Christmas sneak peek + My flea

Come on in and let me show you a few Christmas decorations, please note I am showing you CLOSEUPS… I am calling this a sneak peek but truth is, it may never look photo worthy enough for wide shots this year…Oh well, let’s focus on the details…Like these skates, my friend Christi has some blue ones on her front door..I gushed over them and she generously said “i have some white ones you can borrow” ..yes, thank you!  

I think my favorite thing inside is the wood stacked in my firebox, we probably wont use it this year since Henry is so well TODDLER-ISH and FAST and our hearth is flush with the floor so I am stuffing it with wood and it is so cozy looking (although my relatives may think i am nuts)…i need more but did yall know hauling firewood is work?!  who knew?! At least Charlie Brown is singing. And of course the Nativity is getting daily “activity.”

And the mantle, that is where random nativity pieces go and this year, favorite breakables, I love the “lined up along the mantle” look, reminds me of Drew’s creations and a retro “cabinets of curiosity” type displays.

 And some of my favorite new ornaments hanging near the bottom of the tree, the felt dog and decoupage rhino..and the coffee bag treeskirt..doesn’t really go with my floral rug but that is okay!

more coming soon..maybe..ha!

In the meantime, I have added a few things to MY FLEA, including some gorgeous Scandinavian stockings, lights and a Tolix “like” chair!

Oh and be sure and check back tomorrow for an update on the Giveaway which is Friday, I have a little something to sweeten the deal!

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  1. Looking for a sweet nativity to add to my Christmas decor, and yours is just lovely! Would you be willing to share where you found it?

    Thanks for the peek inside – love the Christmas goodies!

  2. it’s from Pottery Barn.

  3. I love that wreath with the skates! I also am loving that sneak peak into the dining room, it looks beautiful with that grey!

  4. Oh it all looks so warm and lovely! So fuuny, that little PB nativity – it’s the same as mine. I just adore it. And the dining room – ahhh!!! It looks GORGEOUS! That lantern makes the whole room. My poor hutch is getting another paint job. I didn’t go light enough. You told me, I didn’t listen! HA! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet email – love this time of year!! xo, Tess

  5. Love that poinsettia pillow! So pretty…..


  6. HOLLY! I am dying to just push my way through that half-open door and check it all out! It looks so great. The wood stacked in the firebox is wonderful… We have a gas box (ugh!) and as soon as I can get that thing dismantled, I want to do something like this. I don’t know if I will ever convert it to wood-burning (depends on expense???), but at least give it that look. 😉 That red chair and the coffee bag tree skirt. It’s all so interesting … which is my absolute favorite thing for a home to be! Did you make the decoupage rhino?? My sister makes decoupage ornaments, usually something with a simple shape like a cross, though, but I am going to email her and tell her to get to sculpting me some rhinos. HA HA!

  7. The first image is fabulous…love the ice skates! Janell

  8. Holly you’re killing me…I must see inside your dining room~ it looks amazing!!! Your holiday touches are precious and I hear ya on sharing only close up shots, that’s all I’ve been able to pull together as well.
    Ho, ho, ho…

  9. SarahWhite says

    Oh good gravy Holly! Show us the goods, will ya? My heart started beating faster as I attempted to push past Katie to get in. Then I remembered my manners and stepped back. I’m just going to wait. But please…what a tease you are! 🙂

    Everything looks tres gorgeous!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the skates in the wreath. Gorgeous! I also really like the stockings. Great tree skirt and who cares if it doesn’t match the rug because it all works!

  11. Looks wonderful!
    Love the skates……and that red chair!!!!

  12. Lila Ferraro says

    I love different manger scenes. I’m pretty sure I have four or five out right now. Yes, that means I have more, but I love them so much! I love your sneak peek!
    Lila Ferraro

  13. GORGEOUS!!

  14. SarahWhite says

    What?! You don’t have that place cleaned up yet???? Still waiting… 😉

  15. I love the open door shot! We need that for the holiday issue of the magazine next year! Beautiful!

  16. Oh my gosh I LOVE the ice skates! What a cute idea!

  17. I too am in the midst of repainting & redecorating during this holiday season…insanity at it’s finest :). I love your dining room chandelier/lantern!! Wherever did you find it?! I live on the Puget Sound and think this would be lovely in my new dining room 🙂


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