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Beach house guest room

My e-client Joan has a new little beach house on the Texas coast, we are working via email to outfit two guest rooms with fresh decor. Lucky for me, the rooms have already been wrapped in beadboard!  One will be painted a creamy white and this room a soft blue!

The room is tiny and filled with a large bed for guests so my strategy is to make the bedding beautiful!  This ruched bedding is available many places and at different price points…it’s great for a guest room because it’s easy to make and pretty even if “un-made!”  I love the use of the Pottery Barn shelf/mantle piece for a headboard….the little industrial carts for nightstands are from Urban Outfitters and they provide a wood tone and some warmth and visual weight for the floaty room.  Glass lamps can be found anywhere these days!  And i love the custom pillow from my peeps at Milk & Honey Home..they have some great fabrics and pillows in their shop if you want something unique!

Joan probably isnt going to have room on her walls but i think a piece like one of these below from Sugarboo would be fun in the room too and add some color..i love their work!

Be honest..would they scare you if you were a guest or intrigue? Perhaps a more serene piece like this…


{Art available here…yes i love thee Sugarboo!}

Just wanted to share..i may need to make a trip down to Crystal Beach for an overnight once this project is complete..just to make sure its all comfy and complete you know!

Round Top recap

Saturday morning, my mom and I headed out for Marburger Farm at Round Top.  Drew begged to go and I caved..he was pretty good for a six year old boy!

{Drew and Nana, ready to explore!}

One of the first treasures we spotted….Charlie’s candles!

Drew had to have some of Charlie’s handiwork!

And then on to see the beauty in the big tents!

I take a picture of this little structure with the chandeliers every year!

Drew was the paparazzi out there..i can’t believe i let him carry around my good camera..but when he got whiney, i just strapped it to him and let him click..i encouraged him to ask vendors permission but mainly he just clicked away, so lots of blurry shots but fun to look through last night with him..later in the week i will show you some of the things he captured…Round Top through the eyes of a young boy..much different than the things I would show you!

He took this photo of the few non-blurs!  I love the color!

Drew is hoping some of his photos will”help my blog” whatever that means;;

The word banner is from Iowa artist Sarah Grant of STICKS…and I love the stacks of rugs everywhere and the row of lanterns…stone calf outside of Magnolia Pearl!

and goat cart full of books!

I did about faint when i saw this vignette!  so gorgeous..

and I love this painting..Georgia artist I think..

same artist. love.

We will show you a little more of the little man’s perspective later in the week maybe!

Thanks for looking!  What did you find at Marburger..did you go?? I heard Tori and Dean were out there early in the week!  We got out there early on Saturday and it wasn’t bad but by noon the cars were backed up miles down the farm road leading into Round Top!

It was fun to hang out with two of my favorite people on a Saturday doing something i love..I didn’t buy much but definitely left feeling inspired! 

{Photo of Mommy by Drew}

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