Putman house

Need a little weekend bloggy house stalking…a friend just sent me this and I am dying..had to share!

{love the wallpaper and monograms! looks like it is a duogram with Ashley’s name first}

Have y’all heard about this house?? The owner/desinger is Ashley Putman of Houston. I had not seen it until my friend kept sending me emails about it…she loves the dining room and it is great but i wasn’t in love until she showed me more.  Now i am officiallyobsessed and get the mania. Apparently this home was featured in May 2010 of Lonny (I wouldnt know because I rarely read Lonny, there i said it) Maybe i should because this is good. AND  I am sad i missed this on the home tour in Houston this fall (I am thinkibg this house is in West U?)  I love all of the books and clutter and how it is chic but lived in too!  Thanks to the Semi-Designed Life blog for attending the home tour and taking photos!

The nursery. love.

And big boy room.  love.








Oh and if you figure out why the kitchen window doesnt have a bamboo blind like every other window, let me know…there is probably some ultra-chic reason or maybe its just on order and hasnt arrived!?

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  1. i saw her on the nate berkus show and was dying when they showed her house. hands down one of my FAVES!

  2. I like the kitchen best. I don’t know if I could keep open shelves looking so good? Also I like the window with or without a blind.

  3. Thanks for the link! It was an incredible home. So much to look at and soak in! The house is actually in Southampton across from Fleming Park.

  4. I love the open shelves. I am seeing them more and more and am inspired to do a portion of my kitchen with open shelves. I am not brave enough to do them all open! And I love that bedding….

  5. I like the kitchen window without a blind too, it makes it bright and cheerful.

  6. Home tours are so much fun! By the looks of the images in the other blog, the yard is too big to be West U. I’m thinking Southampton…a lovely and traditional neighborhood near Rice.

  7. Ah, I just hopped over there thanks to your link and the first pic I see of the dining room is one I already had saved on my computer. I just didn’t know where it came from. Cool!

  8. This home has been stuck in my head ALL DAY, thank you very much! 🙂 For me it is the family room and kitchen. Her dining room is pretty too but I think I’d tire of the blue walls. I saw her segment on Nate Berkus too after googling her name. I love this home in the same way I love Kate & Andy Spade’s apartment. It has so many layers, tradtional, but not too matchy matchy and GOBS of gorgeous art. She made a comment about having lived in her home 2 years and having taken ALL that time to let it evolve. I could live in mine for 20 and it will never evolve to anything like this! Unless we win the lottery somewhere a long the way! xo

  9. Wow…love this. So beautiful and so livable.

  10. Thanks for sharing, now I’m officially obsessed also. Looks like a house I would love to call home!

  11. HAHAHA! I thought the same thing when I saw the window! I love this – thanks for sharing!

  12. I love learning from your website…. I feel like i am just in the beginning stages of making my house a “home”. Can you tell me a good place to purchase good woven shades at a decent price? Thanks!

  13. Shannon A. says

    Love, love this house! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. saw her on the nate show too…here is a video clip


  15. Love this house. It is actually in Southampton on Sunset…right near Rice uNiversity. I pass it all the time.

  16. Oh and about the bamboo shade….all the other windows face front…the kitchen faces back so maybe they don’t need the privacy.

  17. Love the boys room!! By any chance, do you have the sources for the paint color, window panels and bedding???

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