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I am going to be intentional about sharing more before and afters this year.  Just remember my clients take these photos (y’all do a great job no dig intended) and do the styling. Again no offense to my clients, most have great taste and skills but sometimes it KILLS me to not be able to reach into a photo and tweak the placement of a chair and lamp. (In fact, I am seeing by studying these photos we might rearrange lamps one more time for more balance) Oh well, the frustration AND beauty of online works!

So, Angela has a young family and active life and wanted to spiff (that is my new word) up her living room but keep it practical at the same time. 

Here is before



We left the wall color and kept the neutral sofa the same but added lots of various pops of color. The colorful sofa pillows are from Pier One!

I love the parsons desk she already had…she simply made her own linen pinboard and added a few organizational accessories.

She found the sidetable at the Salvation Army and I suggested the fun blue color and fresh lamps.  The typesetter art is from Pottery Barn you probably recognize. On the other side of the room, the toy storage is from Land of Nod and baskets from Nell Hills online shop! She already had the leather chair and photography!  The vine slipper chair is from We simply added fresh white drapes and new rods to freshen the windows.

Angela’s living room really illustrates how a little color and organization can really make a room both function for a young family and be pretty! I love how she can work at her desk while the kids play with toys in the same room.  Another look at her pinboard and desk area (before it was styled and finished but I want you to see it closeup) Angela said she used her finger to space out the nailheads. Very clever (though i admit this project still scares ME personally..but she pulled it off!)

Thanks for looking and thanks Angela for being a great client…

I enjoyed helping with your home so much!


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  1. Looks awesome! I love the pinboard and colorful pillows on the couch. Great job.

  2. love your talent and the before and after

  3. This may be on of my favorite redesigns of yours. I love how color makes this room look like a place that will make lots of family memories! great job.

  4. Love it! I think you both are talented! Looove your design asthetic. Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational.

  5. That looks amazing!!

    I’m ALMOST finished with the bedroom and will send pics. Can’t wait for you to see how it turned out. I think you’ll really like it. The living room will take me a little longer to finish. My life is about to get out of control at work…… But will keep you updated as I progress!!

  6. Makes me even more excited to be your client soon!! Woo hoo! And can I say “Yay!” for color?!

  7. What a difference some color makes! Great job Holly and Angela! I really love the pin board, and need to make one of those for my workspace.

  8. The fact that you [and many others] can do this online astounds me!!! Honestly. I just had my first request and I stared at it like a dog and cocked my head incomplete puzzlement….not sure I can pull it off. Love what you did for her and she must be beyond thrilled.

  9. Holly – awesome work. I love how there is some vintage-look (PB Art) funky color and some modern with that desk. I can’t believe I’m saying i love that desk. that is so NOT me. and i love it. I did that with ghost chairs too – what is happening to me??

  10. It is now such a welcoming space! Great work Holly! Janell

  11. VERY spiffy! 🙂

  12. I’m especially loving the large typesetter print & her lamps!!! Always love an ottoman with little ones running around as opposed to a sharp cornered coffee table!

  13. Holly, great updates! And, I totally agree about how hard it is to see the pics and not be able to do it “exactly” like you want to 🙂 This client did a great job, though!

  14. I just love Before & Afters! It looks really great and very functional! And I’m sure it is a much happier place for her and her family now. Definitely “spiffed” up! 😉

  15. i love this before & after. my favorite projects are using a mix of what people already have, rearranging, finding new pieces & finding old pieces to redo for the space. great job!

  16. Hi Holly,

    I was so impressed with your blog that I’ve nominated you for a Stylish Blogger award… please check out my blog for details. I adore the look you’ve created – such lovely inspiration!

    Angela x

  17. Its always nice to have nice clients. You did a great job here.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  18. Fabulous job Holly~ please do keep these posts coming our way!!
    Bravo my friend.

  19. Thanks for the kind comments. My photography is terrible, and and it looks tons better in person. Holly, you are so fun to work with! This room is my favorite spot in the house.

  20. Cute cute cute! I love the way you used her things and just added to it!


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