Playroom preview

Some of you asked what is going on at the top of the new numbered stairs? You spotted the banners! Well no little boys sleeping there, will be a few more years this overprotective mommy decided (or at least ONE more year) BUT all (ok most) of the toys, particularly the legos and BOOKS…are now upstairs…not finished but here is a preview…

I know, it IS a lot of color.  I love this more sophisticated playroom that Tessa did here but i already had all of this colorful stuff so i went with it..especially since i already had the creamy white wood walls and I am trying to entice my 6 year old to play upstairs…i wanted a sisal rug but the stripes are more him! So it is a cacophony of color and STUFF! I  love the curtains…Chipper is my new fabric obsession! I was able to railroad it here because of the small space..i like it much better going this direction!

The teepee is a well-loved hand me down that Nana scored for us..all of the adult visitors love to lounge here! so comfy! Leftover cushions from Drew’s toddler bed and Henry’s birthday party..I love stripe and ticking for boys! And the light is from the FAB wonderful lighting company, BARN LIGHT ELECTRIC…they are so wonderful there and knowledgeable..i seriously could have half a dozen of their lights in my house.i love the fluted one and the schoolhouse of course! Don’t be surprised if you don’t see me using more of their stuff!

Art by Tembo Studio..if anyone has more vintage clipboards to get rid of let me know, I would like to frame the Tembo flashcards and mat them and then use the clipboard for Drew’s artwork

Thanks for looking… for more playroooms be sure and check this link..the inspiration is plenty!

Oh, and don’t forget to turn OFF the lights!  ha!

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  1. As a mom of three girls, my uterus literally aches-aches-for a son, looking at this playroom. However, I know my limitations and they are covered in pink glitter and feathers..
    This room is just dreamy!!

  2. hi holly! i love your playroom! every inch! i have been meaning to make a banner to hang in my kiddos playroom! i guess i need to get on that! thank you for the inspiration! love it!

  3. Perfection! I love everything about it… especially the color. It is a kids room, after all. 🙂

    Thanks for more inspiration, Holly!

  4. LOVE it! Aubrey has a girly teepee like that! Please tell us where you got the book holder. Did you have it made? I have never seen one like that so tall. I love it.

  5. Too adorable!!!!! I love the tent…. been wanting to get one for my boys… they love hiding under the covers…. So fun and perfect for a little boy! 🙂


  6. Oh my gosh! I LOVE all of this!!!! Man I wish my teenagers were little again. The cacophony of color is absolutely perfect! Pottery Barn kids needs to hire you for consultations. Very well done Holly!

  7. It looks great! I love all the details and the galvanized fixture. Where is it from?

  8. I love the playroom and the new curtains make a huge difference! Great inspiration for our playroom. It needs an overhaul since we’ve added a boy to the mix. No more pink, pink, and more pink!

  9. There’s going to be some scheming going on in the teepee – once Henry learns to talk that is. What a perfect spot for your little guys. I LOVE all the color. It works perfectly, especially because your playroom is tucked away upstairs. Thanks for the link to my playroom! xo

  10. I love it, Holly!!! 🙂 I know two little girls from VA who would love to come play, but your sign says “No Girls.” 😉

  11. I love how it is coming together and I don’t think the color makes it chaotic at all! I was planning on using the chipper fabric for my sons nursery when we move… love the way it looks as cafe curtains!

  12. Oh My Goodness! I LOVE it! Going to email you right now. 🙂

  13. love it, love it, love it!! and i DO like the chipper!!

  14. Love all those bright colors much more than the other playroom you shared. Did you notice her brightly colored toys as well. After all, it is one of the only rooms you can use all those colors without being overwhelmed. Great job….good luck with the “no girls allowed” in a few years!

  15. It’s playroom perfection! I love the use of color and all the different elements you included. Playrooms should be fun, not serious! 🙂 Now did you make the banners or purchase them? I know my Brady would love to come play with your boys, especially in that teepee!

  16. Your playroom is Fantastic!! A playroom should not be subdued…it should be stimulating, quirky & fun. From the rug, to the curtains, to the artwork and books…I’m in love….

    I plan to overhaul my boys playroom after the holidays and will certainly reference yours when i do!

  17. I love the playroom! It is colorful but so are kids toys, so it’s all good. Really love the white walls/colorful accessories combo. And that teepee!
    I have the exact same white bookshelves! I took a double take when I saw yours. Found them at a local thrift store in really bad condition, refurbished them with white beadboard on the back and a coat of white paint.

  18. Tell your boys thanks for bending the “no girls allowed” rule and letting us peek in!! It looks so great, you are amazing!

  19. This is absolutely adorable and perfect! I love that you went with COLOR! That is what play rooms are all about! I hope the Lord blesses us with more children one day so that I get to have little boys and build teepees and have no girl’s allowed rules, too! 🙂


  20. And I forgot to say that I LOVE the Goodnight Moon on the shelf. That is our signature bedtime story, so sweet.

  21. LOVE the light and the globes, of course. Great job.

  22. Holley,

    I really like the room and especially the RULES clipboard!!!!

  23. Holly, what an adorably cute space that is. I know your boys must love it! So cute and colorful.

  24. Holly! super cute! love all the adorable touches and ideas here.

    sigh. makes me miss a house we lived in like four houses ago that had a play room like that. I am sad we’ve had to move so much, so many cute rooms we had BEFORE blogging! 🙂

  25. Holly, I have recently found your blog and love all of your ideas. We have a playroom for our boys, but it is nothing as cute as this! It makes me want to go upstairs to our play room and start decorating!
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  26. I really love all the colors in the playroom! I’m usually a fan of white, beige and gray but when it comes to kids rooms I love colors and this is amazing!

    Also… Have you seen the danish company Ramsign and their house signs? You can see the signs at , I find them totally amazing, maybe something for your place as well?

  27. Holly, I couldn’t get the chipper fabric out of my mind so I just ordered it! It’s $5/yard on sale right now, I couldn’t resist! LOVE it.

  28. Holly, I couldn’t get the chipper fabric out of my mind so I just ordered it! It’s $5/yard on sale right now, I couldn’t resist! LOVE it.

  29. Hi Holly! I absolutely love this room and have been trying to decorate a playroom for my daughter. I’ve been looking for a rug like this everywhere! Where did you find it?


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