Favorite things

A few of my favorite things lately…like these fresh fabrics…search for them at fabric.com

and these Tiny Toms!

Oh and this pilow from Lands End of all place!

this CD in my car…

and this one…so funny to hear Drew sing her songs!


oh and you MUST check out this post on Cote de Texas today…I love this house and its location even more..the SC lowcountry will always be one of my favorite things on earth! I especially love the short rods on these drapes.


Happy Monday!  I am so behind on blogging..so much i want to tell you about, client projects, the final pictures from the boys room..etc..all in good time!

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  1. Yummy fabric..do you happen to know the names of them?

  2. Oh my gosh! That house at Cote de Texas is to die for!!!! As I scrolled through it, I would have bet that it was designed and built by Historical Concepts, but it wasn’t. If you have not seen that site, spend some time going through all their “awards and publications”..it is beautiful.
    Thanks so much for sharing today!

  3. love that house and the ceiling color! beautiful and very southern. reminds me of my new dining room ceiling ala holly mathis interiors 🙂

  4. love all of YOUR favorite things too, they are some of mine. ummm those shoes, to die for. And LOVE the pillow…and Sara Groves. And so relate to feeling behind, story of my life the past 15 months especially.

  5. Love the fabrics! Thanks for posting those, I’m on the hunt for living room and dining room curtains. And who isn’t behind these days? I’ve come to realize that it’s a constant state of being behind in our fast paced culture. Never enough time well at least for me because the darn computer sucks me in! Time to log off here and go paint something!

  6. Wow! That home is stunning! The lights above the bathroom counters are one of my favorite things. Thanks for sharing this find!

  7. thanks for the shout out. that house just amazed me. i want to move there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks again!

  8. You have such good taste, Holly – my sister and I both just bought those pillows from Land’s End! She got the navy and I got the tan. They are awesome! And they have sales all the time so I picked mine up for about $15. LOVE! Heading over to Cote de Texas next to check out that beautiful house.

  9. Mary Jan says:

    What is the name of the fabric in the top left? I think I may make a crib skirt with it!!

  10. Lila Ferraro says:

    I want Adele’s album too. She has an awesome voice. I love that last picture too! The curtains are fabulous!
    Lila Ferraro

  11. Holly, Do you know a source for the short curtain rods at the Cote de Texas house? I have been searching for similar ones for a few months now and have not found anything.

  12. I love Adele’s new album too! She has the best voice! =)

  13. I just went back to look again at the house on the Cote de Texas site and can find it nowhere…..where did it go??

  14. i too can’t find the post on Cote de Texas. i zoomed thru the pics the first time and just went back to read it….any idea where it went?? i’m in love with that house!!!

  15. I’ve also been trying to find that beautiful cote de texas house – any suggestions on where to look?

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