Houzz inspiration

I finally explored Houzz and there are some great images and inspiration there..be sure and check it out..for now, a few of my faves below!

I  first saw the idea of shelves around a door years ago in Traditional Home, it was a dining room..i have never forgotten..wish I had that image, but this one is pretty great too! I would have done books above the door instead of the leaded glass but that is just me;

private residence, la jolla, california traditional kitchen

And I have posted before about my love for old signs, I would love to find an old one that says “grocery” or “city cafe.” Authentic and worn like this one.

Michelle Joys Victorian Kitchen traditional kitchen

yum…dark ceilings and check floors. I love check floors. AND THAT GREEN DOOR.  I nearly painted the back of my front door an apple green when Drew was a baby because I spent so much time sitting in a certain kitchen chair feeding him and staring at the back of the front door.  More recently, I am trying to talk a client into painting the back of an interior door in her bedroom that is front and center. It really does add interest and drama. Notice how the trim around the door is white not the green but the door “jam”/inside is the green.

Slick Wood Ceiling traditional kitchen
What is your favorite design, category or way to search over at Houzz?! Of course Janelle and Layla have some great inspiration over there as well as Tracery…check it all out!
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  1. Hi Holly, thanks for the shout out, and I have indeed been spending some time on Houzz, collecting images for the weekly Ideabooks. I’ve gotten some great inspiration and also have learned a lot from studying and writing about the images I’ve put into the various Ideabooks. Have a great one! Janell

  2. Anticookiecutter says:

    Love this black and white check floor from Houzz. I love your kitchen too Holly. I’ve wanted a checked floor for 10 years and next summer I’m getting one. It proves that it is a style that never goes out of fashion.

  3. Love the idea of all of my cook books around me as I go into my pantry.

  4. The pantry & cookbooks!!! Yes, please!!! – that one went straight into my favorites file! I’ve never been on Houzz, maybe I should check it out…(Still keepin your Mama in my prayers)

  5. Love Houzz….need to get some idea files started there.

  6. Heather Weeks says:

    After a long day, I finally got to check out your blog and really enjoyed the beautiful photos! I predict that your client is going to paint her interior door just as you described 😉 Now if should could only talk her husband into painting something that gorgeous apple green…

  7. My client follows directions so well!

  8. A family I know in GA has a beautiful home they built maybe 12-14 years ago. Their dining room is like a library, complete with brass tracks for a ladder to go all the way around! {They also have an old armoire with part of the back removed that you can walk through, up a staircase, and into a craft room for the children- amazingly fun!}

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