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Excuse the phone photos but it’s all I am up for right now. Isn’t it annoying when bloggers take photos of their “cute clutter” in an attempt to try to be real?!;;  Or when they say  “I just don’t have time to blog or take decent photos.”  Sorry. this is one of those days.  And it’s real. very real. I have so much I want to blog about and share but too busy keeping people from drowning in toilets and choking on legos. So here is the reality.

I sort of feel like the monkey..”get me away from the legos!”  Its chaos keeping the legos away from Henry when that is all Drew wants to do…we are about to move all legos upstairs!

Oh and Drew hates this monkey..he hates all monkeys..can’t believe he put him on the lamp like this… I am sure he was creating a “scene” the other night when he asked me to be a saloon girl because we are a western town now (too many Boomerang cartoons, not exactly PC) or the other night when I asked him if he was ready for his bath and he said “No but I would love a cigar!” GO pick up legos Butch Cassidy! Don’t you love the “cuddle blankets” situated near the TANK! (and yes it makes firing sounds!) mercy.

Seriously, it’s like a war zone around here some days, I am sure many of you can relate. Between the high chair “bombs” and turned over play tables..and the legos… Henry is about to walk..he has FOUR new teeth, Drew is LOSING teeth left and right…it’s time to research pretty uses of bamboo blinds like on my blog to do list;; If I have to say “stop shooting at the baby” one more time!  It’s just not right.

Yesterday I did attempt to do something “design wise” while Henry napped and Drew ran wild.  It didn’t turn out.  Precious time wasted.  See. 

Too crowded..they all need to be landscapes I think.  This is the upstairs bath that will be “boy zone” soon..I may collect a few retro “paint by numbers” to hang here eventually…I will just chalk this up as a test run, and go back to scouring for legos!

On a similar note, Jenny at Little Green Notebook has an interesting post up about children and “nice things” on her blog..check it out..will be fun to see the viewpoints…My opinion depends on the day!;;

And of course at the end of the day, people are more important than things.  And a home full of life is more beautiful than one full of home was “straight” but without the sound of little people way too long so I get the what’s important thing BUT I also get the “mess is driving me crazy” viewpoint now too..and I used to think those moms were so whiny and ungrateful.  ha!

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  1. And I thought my house was the only one that looked like that! My kids are in to Toy Story and Mario so I’m called Jessie or Princess Peach most of the time! I completely understand you!


  2. THIS is why I love you SO VERY MUCH, Holly. I’ve not read a blog post in some time that is this spot on. You are an unbelievably talented designer-no question. But what makes you such an amazing person all the way through is that you GET it. You know how to make a space pretty, but more importantly, you know what makes a space HOME. And this is it. Monkeys, legos and all. I love you!

  3. Thanks for keeping it real. My son has that same sock monkey – he is currently hanging upside down from his bed post. I like your wall. I think it looks great. I like unpredictable. 🙂

  4. Suggestion for the lego situation – lay out a large bed sheet on the floor for the lego creations…when it’s time to clean up, fold up the sheet and pour the legos back into their container!

  5. As the mom of 2 adult sons I can only say I can relate and remember those days but too soon they pass and now, awaiting my first granddaughter, I can hardly wait for the mess she might bring to a otherwise orderly home. 🙂

  6. I love this post! Oh, I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!! Our boys are so similar – you hvae no idea. Charlie is always messing up Andrew’s “scenes”. Since I’m ahead of you by about 1 year, I can say this…Henry will stop eating Legos very soon. It was all over and done with by about 18 months. My boys just started playing together much more (Charlie is 21 months now) and it’s sooo fun. You have your priorities in order! 🙂 I will also say… about the mess… I see no signs of an end to it anytime soon. 🙂

  7. Julia Ross says

    Too funny!! I just love your blog. You are such a “real” mom. Just like myself. We will someday look back on these messy, yet wonderful days. Take care and enjoy your sweet little ones.


  8. I am sooooo glad you are keeping it real! I thought my house was the only bomb this summer!

  9. great idea but a sheet would drive me nuts!

  10. Wow! Your house looks just like mine! You have no idea how excited I am that MY house looks just like a designer’s house! Whooo-Hoooo! You don’t know how many times I’ve thought, “now THIS is what I need to take a picture of and post on my blog!”. You’ve inspired me, Holly. Not because of your drapes…..or your fabric choice….or your lamp or light fixture (although that may be ture), but you’ve inspired me to take REAL pictures of REAL life because guess what, my house is WAY worse than yours. ha! 🙂 PS….still haven’t written you back…I know, I know…..i’m an email slacker! will do that soon!

