Amelia in Oxford!

One of my favorite things in Oxford, Mississippi, in addition to Square Books and Bottletree Bakery just has to be this little shop…Amelia!

Don’t get me wrong, I like my smocked baby outfits and monograms just like the next belle but this shop is a breath of fresh air amidst the sea of polo shirt, sperrys and the frat shag hair!;;

{handmade jewelry displayed on books, this is Oxford after all!}

Owner Erin Austen Abbott Kirkpatrick and friends have filled this little corner of the Lyric Opera House with cupcakes, photography, crafts + art.  Wonderful etsy-esque prints, Dwell baby things (good thing because I needed another bib for Henry) and wonderful handmade jewelry.

The Lyric is a great music venue that was reconstructed a few years ago. They tried to use as many of the original fixtures and such as possible. It was originally a movie theatre and also the location for the world premier of Intruder In The Dust. Y’all know this is Faulkner country!

Amelia has cupcakes from the Honey Bee Bakery…and plenty of cool drinks in the fab cooler!

The little shop is pure delight..totally reminded me of the SCAD store in Savannah and the people are so nice! Henry and I did not want to leave…check out Amelia’s website and blog..they are too cool for school!


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  1. How cute! I’ll have to put this (and the other places you mentioned!) on my must-visit list when we finally make it up to Oxford this fall.

  2. Oh wow! I love places like this. They have so much more character and allure!

  3. Yummy I’ll take 2 cupcakes please (both for me) 😉

  4. Cute! (And having a daughter named Amelia means I automatically love it! Ha!)

  5. Oooh. What a neat shop!

  6. Wow! I immediately thought “Scad store” as I was oohing and ahhing over the pictures. BUT this one has food and drink….what a great combo!

  7. so up my alley! so fun. so love. thanks for sharing!

    xo . rae

  8. I went to school in oxford, such a treat to see amelia featured. such a sweet shop!

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