It’s my birthday.

So i am going to try not to feel guilty about posting about trivial things with all that is going on in the world.  I know you don’t come here for news or reflections on tragedy and chaos so I will leave that commentary to others. But the world is very very sad and i will be honest, things like this make me question how i spend my time.


{Photo from Lovely Design}

But it is my birthday…36 years, so here it goes…my “I am gonna post whatever i want!” day…and that means no photos of myself!;;  I do feel the pressure to post some list of my blessings and photos of my beautiful children but that would take effort and I have a sinus infection (finally went for a shot yesterday..woohoo!) so here is my lazy birthday version. (and btw i am extremely thankful for my children and husband and blessings, God has been merciful and poured out love on me i do not deserve..He is a good God despite his bad press)  There I go getting serious, back to fluff!

So what you really want to know is WHAT AM I GETTING for my birthday?  It’s very least to me..i am getting a new kitchen faucet AND sink!  I mentioned the faucet drama the other day in this post.  I loved all of the comments and feedback. Who knew it would come to this…

SO many decisions, especially when the Kohler faucet is not in your reality…i mean when you get convicted about a facuet its time to lay it i did and i got more realistic and realized while drawn to the vintage style and good price of some of the retro bridge faucets on the board, the felt “cluttery” and “fussy”  to me in relation to my galley kitchen and the way my window and backsplash all collide behind the faucet..i wanted tall and simple..but no “base”  the closest i could find was at CSN (actually I found it at but then found it free shipping at CSN.) I am not nuts about the flares on the handles but i think the high 18″ arc will take away from that..(that coupled with the pile of dishes that will hide the handles most of the time)…So its should be here soon..maybe today!.  The UPS guy just loves me. And my husband is going to install it! Who knew finding a faucet for less than $500 could be so tough…and something simple..faucets are really over the top these days..and really, do i need a pull out spout like I am on Top Chef or something.  Or a soap dispenser, I think i would never fill it?  I do like a stainless spray handle that has NO BLACK OR WHITE ON IT PLEASE!  We all have little things that drive us crazy..Anyway, that is my gift and i could not be happier!

And if this won’t cheer you up I don’t know what will! To me, this photos just screams HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

{image from Tracy Taylor }

Thanks for reading my blog and enduring my silly chatter…Have a great day!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Glad you found what’ll make you happy. And every time you use it, you’ll smile cause you got such a great deal. Enjoy your day with your guys. 😉

  2. Terry McClung says

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday. How much fun to get to update your kitchen sink. My sink is horrible, and I want a new farmsink in the worse way. Can’t believe how much a sink and faucet can set you back. Before long my 25 year old refrigerator will go out. Well, the whole kitchen needs an update. I have lots of wallpaper in the kitchen and adjoining breakfast room. It has lots of potential and I would love to paint my cabinets, which are maple and stained dark like a chestnut horse…..

    Holly, enjoy the rest of your special day. love Terry from Arlington

  3. Happy Birthday! Great decision on the faucet, I can’t wait to see it in it’s new home!

  4. I always enjoy your chatter, silly or not. Happy birthday Holly!! And yes, that last image has birthday written all over it.

  5. Happy, happy birthday!

  6. Katie Walden says

    Happy Birthday Dear Holly! I hope you have a special day! We finally got out tax return so I’m getting amped up about starting my ROOM!

  7. Happiest of Birthdays Holly!! I hope you feel better and I do hope you get spoiled today! Janell

  8. Happy Birthday!!
    Hope you enjoy your day and your faucet
    as much as I enjoy your blog.

  9. Holly…Happy Birthday!

    One of the many reasons I visit you is because I can relate to a gal that wants a faucet for a birthday present…ha!

    Have a fun day… @-}—
    *Lynne* {w /l}

  10. Happy Birthday Holly! Isn’t it funny the older we get the things we get excited about receiving? I’m just a tad bit older than you (what am I say, I’m in my 5th decade) but age is just a number!