  11. My husband says, “This is us in real life.” That’s what your post reminded me of. It’s not staged, it’s not perfect, but it’s real. If you have little ones I think that’s how life is. Jenny had some interesting things to say. It’s all about balance. Thanks for sharing!

  12. i love that you show reality!!! thank you holly!

  13. I don’t know you but I want to hug you! It is SO hard, isn’t it? I actually stopped my growing children’s clothing business earlier this year– cold turkey– because the stress of trying to find time to work while I tried to provide an “ideal” childhood for my by being home with them all day was too much. There is something about the heat that seems to make them a little nuts.
    I don’t usually share links back to my blog (now THAT’S annoying!) but if you want to see our solution to this very problem yesterday, take a peek:

  14. HAHA I love it!! All the things I have to look forward to with my little boy!! Cant wait!!

  15. Cute post! Love the sock monkey!

    LOVE love the new wall grouping in your bathroom! While it might not be exaclty what you are going for, it is very nice the way it is, and I can see you are well on the way to getting it just so. That’s the way I roll, too. Decorating is really a process!

  16. Way to keep it real! That’s one of the things I like best about you. Look at how many moms you have encouraged! I love a clean house, but I know I’ll miss the messes because of who they represent…creative, fun-loving, precious children! Xo…Linsey

  17. Oooh my!! I just LOVE this blog and pictures. Tell it like it is, sister. This is one of my favorites!! It really made me laugh. I especially enjoyed the one of the high chair and all the mess. It’s nice to know that even a decorators home isn’t perfect all the time. Try to enjoy each day with all its trials as they come because they go by so quickly. Hang in there, girl!!

  18. Love this post!! Quick tip about Legos and little ones… a friend’s 4-year had twin baby brothers who were always destroying the older boy’s Lego creations. She had a play area for the toddlers sectioned off in the corner of their family room. Finally one day, he pleaded with is mom to let him get into the babies’ play area with his Legos. Problem solved!… babies were able to roam free, and the Legos were saved!

  19. Looks sorta like mine did…..gulp…..30 years ago! Hang in there. This too shall pass. di

  20. As a mom to two boys (1 and 3), my biggest challenge is “letting it go” and not getting upset by the toys EVERYWHERE. Someday they’ll be all grown up and out of the house and I’ll miss impaling my bare feet with legos.
    Your house is gorgeous, kid stuff and all!!

    p.s. Little Green Notebook has girls. ‘Nuf said 🙂

  21. Holly, I have just found your blog and love it (and not only because my 3rd old is named “Holly” too!) If it makes you feel any better, at any given time, I usually have a tent on my new Ethan Allen rug, my children think that my custom drapes are fun to use as “dressing rooms” for when they play dress up and without slipcovers, my couches would look like the floor of Chuckie Cheese. Thank GOD for slipcovers.

  22. I think you have the same toile curtains that I have in my master bedroom. Can you sometime show the whole room so I can see? Maybe it isn’t your master bedroom? Thanks!

  23. Amber from NE says

    Hang in there mom! As I watch my two oldest go off to 7th grade and kindergarten in a week I will once again be reminded of how fast they grow up. But, just this morning I too was pretty annoyed with the “mess” that has taken over every part of my home and vowed that today we would clean up and organize… wish me luck. (I guess I should get off the computer!) There is peace in the moment, so enjoy every one of those moments!

  24. Amanda Eck-TheEckLife says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! this is so my day to day life. The decorator in me is always at war with the mommy in me. lol!! Thanks for keeping it real

  25. Love your Blog and your ideas! If you have time, I’d love to know where
    you purchased your bamboo blinds. I’m in Central Florida. Thanks so
    very Much.

    Take Care,


  26. Kelly m Guin says

    This was so refreshing to read:). I have a house full of three boys and I appreciate your honesty…. I take pride in my home but some days things just can’t stay neat. It you are right that is truly what makes a house a home.

  27. Elizabeth Herbig says

    Boy did I need to read this tonight! There is comfort in numbers . I live in an old house ( my dream home so I thought) . Well 8yrs, 4 kids and two dogs and cats later we are still “working” on the farmstead. Renovation is taking forever and costing a fortune. Today was a breaking point. The mower broke, clutter and toys everywhere and all I wanted to do was cry and take a match to the old place. But after reading your blog I am inspired again to continue the renovation, step over the toys and shoes without crying and continue on the journey . Thanks for such an entertaining REAL blog! (-:

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