Behold the faucet

The faucet was installed over the weekend.

These photos aren’t styled or even that clean but I wanted to show you the results after you had to endure TWO POSTS here and here about a faucet!

We have a new sink too…it is an 1″ deeper and wow that makes a difference.  It’s not rimless and under mount but I am happy with it.  It’s a hardworking kitchen and I think it looks nice but isn’t overkill..i like the simplicity of the tall spout with all of the window and other stuff going on. The cabinets are original to the house, they were olive green and we painted them white and the counters we did years ago after we painted.  That little wood piece over the sink used to drive me nuts but with the new blind it doesn’t bother me as much.

Yes there are legos on the counter, meat thawing in the sink and lots of’s how we live! But overall i love the way this room is feeling..true getting some new appliances and doing some things makes you want to do more, you think “the floor needs replacing (its cute but shabby) “cabinets need painting”, this replacing  and blah blah blah but I want to try to focus on the fact i have a new stove and fridge and FAUCET, things i really needed..the old ones didn’t even work well.  So trying to focus on that and not doing MORE MORE MORE.  Not preaching to yall…preaching to myself. 

Contentment for women is so hard but so important to pray for and be intentional about as we make homes.

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  1. Holly- it looks so great. Love the lines of it. Simple yet attractive. And I love your kitchen. Don’t apologize for the ‘stuff’… it’s what makes a house a home! 🙂

  2. it looks lovely and REAL!
    ? – Do you know the manufacturer for your checkboard floor?

  3. It looks really good.

    And I love that you put up pictures of the kitchen just as it is. Sometimes seeing all those styled and modified/enhanced photos just want to make me weep, but I am trying to blog anyway and just put up the photos even if they are not perfect.

    Your kitchen look amazing!

  4. it’s so pretty! it reminds me of ours from our first house!



  5. Hi Holly – I found you through Emily at jones design co.
    Just wanted to say how happy I was to read your last few thoughts here. My hubby and I just moved into a new place, and you’re right. It is SO hard when you buy This and you want ten more of That. I’ve been praying for contentment and seeking gratitude. It’s good to know we’re not alone in this.

  6. When I look at pictures of your home, I see so much love! You have such a beautiful HOME. Feels like it truly represents who you are. Love it!

  7. The faucet, sink, and the rest of your kitchen looks great! Very warm and cozy looking. Love it!

  8. The faucet looks great and It’s amazing how a well-functioning faucet can make everyday work more pleasant!! Your whole kitchen looks very charming Holly.

  9. How refreshing to see a kitchen that looks like someone actually lives there…cooks there…plays there! You will love your faucet and the deeper sinks do make a big difference. When we remodeled our kitchen I had to choose between having a deeper sink or a garbage disposal. I chose the sink and haven’t regretted it yet! Besides, composting is much more earth-friendly! 🙂

  10. I love seeing your kitchen, Holly. The faucet and sink look so pretty, I love the classic simplicity of it!! And, I too, love that you’re keeping it real….love.that. I have a couple questions…where did you get your wood shade, the straws in the cup and the “&” card or print. Love it all, Holly. As always, love everything you do :))

  11. Thanks for being real. Love the faucet. Impressed you have though of dinner too. Loved your reminder of contentment. Thanks I needed that.

  12. Looks great!!! I have always wanted a kitchen with white cabinets and black and white floors! In my rendering class in college 8 years ago that is how I designed my “dream kitchen” and I still long for that look today…so don’t replace your floors!!! 🙂

  13. We had a wavy wood piece over the sink in our rental in CA- hated it, but I did have a view of the Pacific as I did dishes! There is always a bright side! 🙂

  14. It looks great Holly! Where did you get the little white pitcher the gerber daisies are in?:)

  15. that white pitcher is from tjmaxx…the & card is a valentine printable from jones design company and straws from garnish i think!

