The dining room

I won’t go through the story again in detail but basically our dining room was red and unused and then it became Drew’s room for a little over a year and recently we have moved the boys together and the dining room is back to its original use.  Except now it actually gets used because we opened it into the kitchen more. . . so this is now what i see when standing at my stove or sink..instead of a wall with tiny breakfast table..its so open and more user friendly. 

Our Christmas tree is still up but my white tulips (and new lens I am renting for a project) prompted me to take down Christmas in the dining room and do some more photos of the space.  It is not 100% finished…we want to do something about the floors..add wood to match other areas of the house, not sure but it will be a while. And i have the original blueprints of our house to frame and hang but all in all, here it is! Again from the kitchen, we built this little desk/butler pantry area to connect the two rooms..more on that project later.

The light is from Pottery Barn, it had a copper top and i painted it…love this light.

The hutch is pine, I painted it Martha’s flagstone from Home Depot. The walls are Behr’s all in one “Graceful Gray.”  The wall color in the kitchen and desk area is Sharkey Gray by Martha.

You like my fancy centerpiece??  crayons!

You may notice I can’t decide where to put the red chair, I am contemplating slipping it in white for options.  The paint on the little sideboard chest (ok it was once upon a time a desk and then the boys’ changing table) is SLATE by Martha and i love this color!

I waffled over which fabric to use on the windows and settled on the colorful Waggaman from Braemore…purchased at i did the drapes on the french door end full length, and on the other end (with the short window) i did the shorter..i can see this window from the kitchen sink and it seems more kitcheny and sassy for them to be shorter on that end.. the room really feels casual and an extension of the kitchen so i don’t want it to be too formal and i am loving that it works..the rooms are flowing!

Thanks for looking.

It feels so good to have this sorted out and nearly finished… too have my old table back in its space…it has been a long time coming and i am thankful.

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  1. You have such a beautiful blog and I love looking at the pictures of your home! Love the lantern..saw one at the PB outlet a couple of weeks ago and I am kicking myself for not buying it..have a blessed day!

  2. I’ll take the red chair!!! As I’ve told you before I love it!
    The room looks great!
    I love the burlap over your tulip pots!
    As usual be u ti ful!!!!!

  3. Beautiful, Holly! I just used gray (much lighter) in my living room. here:

    My kitchen floor is the black and white checkerboard. Happy New Year!

  4. It’s gorgeous!! I remember when you started thinking about turning it into a bedroom. Love that you have the red chair in there. Looks fab!

  5. Everything looks so beautiful! I love how your (super fun) curtains pop in the otherwise neutral space. So pretty!!

  6. Oh wow… I love it all.. especially the table and the dress form and the chalkboard and the hutch and the red chair and the light and the crayon cenerpiece… oh my!! Can I come for dinner?

  7. Love it! Looks great and I like the red chair, it is a good contrast with the gray and the colorful drapes. I also love the Emma Bridgewater pottery:) Can’t wait to see more pictures of your house.

  8. really enjoy your blog! what a great space. love the curtains and the light. and the table. the dress form. the red chair. okay, love it all!! i think the red chair is unexpected and looks great with the curtains.

  9. Holly!
    Your dining room is beautiful! I love it. Not only is it beautiful it looks very practical and functional. Love your style girl. You are super talented!

  10. Holly- L.O.V.E. the light over your table. 🙂 It is such a great choice for your spot. I may have to copy that!!

  11. Three words for you….PURE.EYE.CANDY. Absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Love it! Looks fabulous

  13. I don’t know how…. but your home looks better and better every time I see it! I love the view from your kitchen! That Pottery Barn lantern looks great! It looks so different with the top painted! Tons better! You are so clever!

    Your combination of greys… fabulous! I love it all!

    OH… and that cute little kitty!! Precious.

  14. It looks fabulous. I kinda like the pop of red with the chair. I love the little desk nook that combines the two spaces. It looks like a space that would serve it’s function well. Now you need to have a Mommy morning so we can enjoy your dining room with you.

