Another before & after

This could also be called “the IKEA EKTORP makeover” because truly if you hate your leather sofas and want the most bang for your buck go buy some white ektorp sofas and your room will instantly change!  Just check the Lau’s living room..they live in Austin and have young children…Becca wanted to be able to wash slips and have a fresh and simple turned out sooo so pretty….I LOVE IT if i say so myself! Just look at the before…

Becca did not like the fireplace but i loved it and knew it could look great with some blue grey and they were game and painted the armoire.  Isn’t it gorgeous now?! The color is Sherwin William’s DOVETAIL.

And yes you see two white ektorp sofas from IKEA, one Jenny Lund chair…the drapes are Premier Prints Osborne pattern in Robin/White (they look GRAY on the website, but they’re more a robin blue), and the pretty wood MARIESTED chandelier from Ballard!

I love how she styled it with the silver bowl and tray…Good job Becca!

Email me if you would like for me to help you transform your room! Remember you don’t have to live in Texas, we can work online via email!


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  1. Hi Holly, I love to see before and afters and this was a good one! It makes me think I could paint my old armoire instead of getting rid of it! And… I LOVE your blog! I mentioned it on mine today.

  2. What a lovely job!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Really, really beautiful. It’s amazing how much more expensive the room looks after some paint, IKEA furniture and of course that great Ballard light.

  5. Way to go Holly- it’s beautiful and that chandelier~ wow, can’t believe the price!! I may have to order the 6 tier version for myself.
    I wish Ikea would come up with a slipped settee of some kind for my sunroom. 😉

  6. Kate from Connecticut says

    Yikes … that was magic! Great job to you both!

  7. Very, very pretty! The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Dovetail really made that armoire come alive.


  8. I just purchased an Ektorp sofa off of Craig’s List and put it in my living room. I already had two of the Jenny Lund chairs and all together my room looks great – my husband even commented how good it looked – now THERE is a compliment! There is nothing like white, slipcovered furniture to make a room…

  9. i really like the scale of the jennylund better with the ektorp sofa even over the ektorp is so big.i actually got rid of square..i have seen the ektorp chaise with the sofa and it makes a fun room…all in all i just think the jenny lund is so cute.

  10. I’m about to order this exact sofa! So excited. This room is Beautiful! xo,

  11. Wow, wow, wow! What a transformation! I absolutely LOVE this.

  12. Wow! I love how fresh and updated it looks. I think I’ll paint a desk I hate the same color as the armoire.

  13. I am a big fan of IKEA Ektorp because it is quite cheap and it goes really everywhere.

    I love how they combined it with the wooden chairs, and the armoire is just gorgeous in its new color!

  14. GORGEOUS, Holly! So fresh and pretty. I’m thinking it would be dangerous for there to be an Ikea near me!

  15. I’d love to know where the curtain rod came from! I have a similar window set up and am looking for that exact rod!
    Love the room! I recently purchased the white slip Ektorp sofa and I am jonesing for another one.

  16. Amy Wathen says

    I just love it Holly. Love the softness of the room and the contrast of the black chairs. Beautiful. I SO wish Denver had an IKEA already.

  17. Love it! Ektrop is one of my favorite!

  18. Fabulous transformation, I love it! And the fireplace really works with the gray tones… this encourages me, as I have a similar fireplace!

  19. Now that is a good before and after!

  20. I love the before/after posts so much. You know you are my go-to person in just a few years when we really start planning our forever home. My husband already knows I’m planning to seek your advice and help. Great job (again)!!!

  21. This is so lovely! I have a white Ektorp and love it, and just convinced my friend that they are the (cheap) way to go. 🙂 The curtains and armoire are fantastic – I need them in my house!

  22. MAJOR improvement…you brought it together so nicely!

  23. Great ‘before and after’! The room looks so fresh and happy now.
    Excellent job.

  24. So glad to have stumbled across your blog…beautiful work!

  25. that is one fabulous after, love it! especially the painted armoire.
    nice job!
    d e n i s e

  26. Holly, this is beautiful! You’ve inspired me to paint my armoire a nice gray color, I’m so excited. Where did the tufted ottoman come from? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  27. This is absolutely stunning! I was always sort of embarrassed of my Ektorp but this makes me PROUD! : )


  28. Wow! Now I’m second-guessing my Lee Industries sofa purchase. Those IKEA ones look so nice!
    And the color on the armoire is perfect, too. Great job!

  29. Gorgeous! Love the blue armoire. Between that and the couches it looks like a whole new room.

  30. Holy Moly, Holly! Like a magazine. I’m dying….you are so good! The black and that mantel made it. Great work, of course!

  31. Wow Holly!
    I’m so inspired! You have a gift!

  32. I’ve been oogling your designs for awhile, this one finally tipped the scale for me. I just sent you an email!! Hooray 🙂 Can’t believe it

  33. OK ladies, I need a new sofa. Do the Ikea sofas hold up well? I know the price is right. But I don’t want to have to buy a new one in 3 years.

  34. Thank you Holly for the wonderful design–the living room makes me smile every day!
    @Penny: 2 sets of Umbra curtain rods combined to make that long length. You can apply the same trick to any extension curtain rod sets.
    @Jennifer: Powell button tufted leather ottoman with casters, purchased long time ago…

  35. Holly, this looks so gorgeous and fresh!! I love it!!

  36. I’m looking for some very simple curtain rods like the ones you have here in your makeover room. Where can I find those?


  37. that is a refreshing remodel! it’s went from a room feeling confused and scattered to calming and fresh! love it!

  38. So pretty!!! I love the white Ikea pieces and the armoire looks fabulous in that color! The curtains are just gorgeous! Such beautiful fabric! The room is just amazing now!


  1. […] Holly had the client paint the armoire a blue gray which makes all the difference.    To read about this redo, see Holly Mathis Interiors HERE. […]

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