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Hallelujah, my slipcovers are finished..beautifully made by the wonderful slipcover artist Michelle Fritz of MAKE.  Check here for more information on her work!

Michelle is such a genius, she took my sad Broyhill sofa, circa 1999, and reworked the cushions, prewashed my fabric for me and sewed the perfect slipcover, complete with little flanges instead of welting.  Remember the before . . .

sad. so sad.

And now . . . all fresh and pretty and without the high water skirt!

 Ignore the pillow. I am about to have a pillow redeux. . . either a long simple lumbar out of this.

Imperial Trellis Schumacher Fabric

. . . or I may delete  my toile drapes for plain linen ones and do large red toile  pillows for the sofa ?  Regardless, the pillows are evolving as always! And the red linen is more red and less pink that this photo with a nice casual linen polished cotton!

 In fact, I may add pillows in this fabric, which I adore.  Anyone know the source, Ballard Designs calls it Parrish, can’t track it anywhere else???

Back to slipcovers.  Michelle also transformed my tired red wing chair which you can see here  with the ticking stripe and exposed leg . . . so glad we deleted the skirt!

Now it is gloriously fresh and cute in navy ticking!  I adore is so “little boy” if that makes any sense at all! Look how she did the welting on the bias…it is the perfect slip in my opinion, fitted but you can still tell it is a slipcover.

Click on over to Michelle’s new weblog to read more about her work or email her at:

makeslipcoverstx {at} gmail {dot} com

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  1. How PRETTY! Gorgeous custom slipcovers are the best! So happy for you!

  2. Nice work, it looks great Holly. I still love your drapes but if you are looking for a change maybe re purposing them will work for you. Either pillows or drapes for another room.

  3. OOOOO, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! What you’ve done AND what you have planned. And I also love the mats on your pictures over the couch – care to share? Did you have them made from fabric? I might need to copy that! 🙂 I’m picking up all my pillows this week from my seamstress – I’ll send pics through email when I get a chance. Moving VERY SLOWLY! Hugs, Tessa

  4. Looking wonderful and fresh. FYI I believe welting is always done on the bias….just doesn’t show in other patterns…..

  5. Love the white slipcover. Just Beautiful!!

  6. They look GREAT! So fresh and crisp! And I agree, the chair looks fab without the skirt! Keep us updated on the pillow situation!

  7. They both look fabulous, Holly. 🙂

  8. love the new slips! our joanns fabrics has the same “parrish” fabric that ballard does. they also have it in a coral color, which i love too. can’t wait to see your new pillows! xoxo g

  9. I am sooo excited about this resource!! I think I will be putting a slipcover on my christmas list now. Thanks for the info!!!!

  10. love the new slipcover. It looks good against the wall color, can u tell me what color that is?

  11. Heather, the wall color is tan, the sofa is white. 🙂 Just thought you might need a laugh. I’ve never posted on here before.

  12. Wow! I just discovered that I can post to my wife’s (Holly Mathis) website without her permission. This is so cool, and I could get into so much trouble, but I’ll behave. Just wanted to take the time to let her know how much I love her and how proud of her I am. She is a very talented at what she does, but more importantly, she is a great wife and mom. It’s hard to be the wife of the D.A., take care of two small boys, keep house, manage a career and look fabulous 24/7, but somehow she does it. Thanks baby. I love you. EL

  13. 1. not sure how i missed this post! I love love love that wing chair in ticking.
    2. that is for sure the sweetest message from elton. What a lucky guy he is to have you and how blessed you are to have him. So great. I’m smiling.

  14. Looks great! They also carry that fabric at Lewis and Sharon Textiles in Atlanta in quite a few color ways. They have an online store.
    Cute husband 🙂

  15. those are gorgeous slips! she did a fantastic job!

  16. This post was just in time!!! I have been dreading doing my sofa, chair, and wingback!! Looks like now, I may not have too!!

  17. Hey Holly,
    Do you know if Michelle is still doing this? I emailed two weeks ago and haven’t had a response. If not, do you have someone else locally?

  18. I am in need of a slipcover for a chair and ottoman. The chair has a T” cushion, (not a wing-back) with a straight back and square arms. (not wide arms) I want an ivory, plain fabric. Will you please give me an estimate on price and time? I will send measurements if needed.
    A heaven cotton duck will be fine for the fabric, or something similar.
    Thank you. Brinkley

  19. I am in need of a custom slipcover for a chair and ottoman. An ivory cotton duck will be fine. The chair is not a wing-back, straight-lines, thin arms,and a “T” cushion. The ottoman is rectangle and of average size. Can you please give me an estimate on price and time?

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