Windmill validation

Remember my post about that windmill and how I could just “imagine it hanging on a big wall in the living room of a mcMansion” . . .

Well a few days later someone sent me this photo. Not sure the source, perhaps Cottage Living, maybe I saw this and buried it in my subconscious but I don’t think I had ever seen it…but it’s great and illustrates exactly what I had in mind. Of course the darling little boys make it even better!

Reminder: Today is the last day to enter the special giveaway over at Red Letter Words, hop over and leave a comment here saying you came from my blog and telling Dee what is your favorite piece on her website.  She is so talented!

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  1. I recall that post and this is indeed a perfect illustration. Sometimes in a large space something of similar scale just makes the room right. Janell

  2. Ohh… I am loving this idea!! Hmm… I wonder if I can find a windmill that isn’t in use? 🙂

  3. Terry McClung says

    Holly–I haven’t been able to get that image out of my head and I saw it everywhere at Round Top. Some day– I must have that windmill on my wall…. Saw the perfect wooden windmill –Lanny’s Antiques & Accessories–she was from Red Oak, TX. ($995)

  4. Nice!!

  5. Renae Reis says

    This is TOTALLY what I want for our living room. We have 8 foot that go up to 12 foot ceilings and the wall is bare. I mean it’s so bare it hasn’t even got paint on it…just primer. But this is where i’m going with my living area. Now i’m on a mission.

  6. Hi Holly,

    image is from Australian Country Style magazine. Can’t remember the issue but I definitely remember the house and that picture.


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