  15. Holly, I LOVE it ALL!!! The red chair, the tulips, the greys, even the simple but magnificent crayon centerpiece! You are truly talented, it just oozes out of you. Thank you for inspiring this very tired mom…I need to get off my tail and complete some projects in our rental! Too bad we don’t live in the same city, I could see us having fun on design projects together.

  16. where did you get your table–kitchen table??

  17. It GORGEOUS, darling!!! The photos are so pretty too, look like a magazine!! I love, love those drapes. You’ve made gray so cozy! Ohhhh and that little space in between with the skirted desk – looking very Heather Chaddackish – not in a copy cat kind of way, but you know what I mean. Love ya, girl! Tess

  18. Scout is famous!

  19. Goodness. I should really hire you…
    My poor military house needs some HELP

  20. I’m loving it. I just want to stare at those pictures all day long. Love all the grays. I think I want to paint out the top of our kitchen a little lighter. Which gray is your favorite? And I love that fabric for the drapery. Perfection.

  21. look at you, pro–turning the lights off and everything for some amazing pictures 🙂 Just in love with your dining room…the gray walls next to the wood table and that large lantern. You are good!

  22. It looks beautiful Holly. What a wonderful job!

  23. It looks great Holly. The pictures are amazing also!

  24. oh holly! its perfect! i just purchased a wood table and chairs for my kitchen and i am trying to decide whether to paint or not to paint! i love everything! please show us more!!!

  25. Janine Marshall says

    Hi Holly,

    I found your blog a couple of years ago now through Cote De Texas. I don’t really know why I haven’t commented before but I’m here now!!!! I have to say I have devoured the pictures of your kitchen and dining area. Everything looks so beautiful. You have done such a fantastic job. I love the paintwork, the colours, I also love the red chair I think it makes the room pop and gives an edge to the space. I also love the curtains and how everything looks together in the room (right down to the white tulips!!!!). I look forward to calling in again soon. Keep up the good work and also look forward to commenting now, now that I have started!!!!!
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  26. Looks great Holly! Always a treat!

  27. YAY~ thanks for finally showing us the whole thing Holly. I love it all!! Where did you find that sweet white metal stool? I must have one (or two). 😉

  28. Love the hutch and the dough bowl. Two things that I have always dreamed of having in my kitchen.

  29. oh my goodness!!!!!! it is pure lovely-ness!!! perfect color choices.

  30. Just Beautiful!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  31. I LOVE the dinning room!!! Everything about it!!! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the red chair just the way it is and just where it is!! This room is perfection!!!!

  32. What a lovely dining room! I like your use of different shadings of grey. I’m wondering why you want to change the red chair as I think it’s color adds warmth along with your drapery fabric. Beautiful overall effect!!

  33. Love the “crayon” centerpiece!!!
    Love the red chair next to the curtain!
    What a great entertaining spot!

    Question. I have some valances….10 years old….Waverly fabric, similar in fabric design to your curtains. I was afraid the fabric was out of date. I’m guessing maybe not. But…do you have an idea how to update valances…they’re long with the 2 inch flat rod pocket…and fully lined. I have crazy windows and just want a little color across the top of them….and I don’t see valances anywhere any more. Any thoughts?

  34. Absolutely beautiful, sweet friend! Keep the pictures coming!!!!

  35. I love everything about your new space! especially the crayon centerpiece 🙂 I have a large dough bowl where I corral toys on our hearth.

    Seeing projects you have done is always a treat. Happy new year!

  36. What an inviting dining room. I love the burlap “vase” and the touches of red. I would also add some fabric to your dining room chairs i.e. a lovely red suede or velvet or a complimentary check or stripe to work with your floral draperies. Nice job.

  37. Holly! It all looks wonderful! Well done!

  38. HOLLY – it looks amazing! Amazing! The crayons are too cute. I love that red chair. And all the little HM touches … perfect.

  39. I’m a sucker for a great table every time and just love yours. I read in the post that you are going to hang your blue prints. I’ve done that, too. My house was built as a wedding gift for a couple in 1940 and we still have the original blue prints. I framed them and put them in my hallway. They are a great conversation piece. Can’t wait to see what your will look like!

