Wed morning coffee chat

I have been busy and inspired…a lot i want to share with you so get your coffee and here we go….

First off my boys are now both sleeping in the nursery  and i have been working on tweaking their shared room so its not so baby.  Big brother has been a real sport.  I found this guy below on Saturday to hang over his bed and they love it! Henry giggles every time he sees it and it reminds Drew of the rhino on Hatari! (yes my 6 year old loves John Wayne movies!)


The Anthropologie version is much cuter and cheaper and better scale for me than the West Elm cardboard version..sorry West Elm!  I should devote an entire post to fake head mounts..I am becoming an expert…remember I liked the basket ones from Ballard too!

OK so i hate to sound like every other woman in America but I went in Anthropologie on Sat and it was inspiring..crowded, Christmasy (oh my the mushrooms and wood piles) and just fun. It is a treat to go there..I know that is not an original thought but who cares..I love it!  And look what i just found on their website THIS MIRROR..I am in love with these chairs lately too (in fact i want to use them in my dining room redo) which deserve a post on where to get cheaper..and just love this whole scene.. They have those wire lights in the store and just found the mirror on their website.


The mirror is all in one so you dont have to worry about collecting or hanging them..awesome!

And I met with a new client on Saturday morning, her husband’s family owns an old Houston shoe repair would know the name if you live in the area…well he has a wide collection of old leather and shoe making tools as well as gobs of these (maybe not gobs but enough to do something wonderful)..I think she thought I was crazy when I saw the wood shoe molds and got extremely excited..I could instantly see rows of them on the wall to make a display in their 2 story foyer…They live in a lovely but very new and large home..items like this add some warmth and history..I was inspired..I think we are going to mount them to a linen board framed with a antique gold ornate frame and her husband is going to make leather strips to attach them to the board..I can not wait to see this project inspiring to use client’s family items!

Told you I am all over the place today….and I didnt even get to my paint talk…I went here on Saturday too.. Boxwood on Dunlavy

…and soaked in the Farrow and Ball..oh my, I feel a paint post coming on. Photo via Cote de Texas, read more here on what Joni says about Boxwood. I DID buy some of the CUTE little brown tester cans…oh my!

I have been testing gray paints all over my house..yall pray for my husband!  More on paint and the boys room soon!

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  1. Holly, you make me want to get my paint brush out and get to it! I like the newspaper head better too.

  2. That mirror is just one piece?! I love it and am with you on the shoe molds too. 😉

  3. I am always inspired at Anthro – I was there Monday night…The simplicity I think is what speaks to all of it. Their displays are organic or something… that it just draws you in. And brilliant! The candles had one single match tied to the box with beautiful yarn. Love it! I ADORE the cobbler shoes… what about using burlap! I hope you can share pics… and if you put some in the shop, let me know – I want a few!

  4. Hoping to get to Anthro over the weekend (it’s about a 90 mins. away). Love that store!!

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