Pilgrim’s Progress + fabric (of course)

Well the boats and hats are coming along…thank you so much for all of the wonderful boat ideas.  I was able to simply splay the straw and use hot glue…can’t wait to show you tomorrow. I won’t use for food unless i put some parchment down or will just put the cellophane wrapped turkey inside..but I think its going to be more of a craft than a food holder…Anyway, here is a peek at the hats…I made these ahead of time so kids can just enjoy them while playing games and having snack.

And I am obviously trying to decide between these two fabrics (and about 3 others) for the dining room..on the leftthis from Braemore and of course the Chipper from premier fabrics on fabric.com

For the record, my husband HATES the chipper…he has a nickname for it even. I will spare y’all but it pretty much takes it out of the running.  Chipper for sale..cheap! Notice I had to turn some books backwards just to get back at him for raining on my fabric parade;(

But hey at least i got this sideboard/chest piece painted…i love the color..it is Martha Stewart’s ZINC from her new paints at Home Depot..I thought it was going to be darker and i love it how it turned out though it is different that i expected..actually wish i had painted my hutch this color.  It really freshened Henry’s old changing table!  You may wonder, “How does she get things done with two small boys”  Well you rush while baby is sleeping and distract 6 year old with the important task of painting the bottoms of the drawers!


Are y’all sick of this dining room redeux.  I sort of am myself, in fact I am so thankful for what has been done I plan to just kind of give it rest and wait and mull and see about fabric…in the past i would rush and rush and spend and spend until it was right and STAT but I actually like having the walls bare and some open space now.  I must be maturing..or maybe I am just tired!


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  1. As an elementary school teacher your Thanksgiving crafts are precious to me! As for the fabrics, even before you said anything about your husband’s lack of love for the chipper, I was liking the Braemore. I am lately loving Sarah Richardson rooms, and it makes me think of her farmhouse project (check out Nov. issue of Canadian House and Home) Sorry if that is not the direction you are going in with the room! Happy Thanksgiving week!

  2. Braemore! It’s just a happy fabric. And i didn’t think of it as reminiscent of SR – but now that Kelly said it above – it does resemble the mud room fabric. Maybe that’s why i love it – ’cause you know i love that room.

    Oh – and kudos on the kiddie stuff – they will love it.

  3. Love the Braemore.

  4. Yes, I love the Braemore! Like Sheri said – it just has such a happy feel. And I really love the Martha’s zinc on your sideboard. Good job.

    Happy Thanksgiving Week!

  5. I am not totally sure what direction you are taking with your new dining room, but I happen to absolutely adore the “chipper” black and white. It’s my fave!

  6. ok pure genius for having your little one paint the bottom of the drawers. My kids are always wanting to “help” and that is a great distracting idea. And I LOVE the color too! Have a blessed Thanksgiving

  7. hi friend! the changing table turned dining room furniture looks sooooo pretty! and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the floral fabric. don’t knock your husband too much – he’s probably right more often than not. i’ve learned to trust Jimmy’s gut reaction (most of the time) because he tends not to over think things as much as i do. As for my painting…I’m having a bit of a crisis. Our cupboard was primed this weekend and I’m having second thoughts on the color. Maybe I should have tried your Martha color. 🙂 I went out and bought 5 more sample pots from lowes this morning. i REALLY need you to hop on over and decide for me. i’ll probably stick with what I got, just getting cold feet and I don’t want to have it repainted. it does look 1000 times better than the cherry though, so at least that’s something. ok, probably should have put this in an email. sorry for the rambling comment….xo, tess

  8. I like the one on the left. Very cheerful! I can’t wait to see the dining room.

  9. Hi Holly! I just love the braemore fabric on the left. I can see the chipper on chairs or pillows but I love the floral for drapes. Nice choice!! And I do love how that changing table turned out.

  10. I like the Braemore too! 🙂 It’s so fun to see it draped like that to see what it really looks like! And I love the painted piece. It looks like it belongs in the old Lucketts store. Gorgeous!!! And I love those sweet boats. You are a lot of fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. tgiving stuff..so cute! love the zinc color on the changer! so you work wonders while the baby sleeps…hmm, but how do you do it if your baby naps anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours???

  12. I love the floral for dining room drapes but you know how I love that chipper fabric so don’t tell me what your husband calls it. So is that the black or the charcoal in the photo? I couldn’t decide which one to order.

  13. Holly…that zinc color…perfection! Seeing the fabric up-close…I’m torn. I love them both…guess it depends which direction you are going in. I think it is a great idea to slow down and think on things…it’ll come to you grasshoppa. 🙂

  14. Sarah White….sarah white from GI???? Say it’s so!!! You have no link in your name – so maybe it’s not you?

  15. yep it is her sheri!;;; i was glad to hear from her too!

  16. I love it! That color is sooooo good…wow….What can I paint with that?? Drew painting the undersides…..hahahahahahahaha — you are hilarious, Holly! HAHA!

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