The kitchen faucet

I have been researching faucets high and low..amazing how some people can do a kitchen remodel based on the cost of what others spend on a faucet! The Murphy kitchen below, designed by my talented friend Joetta Moulden of in Houston and featured in BHG July 2007, has it all!  Read more on this kitchen here to find out how they mixed high and low for amazing results.

{Photo by Janet Lenzen}

I love the bridge faucets but can’t decide if I love the “jointed retro sprout” (that is what i call the top one here and the one in the fab picture above) or a simple tall curve?

Which one below do you think is inexpensive from the internet?  which is the home depot??  and which is the expensive kohler??

P.S.  have you tried and Joetta told me about them..I have also scoured efaucet and other similar spots…a litte scary..any experiences to share???

{top one from the net under $200, middle from Home depot under $200 and of course the last is from Kohler $700+  i like it best but soo not getting it!}

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  1. We are in the process of finishing a kitchen renovation and I had a terrible time deciding on a faucet! I finally settled on the Danze Opulence single-handle pull-down and I absolutely love it! A picture (although not a very good one) is linked in my post here

    I was amazed at how important finding the “right” faucet became as the renovation proceeded, when I didn’t really give it any thought beforehand. The Opulence collection also has a great bridge version, as well.

    Love your blog!

  2. The middle faucet would be better for fitting taller pots underneath because of the taller arm clearance, I think. I love the look of the “joined spout” but think it’s easier to have one handle for hot and cold to adjust. I went more practical with mine, but it’s definitely not as stylish!!!

    I also love the beadboard as the backsplash and am considering that for my update. The previous owners got carried away with Corian – it’s my countertop and backsplash. Definitely easy to clean but not as atractive! AND why not granite?! Ugh.

  3. It is crazy to me how much faucets can cost! (Same thing with lamps… I always feel like they should be no more than about 20 bucks.) 🙂

    We had great success getting our powder room faucet on ebay. It was $40, then I saw it at HD for $120 just about a week later! Here’s what that room looks like:

    We also got our kitchen faucet at our local Home Depot clearance store… do you have one of those? They are AMAZING. I have no idea why it was on clearance, because they still sell it in the store.

    Love all three choices you listed above! Good luck. 🙂

  4. Holly, I love these faucets! I probably love them, because I own the one from Home Depot. We remodeled our entire kitchen almost two years ago and i was bound and determined to find this style faucet in our price range….CHEAP! So this was IT! I will say, although it totally gives the look I was going for there are a few hicups in the product. If you are thinking about buying I’ll be glad to give you a ‘review’! Oh, and LOVE the blog!

  5. I picked the middle one!

  6. I am no help here. I’ve been on the same hunt myself. Doing any changes with plumbing scares me though so I’ve been making-do with the terrible/leaky faucet (and HUGEEEEE sink *that I love btw*). I’m interested to see what happens and hope you’ll pass along what you learn to the rest of us poor faucet-failures.

  7. I’m sure you know about Van Dyke’s Restorers ( It’s hit or miss on cost from that site.

  8. try I got a 16-gauge stainless steel Kraus sink, faucet and soap dispenser for under $700 delivered to my door. Check out the home forum section of as I have gotten some great advice/tips.

  9. Got to say I liked the bottom one best, until I saw the price tag. I like the sleeker design. Less joints and bumps to clean. As much as I like style…things always seem to fall back to how hard will it be to clean. Agree though that the price tag is ridiculous.

    I find your blog so helpful, with great photos and ideas.

  10. our faucet looks almost identical to the first photo, but ours is polished nickel. i am obsessed with it!

  11. I love the look of my bridge faucet (which the previous owner installed when they remodeled the kitchen) however I will never purchase another product by Rohl again. It had 2 leaky valves. First the hot, then the cold. Should’ve just replaced them at the same time. Used a Rohl rains hower faucet in our last place in San Francisco and it was trouble too. So steer clear of them. Your choices above look very nice. Best of luck. I enjoy reading your blog.

  12. Holly, I got my Rowe faucet (similar to the one in your pictures) on ebay for $500. We’ve had it for a year and a half and not one problem. The faucet retails for much more than that. I had great luck with ebay for our home renovation.

  13. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Holly…..I love the bridge faucets….would you share the cite where you found the first one?


