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This upstairs space in my  home is constantly in transition it seems… Do most of you find your “guest room” changes like that??  A place for storage and cast offs???!

One side of this room (not pictured..ha!) is filled with totes and piles from the Mini Flea and Henry’s party..things yet to be sorted and put away.  I fluffed one side of the room just to make myself feel better.

I even spent time placing things on the bedside table, including this photo of my mom (who has a birthday tomorrow…Can’t wait to see her and treat her to a CUPCAKE;;!) instead of putting away the junk in the totes!

So this room is constantly in transition, not ever totally finished or “spot on” but it is sort of a labratory too..I do things in here i would not do in other just rip up some burlap and clip onto a rod for quick curtains to cover an  AC unit;;  or slap some empty frames on the wall and not worry if they are crooked.  This would bother my husband if downstairs but upstairs it seems fun and I can enjoy when I go up there once a week..not something i necessarily want in my everyday spaces.

How about that crazy long and skinny lumbar?? Now that was an experiment..or the naked lampshade?! Only upstairs! And my beautiful suzani my friend brought back from Uzbekistan is certainly not a cast off but it  is safe up here on this bed, for now at least…soon this space will be a playroom and covered in Legos and Thomas paraphernalia.

Can’t believe I am finally going to let Drew take up residence upstairs…or at least some of his toys and playtime to start with…seeing this picture might help you understand my reservations over this transition…the stairs are steep and narrow…not something you really want a child venturing down in the middle of the night.  But change is coming so I thought I would share one last shot of this upstairs space, imperfect as it may be!..stay tuned for the playroom/big boy room transformation!

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  1. I love this Holly! Sooo true, except for I had to laugh because I actually have something embarrassing but funny DOWNSTAIRS that is what you have upstairs — you gave me an idea that I will blog about and link to you. LOVE your room, AMAZING! I’d want that room, I’d totally want that DOWNSTAIRS for everyone to see!

  2. My guest room a place for storage and cast-offs? never! ha. As you know, I am the poster child for storage and cast-offs. but, soon it will be casual, modern,a nd relaxing and the eyesores will be hidden!!

  3. i LOVE the burlap over the ac unit! banking that idea! fanks arot! love your blog!!! xov

  4. I love love love it!!! How I wish to have a wall of frames but I just can’t seem to find any. That room is pure heaven to me Holly. Saving this in my inspiration files for my in-desperate-need-of-a-remodel guest bedroom.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Holly,

    I love those wood walls! And I also really like the burlap curtains! But your entire house is just fabulous! Now that I have seen it for myself, I can say that your home is MUCH MUCH better in person! A true reflection of the lives that dwell within the walls…. beautiful!

  6. Funny, I have the exact opposite situation at our house. Our master bedroom is upstairs, and it is a constant mess, due to my lack of closet space. But the downstairs guest bedroom? Ahhhh. I’ve just redone it, making it the prettiest space in the house. I love to walk in there when I’m home alone, perch on the bed, and enjoy this pristine space. Weird, huh?

  7. I looooooove this room, Holly! You have beautiful stuff. Castoffs? Whatever… I will probably dream about this room tonight! HAHAHA! Seriously…

  8. I have a question…. where did you get your cotton bolls? I have been looking for an online source to no avail. I thought I read somewhere that you can get them from a florist but I wasn’t sure if you bought yours elsewhere. Need some!

    Thanks! 🙂

  9. My guestroom is mainly piles at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration! Yesterday, my handyman, Anthony, and I cleaned out the garage. It’s all boxed and stacked for a fabulous garage/estate sale. I only have one section to do a tedious “go through.” I now have more than 1 foot of space to walk around the car! Final goal: only the Car, bbq pit and bicycle in the garage!

  10. Tulip Tilly says

    Holly, I’ve always loved this room and I’m sure whatever you do with it to accommodate Drew will be spectacular too. Can’t wait for the transformation.

  11. my cotton is from moosefeathers floral..see the link in my sidebar…missy can get it for you probably or give you some ideas on sources maye..i love that cotton..iput it in the top of my Christmas tree last year..remember that photo in SL years ago with the huge cotton wreath!

  12. that room would be front and center in my home! beautiful!!

  13. I DREAM of having a room like that! Can’t wait to see the fabulousness that is to come when Mr. Drew moves in!

  14. You are SO fun and creative! Can I come stay in your guest room before you transform it? 😉


  15. I know the perfect home for the Jenny Lind Twin Bed “cast-off” if you’d like to sell it:). haha!

    That is what I’m wanting to put in KK’s room- two of them. So keep your eyes open sister!

    Love the upstairs……the entire thing.

    But, I know that Drew will love his new space and it will be just perfect! I think he will do fab with the steps. And you can move your cute gate that is in front of his room to the area in front of the stairs for little Henry boy.

  16. Lisa Roussel says

    Love this room!
    We just moved into a house with a large single room upstairs. It will function as a multi-purpose space- guest room, sewing, and television lounge. But we have a crazy skinny doorway and staircase and none of the comfy furniture we planned to use for lounging in front of the t.v. will make it through the door way. Any suggestions? The doorway is 28″ wide and the landing is basically the same width, so no “wiggle” room to turn the pieces through it.

  17. I feel that way about our WHOLE house most days! 🙂
    But i am lovin that room girl! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  18. i love that upstairs room!! empty frames on the wall – so chic when done artistically like you do.

    so you’re changing this to make it your little boy’s room?? i think you should move it all to a downstairs room then!

  19. What a beautiful guest room! Can’t wait to see the big-boy room change!

  20. Our neighbors have an adult hand rail and one a foot below it as a kids hand rail…you might need to add a shorter one for your little man!

  21. ahhhh. love, love it. very refreshing. how come my wall of bare frames doesn’t look that cool? I really need you to come visit;o)

  22. I’m excited to see the transformation. We just remodeled an old farmhouse in Shelby, but we haven’t talked the upstairs space yet…and that will eventually become my daughters room…

  23. Holly: perfect post. Nicely done. Those stairs do look treacherous, but for generations little feet were climbing very steep wood stairs and I’m sure Drew will be just fine. Can’t wait to see them finished! And his room. Fun fun.

  24. I lvoe your guest room – esp. that you fluff one side of it. ditto here too – one side of mine is horribly cluttered with Ben’s junk!!!!


  25. Love your guest room! I especially love the vase full of cotton! My husband is a cotton farmer and I have some that I’ve been waiting to do something with and now I know. 😉

  26. I like your walls in the upstairs room.

  27. I absolutely love your blog. Your aesthetic is beautiful and if I have the money, i’d hire you immediately to redo my entire house. Thanks for the great ideas. Please keep them coming!!

    If you’re interested in fashion/style, please check out my style blog:

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