    Eat Cake!

  11. Happy Birthday, Holly! 🙂

  12. Happy birthday!

  13. Perfect faucet you chose – simple and elegant.

    I’ve only recently found your blog, but am completely obsessed with your dining room – love it, especially with the hits of red in it. I love checking in to see what new things you are designing or thinking about. You have great style and manage to get things done even though your kiddos are still young, which is very impressive.

    Wishing you a happy birthday and a lot of fun using your new faucet (ha ha).

  14. Happy birthday, and love your present! Can’t wait to see it in it’s new home!

  15. Happy happy birthday! Your present is beautiful and will certainly be the gift that keeps on giving. Hope you get to feeling better and enjoy a cupcake or four today!

  16. Rachel Mathai says

    Hi Holly! Happy Birthday!
    I haven’t been following your blog too long, maybe two months now…I looked through some of your old posts and realized I have been a fan of yours for years! First, I saw Henry’s nursery. I had seen that room on Spearmint Baby last year when I was looking for nursery inspiration while my husband and I were expecting our first baby (a very cute little boy named Tavin, who is now 9 mos.) I could go on and on about Henry’s nursery! It was amazing!
    Then I learned your house was featured in BHG in 2005…I combed through my magazine collections and found BHG June 2005. To my surprise, I had kept that issue specifically because of your house! There was even a post it note stuck on there for bookmarking.
    And, you’re an amazing, encouraging Christian woman on top of being a gracious and talented designer. Thank you so much for your blog, Holly! Hope your birthday is one of the best ever!

  17. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! We love you because you DON’T try to take on the world’s problems every day. This is a little vacation spot for all who visit and it’s all because God made YOU special and valuable in your own special and talented way.:)

  18. sarahwhite says

    Happy Birthday Holly! That faucet is going to look amazing and I love that picture. Keep calm and carry on…

  19. Happy Birthday, Holly!

  20. Happy Birthday to the awesomest designer I know. Technically, you’re the only designer I know,…but…Hope your day was full of happy things.

  21. Happy Birthday! Love your birthday post!!! Hope you were able to enjoy your day!

  22. Happy Birthday Holly! If lil bro doesn’t get the faucet installed…you know who to call. Remember, I just replaced my kitchen sink and faucet! No leaks yet. 🙂

  23. Kate from Connecticut says

    Happy Birthday, Holly! I so agree with Jennifer…a great vacation spot! Don’t question yourself!

  24. Hey, I am a Local Lurker (The Woodlands!). Happy Birthday & yes, faucets can make you happy. It is nice to have a hubby who can also do the installation for ya! Thanks for the Putnam house on your last post, WOW! Hoping your birthday is all that makes you happy!!

  25. Happy Birthday Holly! Anything that improves the appearance of our house is a gift. Thanks for such a wonderful blog-I often come back and reread your posts because I love them so much. Have a wonderful birthday week!

  26. Janine Marshall says

    Hi Holly,

    Just called in to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I still love calling in to read your blog. It is one of my favourites. I especially love to see pictures of your home!

    Anyone, who is remotely interiors mad will understand the excitement of a kitchen facuet. Can’t wait to see it after the installation.

    Enjoy your birthday and I hope you find a little time for yourself to enjoy.

    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  27. Happy Birthday Holly!!
    Thank you for all the inspiration you give us through your blog! I am excited for you that you’re getting the faucet, great choice!

  28. Happy Birthday Holly! I love it that a faucet is what you wanted for your birthday. I decided that I’d be willing to trade in my red, V6 Toyota Camry with leather seats for a mini van so I could tote around vintage purchases. That’s how important our homes are to us!

  29. Holly, I mentioned your blog on mine today at

  30. Happy Birthday to you… happy birthday to you…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR HOOOOLLLLYYYY.

    Happy Birthday TOOOO YOOOUUU!

    Happy Birthday, friend!

