It’s been FABuLOUS

An era is over in my home..the FAB and i do mean FAB stove is finally going.  It’s sad, I love this stove but i havent had any luck finding parts or someone to work on it and our warranty company was ready to deal so we are getting a new stove.  Here is my beauty in all of her glory!


Yep that is my FABULOUS 400 by Tappan…so safe and convenient in a tiny kitchen with little people walking around…you simply pull out and push back in the workspace…but the thing is mine has not worked properly for years.  Its been a wonderful excuse to not cook certain items. The excuses are over…the Kenmore elite is coming in and i am losing cabinet space below..oh well…at least i will have FIVE burners that work.

If you live near Houston and are interested in this piece of history, let me know!

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  1. oh no! I remember that stove from you BHG piece back, what 8 years ago or so? I thought it was the coolest thing! Well – on to the modern age – can’t wait to see what you get!

  2. Oh my heavenly days! I have never seen a stove like that! I’m glad to get a peek before you replace it!

    Have a great week, my friend!

  3. No thanks…..I have my own piece of history. Not exactly the same model as you show here, but the burners pull out (without a cutting board) and the oven doors swing up. It’s actually n my childhood home. My parents built the house in 1961 and their kitchen is still in its original state!

  4. It must have really been BROKEN, I’ve never heard of a Warranty company ready to deal!!! It’s is awfully cool but I bet you’ll love that new Kenmore!!

  5. I grew up with that stove… we had a slightly different model. My mom babied that stove so it lasted forever… sold it with the house after she died… I am sure the new owners ripped it out instantly! LOL!

    It was the same stove as on the set of Bewitched… I felt so special as none of my friends had one! tee, hee…

    fun to see…

  6. Actually, I just realized ours was a Frigidair… LOL!

  7. What a fabulous retro stove! I hope it finds a new home.

  8. Awww, my friend has one just like it and while she thinks I’m crazy, I love it. We all channel our inner 1950’s housewife once in a while, maybe less so for you now without your vintage stove.

  9. Oh my gracious, Holly! THAT STOVE! I must say, it is pretty cute. I have never seen anything like it ever! I want to cook something with it right now! HA! But I can imagine the horror of not having functioning eyes on a stove. So I am happy to hear you are getting a new one! I remember seeing that piece of wood in front of your stovetop from one of the pictures you posted and thinking how cool that looked! HAHAHAHA! Again, cute stove…but a functional stove is a big must. ;o) ;o)

  10. I’ve seen those before!!!! wow!!!! too cute. I love that pull out shelf.

  11. I laughed when I saw this. My husband’s grandparents still have this stove. I had never seen another one like it.

  12. Hi, I just had to comment. My grandmother had one similar to this with only burners, no cutting board. Just like one that was mentioned earlier. She loved that stove, and I have so many good memories of time spent in her kitchen along with the stove.

  13. Holly,

    We still have the original stove, like the one you show, in our kitchen! We have burner issues too, but haven’t bitten the bullet or started our remodel of the kitchen yet. I absolutely love having two stoves above the burners…no bending over and lifting out hot pots!!

  14. Hi everyone, I have one of these ovens, I would like to get rid of it as it is just sitting and should be put to good use. Any ideas where to sell it?

  15. Holly,
    Is you range still available?
    Mike B.

  16. I love your blog. Also love the stove and the fact that the woman in the ad is wearing a lovely cocktail dress. I wonder if anyone ever dressed like?!

  17. I just saw this post for the first time. we moved into a vintage 1955 house and had the same stove. it took us 4 and a half years to save up enough to do the kitchen. loved my new stove and got 9 months use out of it before we left!

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