how do you??

How do you display your Christmas cards?  I have one friend that puts them in a glass bowl on the table all year (correct me if I am wrong Joy;;) and they take turns with each card praying for that family throughout the year.

I enjoy them so much, I think my friends and family have some of the most gorgeous children..i love seeing how they have grown and changed. And i love the ones without photos too (jana bethel you style maven)!

This year I am displaying my treasures inside one of my beloved empty frames..just tacked wire and ribbon along the back to make rows..the middle “row” is the original hanger.  I love it..Pottery barn has a similar version but i like my vintage one much better.and its cheaper! (But i do loveee that monogrammed duvet!). 

{Top and bottom images from Pottery Barn}

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  1. How beautiful! I need Joy’s home address so that I can make it into her bowl for the year (wink, wink). What a sweet idea.

  2. i use a traditional card holder but jazz it up with ribbon. i love clothes pins {weird, i know} so i may have to try your idea next year. super cute!

  3. I hang my cards on a large bulletin board and then when I take them down I keep them in a bowl and we pray for those people during the year like your friend Joy.

    Lots of people didn’t send cards this year because of budget cutbacks and facebook, etc.

    But I like the idea of sending cards to remember those families throughout the year.

  4. great idea! I love it. I have a few empty vintage frames, now I know what I’ll be working on later today 🙂

  5. so pretty! wish I had a vintage frame like that sitting around my house! I spy a couple of extra special cuties up there too, wink!

  6. What a fun idea! This is, by far, my favorite way to display cards that I have ever seen. CUTE! And how wonderful of an idea is it that your friend prayers over her “card families” all year….I love it.

  7. What great timing!!!!!!
    Look at my site I made this Friday night!!!!!!!
    I love the frames!

  8. Lila Ferraro says

    I love your friends idea of taking turns praying for those families who’ve sent you cards. I’m awful. I used to put them up on a fabric covered cork board, but lately I read them and chuck them! Shame on me!
    Lila Ferraro

  9. I made one of these this year too! Check mine out!

  10. I hang mine on ribbon suspended from doors. We usually take up two doors by the end of the Christmas Season. In fact, a picture of my card holder is at the bottom of today’s post (and you can see lovely Tricia’s card that Lindsey designed!)

  11. Make room for mine! It’s coming soon … I promise.

    And I use the tried and true and oh so classy method of sticking them to the fridge.

  12. LOVE yours, Holly! And love your friend’s idea of praying for families during the year!

  13. Theresa Johnson says

    Great ideas for displaying and praying! After Christmas I cut out the pics and put them in a “brag” book for the kids to look at, it helps them remember people that we don’t get to see as often throughout the year. Also I save a Christmas card photo of us from each year and put that on a ribbon that I hang from our dining room mirror – its fun to look back at the years and see how our family has grown.

  14. This year I’ve been placing my cards in the bolts joining an old measuring stick that I found at Round Top. We will be keeping our cards in another location throughout the year for the family prayer. But for right now I like the look of the old white measuring stick.

  15. Great way to display your cards!!!Tell your friend, the prayer idea is so sweet!!!

  16. Oooooooh I am so excited! I haven’t been inspired to drag out the usual wreath that goes on the mirror in our family room – ho hum, boring, etc. AND my cards are stacking up on my desk. Thanks to you, many of them will be lovingly displayed on the mirror and the others placed in a lovely bowl on the table. Holly to the rescue 🙂 !!!

  17. Ooh-I love this idea! I think I might do this over a mirror in our home. Thanks!

    I also might steal the praying for a family idea. 🙂

  18. i have ours hanging on a branch tree by clothes pins in our dining room! but oh my goodness! that has to be the most beautiful frame i have ever seen! and let me tell you i have a frame obsession!

  19. Wrap a piece of wall art with X-mas paper & make it look like a present hanging on your wall and if you add ribbon your cards will fit on it or you can tape the X-mas cards to it. Learned this from a friend and it makes your home feel like Christmas in no time. I usually wrap one large piece of art in my living room, or a piece of art in an entry way or kitchen would work great as well, but my friend will wrap all of her art throughout her home.

  20. Love your frame-so pretty! I have a small tree in an urn in my entry that I put the cards on. I punch a hole, put ribbon on them and hang them on the tree. I love it. It’s right in my entry hall so everyone can see.

  21. Love this idea. I display mine on a hall closet door. It’s not near as fab as in these frames, though! And it’s always hard finding cool cards without pictures of cute kids!

  22. Love it! This year I took an extra picnic table and painted a tree on it and attached ribbon. All of our cards get hung by the ribbon!
    You can see it on the blog now 😉

  23. I have to old wooden ladders and I hang magazines on the rungs but during Christmas I tack my cards down the sides. Love the post!


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