  40. It looks great Holly! I can’t wait to see the butler pantry, too!

  41. Carol Adams says

    Oh Holly, just beautiful.
    I LOVE the dining table and chairs…
    Can you share the source with us??

  42. not sure the source on table and chairs..chairs bought in a shop 12 years ago for my grad school graduation gift…and the table was a hand me down from my mom..she traded with a friend for it..they always trade around furniture..lucky is nice and narrow..perfect for the space..and beat up to perfection..the top boards are old and wide and the friend just had someone put legs on it i guess!

    thanks for all of yall kinds comments..

  43. I love your spaces!

  44. I think BH&G needs to make another visit. Really lovely. Well done!

    Loved your master bedroom redo also. Although I loved it before the redo, too.

  45. The renovation looks GREAT- my favorite photo was your centerpiece- adorable. I love finding little ways to sneak in “kid friendly” to the home without it looking like a child-dominated space- thanks for the idea!

  46. I love everything about this room. It’s so well pulled together, and looks so cozy. I can see why it gets used a lot now! That light is so great in that space..loving that!

  47. Holly, love your dining and how you opened it up to the kitchen. Lovely!

  48. Carol Adams says

    Oh, I figured as such… I just love those chairs.
    Every time I have viewed these photos I find myself relaxing and feeling at peace.
    I love the black & white (tile?) flooring too, & have entertained replacing my kitchen floor w this look. I have German spruce ( honey pine) cabinets and white countertops which also need to be replaced…
    Just sharing… Love gazing and dreaming on your blog!

  49. I am searching for a dining room table just like yours! where did you get yours? It’s perfect!

  50. jennifer m says

    Holly, this all looks so wonderful!!! Was the opening to the dining room always that large? This looks so lovely and empahsizes once again how SICK I am of my raspberry red den! This is perfect and the crayon centerpiece is one of my favorite things! You are just so great at all this. Sigh . . .

  51. Pb?????? Pb!!! Whoa. Ive seen it in their catalogue but not in a room. It’s fabulous!!!! Love your new dr. You have been busy!

  52. Holly I just discovered your blog and am inspired beyond belief! You ooze creativity and combine thing to perfection. Thanks for all the photos. I also just discovered that you can recolor leather, so if you don’t find a place for your amazing red chair maybe give it a try? Anyhow, thanks again!

  53. I love how you painted the pine hutch. I have some pine furniture that I would love to do that to. Did you have to sand down the hutch first? Can you tell me how you did it?

  54. My two favorite things in this room are the red leather chair (love the pop of color!) and the bowl of crayons in the center of the table…. I’m going to steal that idea for my table! Thanks for the tour! 🙂

  55. Stumbled on your blog looking for Tobacco Road paint. My whole house is painted in it. Glad to know you also refer to such a versatile paint color. Love your home! Thanks for sharing!

  56. Can you tell me about your butler pantry area? I am trying to do the same with my kitchen space and would love more information on your skirted table,the actual table top and the light fixture in the kitchen? It’s great because no one will knock into it. I love that your home is so warm and welcoming! Thank you!

  57. Andrea Giangrosso says

    Ok, so I’ve been paralyzed, trying to figure out this whole painting thing. I’ve done some painting…..or actually my hubby has. I now have the grandiose idea to change my color scheme from reds, golds, and greeens to blues, grays, browns……I love Charleston Gray and when I found out it was $123 per gallon, I passed. Love your grays, and going to check those out! Thanks for helping me work through my paintcolor dilemma. Love your style

  58. Love it!! What is your trim color??? Thanks

  59. Hi Holly, this weekend I am painting my dining room, some shade of tray probably revere pewter. My question is about your hutch. It is the second one I have seen painted Flagstone and oh boy do I love it. My hutch is also pine. Did you do something to cover the knots first? and also what finish did you use? Gloss or Semi Gloss? I also have French Linen by Annie Sloan but it would be very flat. Decisions decisions. Thanks so much for your answers.

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