Henry’s Party: Part 1

Wow! Parties are work..but fun!  Please remember it is not all cupcakes and balloons around here everyday BUT on Saturday we had a blast celebrating Henry and the joy he brings to our family….We don’t do this every year but we had a big party for Drew’s first birthday so we did the same for little brother! So grab a cup of coffee, this may get long!

First off, some of the food and treats! We had cupcakes instead of a big cake and that was perfect.  The crayons went on the kraft covered tables outside. The adorable papers on the banner and cupcake wrappers are from Jenni Bowlin Studio…I used several of her things for the party, more on that later..I love her stuff! Thanks to our friend Lori for the help with the banner!

Blowing up balloons before the party…I just bought one of those $19 bottles of helium in a box at Target…..it was just enough to tie around the tables outside…I can’t believe for Drew”s party I actually rented a big bottle from the local welding supply place! The fabric scraps (I mean tablecloths;;)  are from Premier fabrics. I did not even hem them.

Our house is small but this screen porch is large and so great for parties….I set up the brunch food (mostly from Sam’s if you are wondering how I had time to decorate, well I only made one casserole myself, the rest of the food was ordered, fruit or made by a friend!)…My sweet father-in-law supplied the fresh watermelon and my friend Jill made a ton of sausage balls…thanks Jill!

We had candy and cupcakes on the kids dessert table and on the “adult table” we had carrot, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes from a local bakery AND gourmet chocolate chip cookies (HEB’s Central Market) in bags…the grown up party favors!.. Recognize the stickers from Jones Design Company?!

You can see the kid dessert table below in the background..it was located too out of the way though, I was shocked they did not raid it as much as I anticipated..their moms were probably glad!

Below…bags of chalk for favors and balsam wood vintage airplanes from here. I love the blue plumbago that we ran out of time to plant so we stuck in a pot! We’ll have to get that in the ground soon.  The star pillow is borrowed from Drew’s room!

All of this, and the birthday boy just wanted a cracker! We love you Henry!  Happy Birthday!

[More party fun tomorrow!]

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! The balsa airplanes – what a cute and clever idea! Were your galvanized serving things from pottery barn? Can’t wait for more party fun tomorrow….

  2. Hi Holly, I just recently started reading your blog (found you on The Lettered Cottage). Henry’s party was just wonderful! I love all of your creative ideas. I look forward to reading more! Have a great day! Lori

  3. Holly, this is incredible! Every detail so well thought! Your sweet Henry is LOVED, mama!

  4. It turned out PERFECT! I love every. single. detail!! How on earth did you find time to take pictures! 🙂 Henry and the cracker – too funny! Andrew only wanted cheerios at his first b-day! 🙂

  5. How cute is that!!!!!!!I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR!!!!!!The party looks like you had fun and Henry too!!!!!!!!!!Maryanne 😉

  6. awesome, awesome, awesome! I looooove the little paper doll cupcake holder! It all turned out so pretty. Henry looks adorable in his outfit;o)

  7. Tulip Tilly says

    Perfection! Little Henry is one lucky little boy as is big brother Drew. Your eye for detail is always present Holly.

  8. Happy Birthday, Henry! He’s precious 🙂 Henry and my little guy would get along great. Looks like a fun party. You did a terrific job on the decorations.

  9. Holly,

    The pictures are great but don’t quite convey just how perfect this party was. Since I was there, I know! You out did yourself as usual and of course made it look effortless!

  10. so ridiculously adorable!!!

  11. Great party mama. I love planning parties and I think the little details make such a big difference.

  12. Holly,

    It looks like Bobby and I misseed a fun party! I hated that we couldn’t be there:( Love, love, love the table spreads – the food looks great! The decorations are soooo cute! I love how Henry had the the circle with the “h”! You pulled it off again!

  13. Best looking boy birthday EVER! I love seeing your creativity in action. I’m especially loving the crayons-in-a-brown-bag idea!

  14. Such great ideas!!! Too cute!

  15. too cute he only wanted a cracker..easy to please! love the crayons in the bag…want to see more!!

  16. Debbie Forland says

    Jake and I had a great time! It was the highlight of our day…good for me to be there and see how much detail really does matter! 🙂

  17. Came across this post from Pinterest and so glad I did! I love, love, love the crayons in the kraft bags! Do you happen to remember where you find kraft paper bags that small?

  18. Love this!!! Found it while searching pinterest! Where did you get the brown paper bags for crayons and cookies??? I’ve been trying to find them everywhere!!!

  19. Love this!!! Found it while searching Pinterest!! Where did you get the brown paper bags for crayons and cookies?? I’ve been trying to find them everywhere!! Love it!

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