Book page gift garnish

A friend and I made some book page goodies this week and it was so much fun (we realize the ideas arent original to us but this is our version)..just little fun extras to attach to packages or use for ornaments or gifts.  I have to confess to y’all, I am not very crafty, in fact i purchased this book page wreath off of etsy from this seller


that’s right, i wanted a large one and didnt even make my own, so that sort of tells you i am no crafting superwoman but these projects below are EASY i promise…perfect if you feel a little creative but dont have a lot of time or skill like me!  Enjoy!


fold a medium size book page in an accordian style, back and forth

down to a strip, then fold in half

glue outer edges together

 then fan out

glue two or three pages together

you will have to glue between folds and squish together a bit for it to hold and top with a round glittery monogram tag made from your printer or purchased or gift tag like i had on hand for gifts…or you can use a little piece of the book page to cover center.

I love this accordian ornament for gift packages . . . you could even get fancy and do star tree topper…

the possibilities are endless..i kept it very simple, because i must warn you, these creations are not toddler proof!

check back later in the weekend and i will share the easy way to make these little bookish flowers…

and remember, you dont have to do everything, i havent baked a thing but it was fun to spend a few minutes today doing something i wanted to do, something joyful..Just do what you have to do, want to do and what the Lord would have you do…

image download available here . . . we should all print it off asap!

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  1. I spent this afternoon during naps ripping apart an old book to add a little bit of something to our presents! And I LOVE that plaque. I was wondering what little bit of inspiration I could give to my Bible Study Girls (all of us have preschoolers)That, with a bag of homemade chocolates is just the thing! Thanks! Oh, and love this line “Just do what you have to do, want to do and what the Lord would have you do…”

  2. If you own a glue gun you are crafty!! 🙂 Very cute, but I once again find myself distracted by your amazing table. It is gorgeous – and I want it. If it ever makes its way to your flea, I get first dibs! Ha!! Have a wonderful weekend! xo, T

  3. I took the message “I Can NOT do IT ALL” very personally, so much so that I printed an 8 x 10. For a moment I had a wicked thought that I should display it in a prominent place hoping my adult family members would get the hint. Thankfully, the Spirit prevailed, and I placed it where mostly my eyes will see it. The best gift I can give my family is a fun loving, relaxed wife/mom/granny who TRUSTS that the Lord will give her the grace to do what needs to be done and leave the rest for another time. Thanks for the great reminder.

  4. I love these book page ornaments! We have several vintage books that we’ve sacrificed for their illustrated bookplates and can’t bring ourselves to dispose of the typed story pages…what a perfect way to upcycle them! And “I CAN NOT DO IT ALL” is a much needed reminder for me, especially this time of year! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. These are great, Holly! I actually found four or five old music books that I bought simply for the pages the other day. They’d be perfect for these! I fully embraced the “I can NOT do it all” theme this year. We have had so much more fun, too. I have said ‘no’ to a handful of parties and we’ve stayed in. I am ordering a ham for Christmas dinner instead of doing a big to-do by myself. We have done some baking, but it has been a lot of fun since AK begs to “help” me cook/bake. It’s been simple, and it’s been awesome. 🙂

  6. Those are really cute, Holly! I love them!

  7. So clever and cute, but I just can’t bring myself to tear the pages out of a book. Must be the English major in me! 🙂



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