  31. First of all, Happy Birthday! {Belated I guess}. Mine is the 16th…will be 30! Yikes! 🙂 {I am actually excited though}.

    Second, I LOVE all of those globes.

    Third, I love your faucet options…I want a big ‘ole farmhouse sink in my next house.

    Finally, I love your blog. I find myself drawn to the rooms in your house since I seem to like the same things. So, thanks for all of the inspiration!

  32. Happy Birthday! When I got my new faucet for Christmas a few years back I also thought I’d never use the soap dispenser, but I was wrong! No more ugly bottle by the sink or constantly reaching under the sink when I need a quick squirt of soap. And the pull-out spout? I use that ALL THE TIME and believe me, I’m no chef!

    Please don’t feel guilty about fun posts. We all need a distraction and when I want the news I go to the news sources. When I want a change of pace I check in with my favorite decorating blogs. This would be one of them.

    I’m definitely more concious of my spending and my priorities have shifted but in spite of that, for my 37th birthday next month I’m having a decorator friend of mine spend a day helping me come up with a more cohesive plan for my home. I want to get the most bang for our bucks and with her help I’ll be able to be more intentional with our choices. I remember reading some unusual advice in a personal finance book a few years ago. He said everyone should invest in an interior decorator. By making a home that we truly love to spend time in and that reflects who we are and how we live, we are much more content to stay home and not spend money. Advice taken! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!

  33. Happy Birthday to you! I’m in the 36 club also. Love the new faucet. Hope you have a great stressless an guiltless birthday.

  34. Karol Dean says

    Hope you have a very blessed Birthday!!! Love all your post and hope you get better soon.. I can think of nothing that would make me happier for my birthday than something new for my kitchen. (Such as a beautiful light and new pendants) 🙂

  35. Happy B-day, Holly!
    I receive your posts
    via e-mail, so normally
    don’t respond, but just
    wanted to pop in today
    to wish you the happiest
    of days. I love your style
    and your posts inspire
    me to keep chipping away
    and finding my own style : ) !!
    Have a lovely birthday.
    xx Suzanne

  36. Happy Birthday Holly!!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  37. Happy birthday! Nice choices on the faucets, but I LOVE having a pull-out spout, and I am no Top Chef!

  38. sorry i missed your birthday friend! hope your day was special and full of blessing. can’t wait to see you very soon!

  39. Happy Birthday! My birthday was two days ago and I turned 36 too! Had no idea we were the same age:)

  40. Put your feet up and relax…..ha ha….Happy Birthday!

  41. Holly, great choice on the faucet!! I know it’s going to look great, and who REALLY needs to spend $500+ on a faucet? Happy, happy birthday!! Can’t cait to see it installed.

  42. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY! Hope it’s the best yet!!


  43. Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

    Thanks for giving so much to your blog readers.

  44. Happy Belated Birthday Holly!! (My computer was being serviced so I didn’t read this till it was too late).

    Hope you had a wonderful day. Enjoy your new faucet. I’m about to start the same process in my kitchen.

    Hope you are feeling better. I really enjoy reading your blog each day.

    BTW: I received the Starfish necklace last week that I won here on your blog and it is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a unique gift for family or friends. I just can’t thank you enough for picking me.

    Thanks again,

  45. Happy birthday Holly!! Better late than never! I don’t know how I missed this. I must have been working that day. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  46. I’m so glad God made you!!!


  47. Happy Belated Birthday, Holly! My birthday was Saturday (the 19th) and it was my 35th. 🙂

    As for your comment: “But the world is very very sad and i will be honest, things like this make me question how i spend my time.” I struggle with this all the time. I feel like God gave me the creative gifts I have, but it has been the hardest thing for me to reconcile that to others ‘doing so much more’ to make the world a better place… and I just make it prettier. Honestly. I haven’t even told many people that. (I guess it’s out there in blogland now).

    Huge hugs and I hope your birthday was great!


    P.S. Love the new faucet!!!


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