Anthropologie wallpaper

I’ve been wanting to re-paper by hall bath for sometime..its black and white toile and I love it but we’ve had it on TWO different homes over 13 years of marriage and well CAROLINE says its old lady and time to let go of the Waverly Country Life toile

Paeonia  from Anthropologie

Not that toile isnt classic and all and if you have this toile or any other toile in your house (I still have the red toile drapes BTW in the living room) I am not trying to make you feel bad.  Just sayin’..I have been on the lookout for new paper…and while there are multiple choices and pricepoints and options out there, isnt there just something, even if you are designer, decorator/stylist  or house person type, there is just SOMETHING about a well edited “here are a few papers” category of choices at ANTHROPOLOGIE no less.  {yes i know that was a lot of commas, trying to make a wallpaper point;)

And whattayouknow, its my BIRTHDAY soon?? So what do you think?

YEP. this is the one i think. BEGONIAS.  I love it, its on a kraft like paper!

My poor husband.  He is shaking his head and saying NO!

But baby, i provided the link and everything!


{note: reviews say this paper is very large scale which is exciting but concerning}

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  1. I actually featured this as one of the wallpapers I was looking at on my blog recently…I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. I’m just too much of a chicken to commit to an entire room of paper like that. It’s all awesome – I would just be too afraid to make the wrong choice and be stuck with it. But that’s why you’re the pro! 🙂


  4. You could always try gift wrap …. ha.

  5. I love the paeonia one. So beautiful.

  6. Hmmm. My husband shakes his head a lot too. Well, I hope your birthday wishes come true Holly. Those are all nice choices.

  7. I love it—very chic. However, when I read the one review on the link you included, it screams to me—NOOO! No adhesive no coating on the paper to protect )imagine a kraft paper bag on your bathroom walls with water splatters, etc), variations from roll to roll on paper, flowers described as blue but read white…. and the LARGE repeat would probably overwhelm a small powder room. Can you use it somewhere else and keep looking for your bath??
    Sorry to be a wet rag, but it is a big expense and I think you need to thing long-term and practical in a powder room!

  8.!! It’s not ‘that’ permanent! 🙂

  9. Begonias! I loved it a first sight!
    But…I have to say the review would scare me away.
    I’ll be waiting to see what you choose. And no doubt…it *will* be stunning!

  10. I am so in love with wallpaper now…trying to force it on all of my clients! I say do it!

  11. Adorable, that is a great birthday present in my book. Too funny, I also send my husband links, does every women do this? Janell

  12. Loving these! Wallpaper comes in such gorgeous patterns and colors now. Very inspiring too.

  13. Will you and your husband we the installers? I’ve never priced wall paper. Why does it get such a bad wrap?, rap?!

  14. Wonderful wallpaper! Seems like even if it is larger-scale-than-you-think you will be able to get away with it due to the neutral colors. I love that you can be calm-colored with it or put brights against it. It will be exciting to see it used!

  15. Happy almost birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am loving the Paeonia, that would work for my guest bath!!

    Thanks Holly!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  17. I *love* the look of wallpaper, but always hate it so much when it has to be removed. These are gorgeous, though! I think you should just dive in 😉

  18. Love the large scale!

  19. When’s that birthday of yours? Do tell!

  20. ..and I LOVE your red toile drapes….still. Those inspired me about 5 or 6 years ago when I cut out those pages of that BH and G and put them in my home notebook! I’ve since moved but just recovered a little stool in the the scraps from the ones I made. Ah, memories…

  21. @LLH Designs – Hint, the Ides of March was bad for Julius, but a good thing for me.

  22. I get the husband head shake often (but hey! They knew what they were getting themselves into when they asked us right??) : ) I love the begonias and can’t wait to see how they look up on the wall. And most importantly, Happy Birthday to you!!
    xo, Melissa

  23. I think thats fun. You could paint it pink to really scare Elton. 🙂

  24. I will always love toile … but in the back of my mind, whenever I see it, I am hearing a little voice calling it “old lady.” HAHA! But I still love it … I just have to make sure it’s a youthful toile … not the geriatric kind.

    That paper is BEAUTIFUL! What an awesome birthday gift! 😉

  25. I was just pondering wallpaper for my half bath. I looked at both of those large scale florals from Anthropologie. Would love to see your finished result…I know my husband won’t go for it, even if I had the guts!

  26. I love the Begonia paper! Did you end up getting it?? I found this post when I was searching your blog for kraft wrapping paper. 😀 I will always love toile – old lady comment and all.

    Elton’s post is cute.

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