Henry’s Party: Part 2

So we set up the food and drinks on the porch.  Henry’s Party: Part 1 posted here.

  Cupcakes, brunch food..yummy lemonade..Jones soda and Dad’s root beer…Jones is so good!

Enough! I could go on and on about the porch (like about this fun JBS birthday bingo card banner with book pages)…but I won’t;; ha! Let’s go outside!

OK let me just admit, the game area was a total flop..vintage-y ring toss and rubber horseshoes (kid safe)..total flop..who wants to play those games when you can play on the new treehouse fort! (Thanks Dad!) My husband was so right about this one BUT the chalk cloth (yes it is CHALK cloth) made a cute and easy sign! I bought the chalk cloth at fabric.com and you season it just like regular chalk paint.

And below, tables and centerpieces..in front of our shed! kraft paper coverings..

The centerpieces were paint cans. I was going to chalk spray paint terra cotta pots but too rainy so i just did the paint cans with Jenni Bowlin scalloped crepe paper edging and her paper for pennants, the small version of the birthday bingo cards, and notice cute chipboard buttons.so vintagey! I love her stuff! I just used 99 cent monkey grass from the garden center…if I had put in chalk painted pots I was going to write “GROW” on some and “Henry is One” on others..but this worked out fine and was much simpler! I would have used little galvanized buckets but Home Depot (THE place to get galvanized buckets of variouse sizes..or Lowes) but they did not have so I bought what they did have…little paint cans! Little buckets of crayons would have been fine too!

And lots of sweet friends and family…

{Debbie, Lynsey & Ruthie and Henry with Grandmother}

The picture above is so funny to me…I wasn’t going to have Henry open gifts…he was getting sleepy but the little girls were so funny curious about “present time” so I had them bring them over and help him and he actually enjoyed it!

I have a zillion photos I could share but will stop droning on..thank you for all of your kind comments…we had no cake time with the baby or even a photo of our family of four..but it was still such a great day..thanks to everyone who helped prepare and celebrate!

Thanks for listening to my mommy ramble about my party!

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  1. Holly, mommies GET to share all this with their friends near and far! So glad you did, especially for those who were not able to enjoy all of it first hand. You are not only a FANTASTIC party planner, but a sweet and loving mama! Thanks for sharing this with us! Love you and loved getting to go to the party vicariously!

  2. Wow, the party just looks so great! Where did you get Henry’s romper? Soooo cute!!

  3. We all love your “mommy ramble” so you do not have to thank us! Thank you for sharing it with us. I have questions questions….1st – kraft paper table cover – is it seamed (tape, glue, etc) somewhere? I never find it THAT wide. 2nd – In your next to last precious photo – Where did the giant blocks come from? 3rd – from your first post on the party – How did you make the cupcake wrappers? – would love a tutorial post on that! Jenni Bowlin stuff is WONDERFUL. And BTW, the photo of Henry with his grandmother is priceless!

  4. Mary Catherine Sears says:

    What a beautiful party! Thank you for sharing! Your boys are blessed to have such a creative Mom.

  5. You really are a great party planner! You always give me such great ideas (to copy!) I love the mommy ramblings. They are some of my favorite posts that you do. I’d better stop this comment b/c my one-year-old keeps pounding away at the keys on the laptop.

  6. Chalk cloth?! Who knew!! The last pick of Henry – sooo DARLING!! Hope you are taking it easy this week!!

  7. You are an amazing woman Holly~ what a soiree you threw together!! Certainly a magazine worthy spread.

  8. WOW… now that is some party!! And he is just too adorable for words! 🙂


  9. his party turned out SO cute! Love all the photos!

  10. you are so creative – love it all (i’m a big fan of jenni bowlin’s products too!)

  11. i love the way your round top lanterns turned out above the table…your yard looks gorgeous….those big blocks look fun! we need to see a part 3!!

  12. Love all the non-traditional Birthday decor!!! What a refreshing look for a 1yr old party. You really are a talented woman and a doting mama, enjoy it!!! Thanks for all the party pic’s.

  13. LOVE it!!! So inspiring!!! I would love to know where you go the super cute tiered metal stand that the cupcakes are on. Love that!

  14. Amber from NE says:

    Oh my gosh lady! You are so talented!! I absolutely adore every thing you did =) What a fabulous day.

  15. Beautiful and creative!! Love it!!!

    FYI in case you have one in the area; feed stores are another good resource for galvanized buckets in many sizes.

    I live in San Antonio and there are several right in town. I don’t know why but I think of those needing as to be out closer to rural areas but one of ours is right near the big medical center area. I go there for hay bales and galvanized buckets.

  16. I have loved seeing Henery’s B-day party pics….I didn’t want them to end…can we have a part 3? YES…your guys are very blessed to have a wonderful creative mommy!

  17. I LOVE to hear your mommy ramble as well. The photos are just precious. Love Henry’s outfit and pacifier clip. It must be a Bella Tunno. I think my daughter has one in every color. Also your backyard and porch are just beautiful. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  18. You are THE BEST mama!!! And one of the most creative, clever party giver around! Clearly others think so, too! (Great comments on these party posts.) Will you throw me a party some day?

    I can spot a scallop from a mile away. Love that added detail on the paint cans!


  19. Oh my goodness, I love it all! Henry is such a beautiful baby! He just looks so cuddly, bless his heart. And I’m always so envious of your back porch…good gravy, it’s awesome….

  20. Just had to share with you that recently I so used your decorating ideas for a little boy baby shower. The baby’s room is ‘vintage sports’ themed so I did a pennant banner with his name using some sports papers & a very ‘vintagey’ stripe paper and also a centerpiece with pennants in a bare paint can with faux mondo grass. The mother to be was so pleased and is going to use both in the baby’s room! Also handmade the invitations with the same theme but with the sweetest stamp! “Tiny little thing…Great big blessing” Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!!!

  21. I’m revisiting this post for birthday ideas for my July birthday boy. Could I ask where the play fort was purchased? My boys would love this.

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