  16. LOVE it! Great choice! It looks fantastic (not surprising!!) I have the same Anthro Octopus plate (in my DR!!) Seeing that made ;me like it even more. I mean seriously, you have great taste!!

  17. Yeah Holly!! Loving it!!!!!! It fits very nicely, so glad you’re happy with it! If I could give you a thumbs up, I think I’d give you like 7! 🙂 And thanks for being totally real, because if my kitchen looks clean in a photo, it’s usually only because there’s a pile of junk on the table behind me! 🙂

  18. Love the faucet! I know what you mean….I get something replaced and all I want do is more and more!!! Don’t worry, I have meat in the sink and dirty dishes!!!

  19. Thank you for your last comment. As hubby and I had ‘the budget discussion’ the other night, all I could think of were all the projects bouncing around in my head. I’ve begun to pray for contentment. What God has done is show me how blessed we are! I still have lots of projects in my head, but I also see what’s more important!
    PS-I love to read your blog and plan more projects!

  20. It looks great — the perfect choice!

    **Love that the pictures are of your real-life kitchen. Makes me feel so much more normal having crumbs on the counter and drinking glasses everywhere. ; )

  21. I have the same kind of window sill over my sink & I use my grandmothers flower frogs to display little notes, picture etc. So when I saw your flower frog it made me smile!

  22. Great kitchen & the real life photos. 🙂

    As a mom of another lego loving kiddo I have a suggestion. I bought 2 large plastic trays ($10/12) from the kitchen section at Target in bright colors & placed non-slip mats in the bottom. Nolan builds his legos on the trays, plays with them & when we are done we can slide the trays under his bed. It’s been great to keep all of those pieces together for easy clean up + we tend to lose less since they are kept in the wall of the tray & not falling all over the place.

  23. Beautiful faucet, love the whole kitchen!

  24. Holly,
    The meat in the sink and the legos on the counter are exactly why I love your blog (and you!) Your faucet is beautiful and the rest of your kitchen is too!

  25. Janine Marshall says

    Hi Holly,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It is way too easy to want the next thing before you can enjoy what you have replaced and updated…..I have been guilty of this!!

    Love the faucet, sink, all of the kitchen in fact. Thanks for keeping it real.

    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  26. Love the faucet! I really needed to read the ‘more, more, more, NO!’ message this morning. Thanks!

  27. LOVE your closing comment! Janell

  28. Lila Ferraro says

    I got that identical faucet in dark bronze for the our basement kitchen. I love it! It looks fabulous and I even love your new sink!
    Lila Ferraro

  29. it looks great!! it is so refreshing to see a normal photo of a real kitchen!! it’s how you live, and it is pretty 🙂

  30. HI,
    I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the Legos in your picture. Also, I wanted to say “thanks”, because it is SO important that we try to be content and grateful. The only way to true happiness…
    Have a good day,

  31. I love your new faucet and thinks your kitchen looks so homey and welcoming and cozy. I think it is especially difficult for someone in the design field to be satisfied with their homes the way they are, when you are constantly exposed to new and wonderful products and homes. I love your house and come here for constant inspiration. I love that you can create a cozy, warm home while still raising two sweet boys (who are allowed to put their lego on the counter).

  32. I’m getting caught up on older posts…not sure how I COMPLETELY missed your birthday. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, my sweet blog friend!!! If you lived closed I would have baked you something sweet to celebrate and then brought it over to enjoy with you and our boys in your cozy kitchen, while my Andrew & your Drew worked on some new Lego creation and Charlie & Henry played drums with mixing bowls and wooden spoons. Can you picture it??!! I can too! Your kitchen is so, so charming. I do hope you keep those floors too! The new faucet is perfect!!


  33. Love it! A new, deeper sink is on my wish-list.

    I’m so glad you shared a picture of your cabinets/window. We have a wood piece over our sink that’s really similar to yours. I’ve been wanting to sew a faux roman shade for that area, but was unsure of how it would look. Now that I see your blinds, I love the look! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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