Pioneer Woman’s House of Hyacinth update

Did y’all think she fired us???  Nope, just a crazy summer for everyone BUT but this project is finally coming together and I am so excited because Hyacinth loves the room.

Remember we started here:

Below is a more recent “in progress” photo. Imagine without the rug and with more fabric and color!

Ree snuck in a took a few pictures in June in case you didn’t see on her little blog post;;  photos by the Pioneer Woman herself! Look a little closer at Hyacinth’s new facade!

More to come soon I assure you…I will tell you this, one major thing is staying, obviously we changed the fireplace wall, wood over the brick and mirror behind the shelves…there will be some fabric entering the space soon (you know i am happy about that) and some other changes…so stay tuned..just wanted to let you know the Design Team has not been fired!;;

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  1. Hooray for the Design Team! Can’t wait to see the finished room, even though I thought it looked great before. I would give my eye teeth and even my wisdom teeth for that ottoman and some of Hycinth’s other outcast pieces. The fireplace wall rocks. And since I love fabrics and upholstery I’m really itching to see the fabrics you used. Hurry! I can’t wait much longer!

  2. Thanks so much for the update! I’ve been checking PW’s site for a new post from Hyacinth and wondered if maybe everything just fizzled. I’m so glad that’s not the case. However, I’ve become a fan of your lovely blog (as well as Melissa’s and Layla’s) in the meantime! Thanks again for letting us know what’s up.

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