BDF = Big furniture deals!

Living near Houston, the shopping is fact overwhelming at times and the budget furniture deals abound.  For instance, look what i happened across on Thursday while shopping with a client to furnish a COMMERCIAL space..That’s right, Big Furniture new favorite saying..classy right?!

And where do we go for “BIG ACCESSORY DEALS??  B.A.D….yes, Super Marshalls..where everyone now officially hates me…three carts maybe four carts later, we had to beg someone to check us out…but it was all worth it because i found the big leaf…which so reminds me of THIS image below from Cottage living (or maybe it was in Southern Living but it is the Coastal Living editor’s home???  Design Sponge via the Newlywed Diaries more about it there)….Please correct me in the comments if you know more about the sourcing…The large, organic  look of these pressed leaves has stuck with me..just adore it..come to find out..the blog above reports they are POSTERS from  I can’t find them on their site but they have some great botanicals…it just confirms that large makes such an impact.

I am sure many of you remember this now…I totally thought of this when I saw the leaf in Marshalls…maybe I am nuts..luckily my client’s wife was game…

anyway, the big leaf coupled with inexpensive leather and a few manly, Texas-y items (like kilim pillows, cowhide rug, HUGE framed Texas map that is black and white and large iron scrolly console, chunky corbel lamp with grasscloth shade) HOPEFULLY will translate into a nice coastal Texas, masculine feel for this office..stay tuned to see more from this project and more BDF!;;

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  1. Holly, with your touch the office will be grand! You have a terrific eye.

  2. deborah says:

    What a fun post and great photos! Cannot wait to see the office. Where is BFD located?? Love the description of the office and could use a Texas map and console!! Thanks.

  3. I CAN’T wait to see the room once it’s thru!!!!

  4. Which Marshall’s do you shop at? I have one locally and also have a Home Goods within 10 minutes, which I am addicted to !! I think there is a Marshall’s on West Gray (River Oaks area) that I hear is awesome – but not sure about that. It’s great to snag great looks at these places.
    Love your leaf prints.

    I’m trying to find a fabric store that has the sample fabric books to flip through. Like Robert Allen, Schumacher, etc… Interior Fabrics and High Fashion Fabrics just don’t have the selection I want. Anyone in HOuston have an idea?

  5. You’re going to make the space (spaces, actually) amazing! I can’t wait to see the final product!

  6. looks like you’ve got some great stuff in that basket. can’t wait to see the room together!

  7. My kind of shopping! And here I was thinking I was the only crazy lady who photographs her shopping carts! Way to work it! Xo…Linsey

  8. I’m also curious as to where BFD is located … and where is the super Marshalls? I’m in The Woodlands but am totally capable of finding excuses to head to town that “might” involve a little shopping. : )

  9. Wow, that leaf is amazing—I love the 2 botanic posters in the picture. I’m a big fan of botanics.

    I wish we had a Super Marshall’s near where I live. Can’t wait to see the finished commercial space.

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