HGTV + Drew

My oldest is over at today playing legos….well sort of, check out his photo in the little gallery here.  When they asked for “toy storage” ideas I never dreamed they would use the photo I sent of him playing . . . he loves his legos! More on this project on Monday!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love it! And Drew looks so adorable! ;o) Even if there wasn’t a coonskin cap, rifle, or statue pose to be seen… Ha!

  2. Soooo adorable and I am super excited that you are on HGTV! Finally they found you!!!

  3. What a great photo (and storage idea)….which is essential with all of the stuff kids have these days! I posted Maddie’s nursery today…getting sad we will soon be saying goodbye to it. Have a great weekend.

  4. Holly, that is just so exciting for both you and Drew. He does look like he loves his legos.

  5. Holly,

    Love the idea and the pic of Drew. He’s soo cute! Don’t forget us little people! Lovin’

  6. i am so stealing this – too cute!!! (Plus a few of your master bedroom ideas from a few posts back – love your style) I think i know you from SL message board from YEARS ago??

  7. how cool is that!?!? 🙂

  8. Another Home Run! I love this storage idea. And that pic of Drew sitting there engrossed in his Legos is priceless! Also love his bedding-vintage all the way!

  9. It’s PERFECTION, Holly! Love it, Drew is adorable, and SO proud of you!!!

  10. hi, Holly…just popping in to say, um, “hi”…

  11. genius! I have ton of these crates laying around. Off to Jonas’s room they go. Thank Holly -denise

  12. Wow, what a blast from the past…my Mom had a couple of old drink cases that she hung on the wall. Would she display her prized canned pickles and homemade ketchups.

  13. Debbie Lubojasky says

    Heather had mentioned you had a knack for design…wow, I am impressed! I am putting you on my favorites and putting you on my Christmas wish list! Plus, I love the pictures of Drew. You are truly talented!!!

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