Thibaut beauty

I like so many different styles and fabrics, high and low, but I will always love Thibaut fabric and wallpaper..just look at these images…I love the styling above especially..the wire baskets, sink and light!

all. so. pretty.     

I love their classic asian and botantical prints but love these new trellis and geometrics too.

Thank you Thibaut for doing pretty since 1886.  And thank you for having such a wonderful website that I can play with and dream…

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  1. These are wonderful pictures! I just love the bathroom.

  2. I worked at a wallpaper and home accessories store in college, and I fell in love with Thibaut then. I dream of hanging their wallpaper in my home someday!

  3. I love the fabric on those chairs, it would be perfect for euro shams in my guestroom!

  4. Oh love love those. So beautiful and classic but still fresh!


  5. I cannot get over this first photo… LOVE it. Thanks for the inspiration- it is now in my “ideas” folder for our new bathroom!

  6. I love the Malay Ikat in the last image. It’s been in my inspiration files for a while. Also loving the orange and turquoise fabric…I hadn’t seen that yet. Very pretty!

  7. They are beautiful, aren’t they?

  8. I have love Thibaut for years. I could look at their wallpaper books for hours. They are so beautiful!!!


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