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Adorable exteriors

It’s the “drive by cute house” friend from Alabama is always sending me the cutest shots of homes in her area! I love the shingle siding that is so common there…swoon!

I love studying the color combinations and shutter styles….

and the darling little fences and wonderful plantings! and cedar shingles..did i mention shingles..shingle siding, shingle real shingles on the roof..i have loved these forever.

 MLS #: 476142

Don’t you just want to pop in for coffee?!

And i like this shutter color with the siding..i used to be a black shutter girl but i am backing off from that MAYBE …

Do you like these board and batten shutters???

My friend from Illinois sent me this one of the grey house…thanks Tessa!

And of course a grey with yellow door..this one is actually in the Midwest…thanks Tessa for sending this shot!

Guest Post: Janell Beals

I was delighted when Holly asked if I would be a guest blogger here today, which gives me the opportunity to show off her contribution to the new e-zine House of Fifty! I first “met” Holly through her beautiful blog and later through emails and working with her on the article. If you write a blog or work for yourself from home, you know what a solitary role it can sometimes become. The connections we make online become the equivalent of our friends from the office! One of the best parts of working on this new venture has been the opportunity to collaborate more closely with a large number of talented women, and it is a welcome change that I am enjoying!
Holly wrote a charming and informative article outlining 10 tips for creating a delightful nursery, and as you know from reading her blog, she knows what she is talking about!
Click here to read the article, which begins on page 114. 
And Holly, one of these days it would be great to meet in person…
{I am so thrilled to have Janell of Isabella + Max posting for me today..thanks Janell and thanks for asking me to be a part of House of is amazing..yall must check it out! Wonderful story on Kayce Hughes and mucho eye candy, ideas and MUCH more. And Janell, I hope to meet one day in person too!}
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