  14. I just installed this one from

    This faucet was the one I loved most and really, really well priced! Originally, I saw it at and was hooked. Practically speaking, though, it’s not good. The overstock reviews mention that it tilts toward the rear of the sink causing splashing and just mis-directed water spray. It’s not the best and that’s why it’s on overstock I guess. Lesson learned. Great looking, grossly impractical. So, I’ve learned a lesson. You’ve just got to be able to touch and feel a faucet before you buy it.

  15. We gutted our kitchen ourselves this past summer and put it all back together. I dreamed of having a beautiful Rohl faucet, but seeing as the one I wanted was nearly $2,000 and our whole reno (including appliances and granite) was done for under $6,000, I just couldn’t justify it. I wanted a bridge faucet for so long, but I was a little worried about buying something that wasn’t one of the bigger (Kohler, Delta, Moen, etc.) brands. I finally decided on the exact Home Depot version that you have in this post, but only after reading reviews online and checking it out at the store. Let me tell you, we LOVE it. Never had any problems with it at all and now I’m wishing the same company made matching bathroom faucets and tub/shower combos. I blogged about all the renovations if you’re interested…

  16. We just built a house with a white kitchen, farm sink and chrome bridge faucet. Here’s the link to the faucet I bought:

    I LOVE it!! Especially the sprayer!! I tell my husband everyday, “Have I told you how much I love this faucet?!?!?!”

  17. Hi Holly, we remodeled our kitchen about a year ago and i found some very nice faucets on for WAY cheaper than i could find anywhere else. I got the look for less!!

  18. Karol Dean says

    OKAY!! Now that’s the kitchen for me.. She even has tile floors that looks like mine. I guess that would be a total (expensive) redo. And how would u ever tie it in with the rest of the house. I guess I can dream.


  19. I just ordered the last one (Kohler) for a project I am working on… I love it!

  20. I love the top choice. Have you looked at Rohl faucets They have beautiful trim that is very high quality and long lasting. We used their fixtures for our master bathroom remodel 4 years ago and haven’t had any trouble at all. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  21. Dang, I liked the Kohler one the best before I saw the price tag!

  22. I bought the one pictured from Home Depot when we remodeled our kitchen. It was on sale at the time and I thought I’d buy it and then maybe change it out for something else later. I like it so much it’s still there 2 years later!

  23. I like them all, but I think one with fewer joints would be easier to clean. I’m pretty practical about these things.

  24. The Home Depot one is their store brand “Glacier Bay”, which based on online reviews, should be avoided like the plague. I’m looking for a faucet in this style and price range, but I’m not going to take the risk of getting something that is made with plastic parts, which everyone says Glacier Bay cracks and leaks and doesn’t have a long lifespan.

  25. I just purchased a sink/faucet combo from efaucets. Google reviews of them before you buy from them. They have TERRIBLE reviews. I paid $70 extra to have mine overnighted to me. When I didn’t get it and called to see what was up they told me that one couldn’t be overnighted (even though they charged me for it). I told them I wanted to cancel the order because I had to have the faucet the next day and they told me they couldn’t cancel the order. The person left and came back and said the faucet had already been sent (after saying it HADN’T been sent). I was on the phone with them for about 2 hours and was hung up on twice by their customer service reps. I did mysteriously get a faucet the next day after telling them I was reporting them to their state’s department of consumer affairs. Then I was sent 2 MORE faucet/sink combos!!! I just refused them. I don’t know if they would have charged me for these items or not. Terrible company.

  26. Heidi Manna says

    Hello Holly. I work at Faith West and your sister, Karen, told me I should connect with you. Love your site! I would very much like to meet with you sometime and discuss design and opportunity. Thank You So Much, Heidi Manna

  27. thanks for the link Holly, I just used Home Perfect to get a great deal on a kitchen faucet for our new kitchen.
    I shopped around and they really did have the best prices!
    thanks for the savings!
    d e n i s e

  28. ok…this is weird. did you know that kitchen in BHG that you mentioned above is the EXACT kitchen I designed mine after we remodled???? Isn’t that crazy. I had that photo cut out and everything. So fun!

  29. I would not have guessed the expensive one was the last one, i thought it was the first as the last one really looked the simple-type of faucet that wont cost a bomb. Anyways , i much prefer single-control faucet over ones that have hot and cold water. chose the faucet that was posted in my own blog, i really like it for its automatic on-off function !

  30. Anyways , would be cool to know your designer friend maybe she could design my kitchen lol !

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  32. While accessories like deckplates and sink hole covers allow some flexibility, if you’re replacing a faucet on an existing sink or countertop, the faucet you choose should be compatible with the number and spacing of the existing holes.

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