Pretty Dining Room: Before & After

Some of you may read Tessa’s blog, Nine and Sixteen, she has a wonderfully real way of writing about her life and motherhood. She is a super nice and classy person.  I was honored when she asked me to help with her home.  She loves traditional but wanted to freshen things.  We became fast friends because we love many of the same things: silhouettes, toile, blue and white, art and antiques AND we have boys!

Here was her dining room before:

And after with painted hutch, large silhouettes, that bosporous toile fabric many of use love and MORE blue and white!

Ahhh, so nice!  Lovely and classy….just like Tessa!  Check out more here.

{note the china cabinet is painted Martha Stewart’s FLAGSTONE color from the new Home Depot paint collection and the silhouettes are from are 18x 18 and have a lot of detail! The pillow fabric is bosporous toile which comes in several colorways}

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  1. LOVE! What a great finished product Holly! There were deifintely great bones there to start with & you polished it all up beautifully.

  2. You did a fabulous job!! I told Tessa that I loved it…especially the silhouettes and chairs/pillows!!
    She already had some lovely things…but it is really amazing to see how quickly it improves with a few changes.

  3. this looks so cute!!! you did a great job. I love the color of the hutch!

  4. Oh my….what an absolute beautiful room! LOVE IT!


  5. Gorgeous! Love that toile.

  6. thanks, darlin! you’re the best!! xo, Tessa

  7. This room looks gorgeous!! I love the gray hutch..what a difference it makes!

  8. Tracey @7294cottageway.blogspot says

    Love it…beautiful. Love the 2 chairs…makes it so warm and inviting.

  9. Ahh, nicely done. It says “home”…

  10. What a lovely transformation! It is amazing what a talented eye can recommend to make a room so much more appealing. The color of the hutch and wall color bring everything together. Great job!

  11. I love your designs! You keep using fabric and items that I use and have. I love blue and white china, red gingham and I made drapes out of the Bosporus Toile. I got mine for $4 a yard on the clearance rack at HobLob.

    This room is just so beautiful! What color are the walls? And I love, love the Windsor chairs!

  12. Oh, Holly – this is one of my favorites. WOW! Those chairs in the corners look perfect, especially with those pillows. The cabinet is incredible in it’s new “dress.” So, so, so good….

  13. LOVE what you did here.. Thinking my side hutch could easily go that shade gray. LOVE the cutouts and the size. I can’t get the link to work but I will email you later regarding that one. You did an awesome job. LOVE those soft chairs in there too. It’s all so wonderful.

  14. It looks fantastic! I love the color of the hutch!

  15. So beautiful!! This is my style of decorating. I love those chairs with the toile pillows. Where did you find those chairs? I love your blog.

  16. I found Tessa’s blog through yours and started following a while back. I find so many great things through you, Holly! Thanks! I love Tessa’s dining room. You ladies did a terrific job.

  17. Those chairs, with their ruffle, really add something special to the space. Wonderful transformation.

  18. So beautiful…such simple touches that really transformed the space! Love your blog!

  19. WOW!!!! That is just wonderful Holly! Beautiful!!! Well done!

  20. Love it! Tell us about those two great chairs! I never know where to find stuff like that. Did you get them custom done?

  21. Just a few small changes and Ta Da! Really looks so much more pulled together now.

  22. Beautiful! Love love love it!


  23. That looks sooo pretty! I keep thinking I need to employ you…but my hodge podge clutter may overwhelm you. I really wish you were my neighbor! 🙂

  24. Love it!! Just gorgeous…you did a wonderful job.

  25. Oh my heavens I LOVE IT!! Where are all the blue and white china pieces from?? I wish Greg would hurry up and paint our stuff grey, love it!!! OH and those chairs??? Where are they from???

  26. I love those chairs!!

  27. You Rock!

  28. What a lovely room….you did a beautiful job with this! Why didn’t I ever think of putting a comfy chair (or two) in my dining room? I’m trying that! (Not the silhouettes, though. I’m the one with the
    silhouette phobia. Do you think there’s help for that?). 🙂

  29. Oh my goodness. You have such a talent. Small changes make such a wonderfully big change.

  30. Holly, I love the change. Surprising what a couple of comfy chairs, a little paint and a few great accessaries can do!

  31. Seriously — it is so awesome, I can’t handle it.

  32. ADORE the wing chairs. And even more, I adore you and Tessa!


  33. It is so BEAUTIFUL!

  34. Beautifully restyled!
    Peace. Elegance. Warmth. You captured it all.


  35. I too want to more about the upholstered chairs you used! The room is beautiful!!

  36. Oh, Im in love! What a gorgeous makeover. You are good!

  37. this is what tessa said about her chairs and blue and white:

    the chairs are wing backs bought off craig’s list $40/chair the seats are 100% down which is why I liked them so much. I had the slips custom made with a double ruffle out of cotton duck. The blue & white pieces are all antiques, some cheap and some not so much.


  38. Wow! That is so gorgeous! I have red and white china up like that in my house bought for a steal at Tuesday Mornings, but I know that they sell blue and white there as well. I’m lovin those chairs. They look scrumptious!

  39. Love it – I am planning on painting my hutch and I was thinking a color like Flagstone! Great job!

  40. This is Oh, so pretty!!! As are all your projects. Pure inspiration!

    Holly, I am about half way to getting my very own butterfly pictures up on the wall. I am waiting for the matting guy to call telling me they are ready!

  41. Holly! I don’t know how I fell behind on your posts – but this is amazing!! Tessa is such a sweet woman with incredible taste – you guys make quite a team! Her dining room is stunning!


  42. hilary baker says

    Love love love this!!!!!

  43. Love Love Love!! You are amazingly talented Miss Holly! On another note, bought the couch today and am working on getting the living room finished. Can’t wait to share it with you. Keep the before/afters coming.

  44. I picked up a $150 china cabinet off of Craigslist and painted it the same color, thanks to your inspiration! It is just a stop gab until I can afford built-ins, but I adore it! Now onto my hanging plate display! Thanks Holly!

  45. Beautiful!

  46. I’d love to know the size of your chandelier and ceiling height. If you have time — I’m trying to decide on a fixture that is a bit too tall, but yours looks to be hanging higher in the “after” photo. It gave me some ideas. :-).

    Your home is fantastic… I just love the overall feel. No stone unturned in it. Great job.

  47. HEy Holly!! I love this!! And your Work!! What are the wall and trim colors??

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