The TOLIX chair

First manufactured in France in the 1930s, the real deal chairs (available through Sundance Catalog and vintage ones elsewhere) are still made with the same process in the same location.  Amazing.  And the look is timeless.

I. Adore.

And they stack, and are weather resistant.

And they make stools too.  I would love an entire set of chairs for my dining room but I think they are too short for my table..I might order one for a desk chair in the kitchen and see how I like it..or stools for a bar I may or may not use under the kitchen window. Because my kitchen/dining project is IN PROGRESS also known as not finished, but it is on its way.   Here are some photos of interiors that used Tolix chairs and these spaces are finished..totally, gloriously finished. Ha!

Oh how I love the patina, they are not shiny cold silver/stainless…and with kids, wonderful wipe up!

. . . and they come in various colors though the natural steel is my fave!

{All interiors photos from Decorpad, product photos from Sundance}

I hope to have some construction photos to show you soon. It really was just a double door size hole, not a huge deal but lots of painting to do….Until then enjoy and tell me if you have any experience with the Tolix chairs or the various knockoffs out there….

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  1. I LOVE these chairs. I was showing my husband a picture, because I want to get one for my daughter’s desk chair. He thinks they are weird. I had to show him this blog post!

  2. LOVE these chairs! They look like they would be really versatile-at home in your dining room as well as on your fantastic back porch. I think they would be a great long-term investment! Oh, and we need pics of the dining room opened up!

  3. Love these chairs! I actually found a pretty good knockoff version at And the price on them is FABULOUS! Of course nothing compares to the original, but these are cute nonetheless! Here is the link for the chairs:

    And here is the link for the stools:

    Worn Cotton

  4. Holly,
    Cannot wait to see photos of all of your new projects! Everything sounds just lovely.

    Regarding the Tolix chairs, check out the options from Copy Cat Chic below:

    Thanksgiving Blessings!

  5. Cant wait to see pics of the new space! Here’s a $99 version of the chair:

    very similar and its the cheapest version i’ve seen…

  6. I love those and have forever. My other forever favorite are the faux bamboo chairs that Jonathan Adler is now doing.

  7. Yeah, those are some great looking chairs, and the idea that they would be easy to clean is icing on the cake. I am so…incredibly….tired of cleaning food off my wood windsors…with all those spokes and the arms….ugh. I think they are pretty, but I’m over them. As soon as I can, I’m selling those puppies and doing something different. I would like to have benches on the long edges and then maybe put something like these on the ends. I’m so excited to see your DR reveal!

  8. I have been in love with, and wanting Tolix chairs for my dining table FOREVER. The can be a bit pricey, however, so I have yet to make the investment. Someday, though. Someday!

  9. Ah, someone else found the copy cat chic post…oh well, here it is again:

  10. I love these as well and have looked at them forever. Horchow has similar chairs that look a lot like the ones in the third picture of your post that have more of a patina. I hope the link works:;jsessionid=PHUH4SCZQE4KUCQAAKPRH1I?itemIds=cprod65520021&shopByGroup=true

  11. well after months of contemplation, I finally ordered the stool knock offs from overstock. reading this post finally made me do it!

  12. I see you post that these chairs are weather resistant..they are NOT!!!! If you want weather proof chairs, they must be GALVANIZED and they only place that sells them is Antiquaire.

    They explain which chairs are galvanized and they certainly do not look like the ones from Sundance. They also have over 200 colors! please check them out. I bought some Tolix chairs from them and the are awesome to work with!

  13. I ADORE Tolix chairs! So fabulous! So French! I hope you use them in your re-do!!!!

  14. Tolix chairs = my new love.

  15. I have been seeing them at Pottery Barn Outlet all summer from $99.00 most of the time and during the Labor day weekend sale they are $45.00 ! Yes I did say $45.00 .. Could not believe it !

  16. I have been seeing them at Pottery Barn Outlet all summer from $99.00 most of the time and during the Labor day weekend sale they are $45.00 ! Yes I did say $45.00 .. Could not believe it !

  17. Hi,
    I’m selling this chair from China.
    I love this chair and I like the color of changing.
    It give us different feel in different color at different place.
    Hope this chair and stool of Tolix Series will bring us happiness and joyful.

  18. They are beautiful and stackable which is super convenient. BUT they are very uncomfortable .. really only good for about 1 hour and I have a thin cushion on mine… so if comfort is an issue, get a good quality thick cushion.

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