Chalkboard paint is so overdone!

Whatever! I just painted TWO more areas in my house with chalkboard paint! I can’t get enough..My laundry room doors have it (see photo in banner above), Drew’s dresser AND bed, labels on Henry’s changer baskets, a large framed one, and now its in the kitchen (the door below and the wall by the fridge)! Why do I love it so much? It’s not like I really enjoyed school that much. And it is everywhere, every blog, every magazine, nearly every young family’s home I visit has a chalkboard wall of some sort.  Usually I would be so over something this popular. Not this time.  I still love it.

This is the door in our kitchen that leads to our upstairs area. Not sure why Drew added “army” to Daddy’s “happy birthday” list?? Daddy is not an Army guy but brother insisted I not erase his word!

I wonder if the next generation of homeowners will say “yes we bought this house, so much potential, oh you won’t believe, it has one of those ghastly chalkboard walls, first thing we did was cover it!”  ha! 

What do you think…is this “trend” around for a while or is it a classic? I say, Who cares?!  If you love it, do it and enjoy!

And…Do you actually use your chalkboard or does it get “stagnant”..does the dust bother you??? I have the coffee shop chalk markers but don’t love them for the chalkboards I use often, great for Drew’s room!

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  1. Happy Friday Holly!! I dedicated an entire ‘chalkboard’ wall in our powder bath for big and little people to scribble notes. We haven’t had many people over since I finished it but I’m excited to see how it looks in another few months. Luckily I saved some of the white paint that I used on the walls to cover it up later. For now, I still adore the trend!

  2. I’m not over chalkboards either! They are great and serve as ever-changing works of art and words! I am contemplating adding yet another chalkboard to my kitchen, as we speak. I’m not ready to be over this trend! Happy weekend!

  3. I enjoy your blog, and I too love the chalkboard trend! In my blog, I featured an outside chalkboard that my husband made for me. I also have a chalkboard in my dining room, where I can write the menu, quotes and greetings. Whenever people visit, they always comment on my chalkboards! 🙂

  4. I hope the trend isn’t over because I just painted an entire wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint! I’ve got a question for you though….are there any special tricks to putting it up? I’ve done 3 coats and I can still see roller marks. I used a little mohair roller (that the guys at Sherwin Williams insisted on) and the roller marks are awful…any suggestions????

    Thanks! Jenn

  5. Most recent use of our chalkboard – a marquee announcing the debut performance of “An Island Paradise” starring Andrew and his best friend. (a totally made up play that occupied the little people around here for 2 whole days) I meant to blog about it b/c it was so stinkin cute that I wanted to preserve the memory, but time got away from me….I had a big chalkboard that I loved when I was little circa early 1980’s — I suppose I was a little ahead of the trend! 🙂 Have a great weekend! XO, Tess

  6. I love chalkboard paint and I think it’ll be around for a long time still. It’s been around forever but just suddenly got so popular and I love seeing all the unique ways people are using it! We have chalkboards all over our house.

  7. Totally overdone, but so practical and chic {you know how I feel about a little bit of black in each of my rooms!}. And, yes, we use ours A LOT!

  8. I would LOVE to have one or several especially in the kitchen and playroom, but I just can’t do the dust….coffee shop markers…ohhhhhh, but do they not work??

  9. I too love chalkboard paint and tend to use it all over our house. I have one in my oldest daughters room, on my pantry door, and inside of my cupboard doors. Love your blog!

  10. love them, the bit of mess doesn’t bother me (I use a towel to wipe them clean to start over, and they don’t leave much dust behind) and I and my kids love to update the chalkboards we have in the house. Even if we didn’t, I love the look of their finish, so that is enough for me. Do you get an idea of where I stand on this trend?! Janell

  11. love chalkboards and i find it hard to have too many. we have a huge one in our kitchen – magnetic, too. i love those cafe markers that jennifer spoke of. they are 14.99 at joann’s for a pack of 4 colors plus a 40% off coupon. they wipe off with a wet cloth.

  12. I love chalkboard paint, it makes life so much fun–especially when you add the magnetic paint to it as well. I really like the places that you used your paint. I actually wrote a post about my chalkboard wall here!

  13. i love it. great way for kids to be able to draw on the walls. they will anyway, right?

  14. I’m with you! LOVES me some chalkboard walls!! 😉

  15. I love chalkboard paint! What a great invention. I just bought some to paint an entire wall in my 9 yr old son’s room. I think it will be fun and unique looking. I painted the side cabinet panel beside my refrigerator to write messages on since the side of my fridge is a message center with calendar, coupons etc. So now it’s all tied together! I would paint a door too if they weren’t the 6-panel style. I think it’s here to stay (at least for young families). It’s too practical and affordable not to be.

  16. i love reading all of your thoughts on this…I love the look of the finish too like Janell said and that is enough for me even if we didnt use!

    I might have to check out the JoAnns markers..and i love the idea of painting the inside of my cabinet door..i know just the one i could do!

    Thanks for sharing your links and ideas!

  17. Tulip Tilly says

    I have a steel door that goes out to our garage, I painted an area on the door with CB paint and then framed it with an old frame I had from another project. The frame keeps the chalk in handy range for memos and also keeps the chalk dust from falling on the floor and gives it a finished look.

    Also did a much larger frame with thin plywood painted with CB paint and I use that sitting on an easel on either the front or back porch to welcome guests for parties or holidays. I don’t think I have more than $5.00 into either project.

  18. I love our chalkboard wall, we use it all the time. It is also one of the things in our home that our guests comment on. So, I like that! White furniture/design isn’t my thing. I agree with you, if you like it, do it. Don’t worry about a trend, go with what you like. After all, no designer is living in my home, I am!

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