ones in tow.  Also Camile and I first met in Waco while attending Baylor along with our husbands, so it is a special place to us both for many reasons, it’s our old stomping ground, sic’ em bears and all of that!  We also love the restaurants and shops near the Brazos River and downtown, and it’s not too far from this little guy so I could quickly be back home the next day (yes I was nervous about leaving Henry but they did great).  Another reason… THIS PLACE

When I was searching for lodging in good ol’  Waco, I have to admit my expectations were low. Very low.  But when I saw the Livingston, specifically THIS SUITE, I nearly flipped…for several reasons.

First off, within our budget and hello, the decor!  I was also very excited when I noticed on the website that Mary Baskin is the mastermind behind the wonderful design of the rooms at The Livingston.  I recognized her name from the pages of Better Homes & Garden so I knew it would be good.  And notice the Union Jacks and Brit theme..that is so up our alley.  See below.

{Camille & Holly, shopping in London, ca. 2003}

So yes, this mama to an 11 month old was excited to get away for a good visit with my friend…And granted the shopping in Waco isn’t Cath Kidston & VV Rouleaux on Sloane Square where we went nuts years before BUT we had a great time in Waco at Honey’s Home + Style on Austin Ave (which I mentioned last week in this post), Roots, and beyond…

{Photo courtesy of Honey’s Home+Style}

Better than the shopping and cool lodging is just spending time with a friend that loves unconditionally and can be honest about the shape of an eyebrow and more!

{Camille & Holly, Waco, Texas, 2010}

[Before our trip or even booking the Brit-themed room, Camille and I had been exchanging numerous emails about the Helkat pillows on Etsy. After our re-immersion into all things Brit, via Waco, she returned to West Texas and whipped up something very special..can’t wait to show you!]

God save the Queen, good friendship & the Baylor Bears!


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  1. Loved every moment, Holly. Next trip…NYC! Love you!

  2. How fun!! LOVE the place you stayed!!!

  3. Kate from Connecticut says

    Sounds like a much needed break and so much fun! Let me know when you are in NYC…I’ll meet you for lunch.

    Hope all is well!

  4. It looks like the perfect girls weekend! Good for you!

  5. Looks like a blast!!! I love those “shelves” in the first photo… any idea what they are made from?! I’d LOVE to have some in my home!

  6. What a great place to stay for a fun weekend!

  7. Michelle says

    Well I feel clueless! I thought those were loft apartments, not a hotel. The pictures are beautiful. Glad you had a great time.

  8. Janice Ratliff says

    Holly, what a precious place. I’m glad to see you were in Waco. Sweet Aunt Nell was such a character and I have such fond memories. I know you are going to miss your Granny Nell. Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers. xoxoox Janice

  9. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for staying with me. Loved having you girls. Come back as soon as you can.

    I’m looking forward to the trip to England. Details posted on my website soon.

  10. Holly,

    I just want to say I am so sorry to hear about hear Grandmother. Granny’s are special and I know you have some great memories and traditions that you will be able to share with your precious family. I glad ya’ll got to stay at The Livingston. Mary has made it into a great and fun place Waco can be proud of. Now, we just need more great places to shop.

  11. Jenny Johnston says

    Hi Holly – found your blog thru Linsey’s blog who found me thru Joni’s blog…such a small cyber world! just had to say hi bc im a baylor girl too! Go Bears!!! Good luck on your sale!

    talk soon – Jenny

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